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  1. This morning title color has change suddenly. From black to White, on it's own.... Nice! /Mike
  2. win10 + AeroGlass is pure joy! I like those frameless windows, specialy now togetter with AG. Before, they was just dull. All ms apps has black titletext just as ag8.1 had on explorer. Others, like firefox, is changeable. I agree to others about shadow under windows. But not the way ms has done it. Keep up the Good Work, BM! /Mike
  3. "My opinion is that Windows 8.1 is simply the best OS that ever graced this fine earth." Really??
  4. what time will your web restore? Just read in your quote; "....please, give me a week...."
  5. Well said Noel, maybe a mod should cleanup this thread or people should donate 3€ and be happy that bigmuscle made this eyecandy for all of us in his private free time... P.s. I'm really sick of reading all this BS about donation. Post something useful, pea counters... Well said !
  6. Thank U BigMuscle for your x-mas presents and a Happy New Year to U /Mike
  7. Perhaps it's because your screenshot is downsized, but I'm not seeing a glitch. Can you please be more specific? -Noel Look at the bottom of Photoviewer:
  8. That update is installed here with no issues. Same here, no problems with that (KB2855336) update!
  9. Just want to say a "Thank U" to you BM. Every thing works fine now!
  10. Ofc I donated some Euro to BigMuscle !

  11. Nope. I've had Aero Glass for Windows 8 installed, running, and up to date ever since somewhere well back in the alpha releases. Windows Updates have just worked. I can't recall having a time when I've had it off. -Noel Likewise over her. No problems, update with Aero Glass running./Mike
  12. I have been following this thread since february and now with rc1, I finally installed it and I is overjoyed. Thank U BM, You bring back the joy to windows 8! /Mike
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