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  1. @jaclaz thank you so much for your informative reply. I had run across the XIN.AT page in my google searching, but after reading your post, I went back and re read more thoroughly. I agree with you, the Starburn ASPI drivers appear to be the way to go in my situation. It appears that there has been successful testing on Windows 10 Pro with these drivers. I have downloaded both the Starburn and FrogASPI and will see which is the most successful route to take on my system. My fingers are crossed........... also, I have read where the Adaptec ASPI version 4.60 is actually more reliable than the newer 4.71.2 version, but then again, these are 32 bit.
  2. For many years, I have used Plextor SCSI drives (8/20 CD writer & 40max CD ROM) in my computers. Back in November, I finally moved to Windows 10 Pro 64 bit from Windows XP 32 bit. Most of my 32 bit programs function well on Windows 10. Now, I am preparing to install my Adaptec AVA-2906 SCSI card with my Plextor drives. Some skilled person on the internet has made 64-bit compatible drivers to support some of Adaptec’s cards under Windows 10 and I plan to use that driver for my 2906 SCSI card. I ran ASPICHK.exe and it reports that wnaspi32.dll (version 4.60) is installed in the syswow64 folder of my system. I suspect this was installed following my installing Exact Audio Copy version .095beta or NERO 64 bit software. I use EAC to rip audio from CDs on my Plextor PX891AF drive which is a SATA drive. I also use Nero to write CDs.....both work successfully now. My question, does anyone know if the current ASPI on my system would be sufficient to successfully use my Plextor SCSI drives once installed? I know that ASPI32.sys is not required because it is for 32 bit and WOWpost.exe is used for 16 bit programs. (these are two additional ASPI files installed in 32 bit systems). Has anyone had any success in using SCSI on Windows 10 64 bit? Any recommendations? For anyone interested in obtaining the unsigned SCSI driver it is available here.
  3. I've used Kaspersky anti virus on all my machines for a numer of years. I purchase the 3 machine package and install it on my windows 10 and windows xp machines. It continues to receive updates and functions very well on my Windows XP machine. I'll stick with it for as long as they continue to support XP
  4. Actually, I did it manually when I switched from Outlook Express 6 to Thunderbird on my new Windows 10 machine. I went to each e mail, saved it to a folder on my secondary drive labelled for the folder it was originally stored. When Thunderbird was installed on the new machine, I went to the saved e mail, opened it and designated what folder to save it within Thunderbird. It was a long drawn out process for sure, but, was the only method I could determine to export and import my mail from Outlook Express 6 to Thunderbird. @dencorso those laughs are definitely for someone standing on the side lines as an observer. Actually undertaking the project is a pain!! LOL!!
  5. @Dave-H I read this morning if the Apple iTunes/iCloud app is installed on your Windows build 1803 machine, it caused a block that will not be removed until mid-February. Possibly due to a required update required in the Apple software?????
  6. @Dave-H on another site, I read: It looks like many DNS servers are mis-routing Windows Update connections. At this point, it looks like the problem ISN’T with Microsoft. The solution is to use the Google DNS server. A bit of irony in that, but hey, if it works" Quite possible you are in that mix......... for me, I have 1809 set on the "back burner" and will delay it as long as possible.
  7. @Roffen On the first screen shot below, (RIGHT CLICK) on your start button at the bottom left corner of your desktop. The screen shot shows a dialog box that appears once you do this. See the red arrow that I have inserted....... it is pointing to FILE EXPLORER. Left click FILE EXPLORER and THIS PC will be the next window that starts up which is shown in the second screen shot below. I have circled in RED the DVD drive that you are seeking to open. I am confident that once you have journeyed this far, you know how to open your DVD drive and copy the files you wish to copy? I hope this gives you a better insight at what you are expecting to see and do........
  8. @Dave-H Yesterday, Microsoft posted Update Status On Windows 10 Version 1809 indicating We are now starting our phased rollout to users via Windows Update, initially offering the update to devices we believe will have the best update experience based on our next generation machine learning model. Fully available for advanced users who manually select “Check for updates” via Windows Update. Elsewhere Microsoft says Windows 10 Version 1809 is "Semi Annual Channel (Targeted) which indicates it is not yet suitable for deployment in Business!!!! It appears that Microsoft is now going to start forcing the upgrade, so merely not clicking "Check For Updates" is apparently not sufficient to prevent the upgrade. You're going to have to actively block Version 1809 or you're going to get it very soon. I have my machine set to wait until I am satisfied the upgrade is no longer problematic. Remember it was first offered in October, then again in November and December, each time there were issues to be resolved.
  9. On your desktop, right click in a blank area and choose "New" and then "Shortcut". In the dialog box that appears enter "ms-settings:screenrotation" without the quotation marks. Once this is entered, click "Next" at the bottom right and then enter a name for the shortcut of your own choosing. Maybe "display settings"? You then click "finish" and you will have a shortcut on your desktop to immediately open the display settings that are part of the control panel. You can also "Pin" this shortcut to your start menu and delete the desktop shortcut if you so choose or keep both. I hope this is what you are looking for?
  10. @Roffen , I too hung on to my Windows XP for dear life, not wanting to move into uncharted territory (Windows 10). I'm 75 years old and I offer this advice....spend time googling various things you want to know about Windows 10. You'll find a great amount of information with photos, videos and other materials to help you learn. You mentioned not being able to see "Explorer" on your machine? This is the perfect opportunity to go to GOOGLE and enter "where to find explorer Windows 10" You will be presented with numerous opportunities to get right to where you want to be with diagrams, instructions and etc. . For the record, if you have your machine setup in "Desktop" mode, just go to the start button on the very bottom left of your screen (Just where you found it in Windows XP) and right click. You will be presented a dialog box and you will see "File Explorer" presented for you to left click and open the file explorer. Once that file explorer is open, you are actually on the "My PC" page which in Windows 10 is what you knew as "My Computer" in your Windows XP. You will see a folder there identified as "DOWNLOADS" with a blue arrow facing down. There is where you will find your downloads that you saved from the internet....... Hope this gives you some motivation and help?
  11. or, you should just be able to click "this PC" and open it.....there you will view your drives and folders, one of which is the default download folder.
  12. @Roffen , per chance, you say you can't get any activity on your machine when you try to boot.......there is always the possibility that the problem is due to your power supply. Either it has reached the end of it's life at the same time you made these changes, it is overwhelmed and unable to provide the necessary power, or something was not connected properly. If it were me, I would return everything you did making this change, back to the original way the machine was configured and see what happens. If still no response from your machine, I would suspect possibly incorrect handling of the hardware that caused an electronic charge, damaging something, or the power supply would be the next thing I would focus on. Hopefully you have a spare power supply with adequate wattage to test? I'm far from a computer expert, but I've built my own machines several times and have maintained them since the days of Windows 95 and have average experience in dealing with these troublesome matters........good luck and best wishes for a successful outcome!!
  13. From PC magazine comes this "heads up" notification....... In a blog post this week, Microsoft revealed that those users who click the “Check for updates” button (Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update) are opted in to testing new Windows features on a one-time basis, if they happen to click the button during the third and fourth week of the month. Microsoft calls those updates “C” and “D” releases, and issues them to those who are “seeking” them when they click the update button. Michael Fortin, the corporate vice president in charge of Windows, described the nature of the updates in a blog post. “The intent of these releases is to provide visibility into, and enable testing of, the non-security fixes that will be included in the next Update Tuesday release.” Separately, Microsoft said it also issues “on demand” releases that don’t follow a standard schedule, in order to provide critical fixes. “They are used in atypical cases where we detect an issue and cannot wait for the next monthly release because devices must be updated immediately either to fix security vulnerabilities or to solve a quality issue impacting multiple devices,” Fortin added. The problem with issuing these so-called “C” and “D” releases is that occasionally they introduce new problems. In late November, for example, Microsoft issued a patch that caused Surface Book 2s to crash with BSODs, throwing a “thread not handled” error. That patch was issued in the last week of November—meaning that, according to Microsoft and How-To Geek, it would only have been issued to those who went looking for it via the “Check for updates” button. Microsoft rescinded the patch, but the damage was done. What this means to you: Microsoft’s blog post notes that it has to protect millions of devices each month, and the best way to do that is to acquire data assessing how well its patches are functioning. What’s not clear is whether these “optional” “C” and “D” releases are actually known as options. Instead, it seems that users seeking out a patch for Windows between regular updates should proceed with caution.
  14. Recently completed a new Windows 10 computer build within the past month and right off began experiencing the internet connection drop off and often times, failure to connect on bootup. I installed a new Realtek driver, switched my router to another, changed TCP settings and nothing worked. On a hunch, I exchanged my ethernet cable for a new heavier one and it works fine now.......Can't say this is your solution, but, this is what worked for me!!!
  15. Yes, I probably am one of the fortunate ones, however, I also believe we hear more from those with problems than those who are not having problems. This presents a picture of disaster that is exaggerated more than actual. I admit, I was very frustrated the first 2 weeks after my build just trying to get Windows 10 functioning and dodging all the hurtles and barricades the operating system presented. Much of my frustration came in the form of not being familiar with the operating system and having no idea where to find what I was looking for to make adjustments. As far as IMAGEFOLIO 4.5 goes, yes, I was very fortunate that most all of the program's contents were within it's folder, much like a portable app. Much of what I learned about Windows 10 was what I could find online prior to making the move. I certainly found folks with lots of problems, but, I also found good advice from others who communicated their experiences. I just hoped to give someone else some encouragement to try alternatives to getting their system running the way they envisioned.

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