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  1. Alrighty, I managed to solve the issue. I can confirm that the symbols for the dwmcore.dll, updated with the recent KB4571748 update, weren't being downloaded. However, this has to do with an issue on my system where it can't access the server. When testing PDB Downloader on another machine, I was successful in downloading the symbols. Cheers guys.
  2. @mikedigitize @UCyborgMy intention was certainly not to encumber anyone as it wasn't clear, at least to me, where the answer was. However, after sifting through a few posts more thoroughly, I believe I've identified the issue. It seems that AeroGlass is missing the symbols associated with the most recent update. However, when trying to use PDB Downloader to download the symbols for dwmcore.dll and uDWM.dll, the log indicates that it's unable to connect to the remote server. Assuming that PDB Downloader refers to the same MS server that AeroGlass does, it could explain why AeroGlass didn't automatically download the new symbols.
  3. Perhaps another option could be to include a few other devs who can help squash bugs and prep AG for upcoming Windows builds while keeping the paradigm the same. Of course, these devs would need to agree and be trusted by @bigmuscle but this could be a sensible middle ground.
  4. Hello all, As the title eludes to, a very recent update for Windows 10 build 1809 (KB4571748) breaks support for AeroGlass v1.5.13 (with a 0x2000 error related to hooking into the DMW). Just wanted to let you guys know and find out if anyone else has experienced this. Are there any potential workarounds? Cheers!
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