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  1. Change this in your winnt.sif [GuiRunOnce] Command0=%systemdrive%\install\Batch.cmd
  2. You need to modify this in your winnt.sif [Data] AutoPartition=1 [unattended] UnattendMode=FullUnattended UnattendSwitch=Yes
  3. Look here http://www.tomshardware.com/2006/06/27/xxl_displays/ and here http://www.tomshardware.com/2006/07/03/wid...tors/index.html
  4. Ok Then... maybe! But i think the problem it's with the ISP or software since he can connect ok to other sites
  5. Write down ip and port of the proxy(s) you use with HIDE IP (or use Forum Proxy Leecher to find a proxy) and after the trial expire set manually the proxy settings with the ip and port you wrote down PS By the way buying a new CPU it will NOT solve your problem!
  6. Yes but if you use something (firewall?) which can allow/disallow acces according to mac address you are lucky too!
  7. Be careful with Hide IP if don't exit Hide ip before you restart (log off) your comp the proxy settings remain there and you have to delete them manually!
  8. Ok! 1. - Changing the MAC of the PC's "host (non-VM) machine" adapter it makes the PC UNABLE TO USE THAT ADAPTER TO CONNECT TO INTERNET so disableing the other adapter makes my PC ( "host (non-VM) machine" ) UNABLE to connect to internet but VMW IT'S ABLE to connect to internet 2. - VMW IT'S BRIDGED to the PC adapter ("bound") (Manage Virtual Networks \ Host virtual network mapping \ VMnet0 ) 3. - I changed VMWare's MAC within the virtual machine (operating system)
  9. Now this worked, although I didn't use the cleaner as I have been using another cleaning program all week, which didn't help. It appears as if I have to keep changing the proxy (right click on icon in lower right hand corner) until I find one that will work. I accessed my account balances and activity, but the page never seems to be complete (no images, just the information) and it's working very slowly. I was using Trendmicro as a virus scan. No firewall, though. But thanks very much! I'll have to see if this works again. Steerforth Like He said but you can also use Forum Proxy Leecher to find a faster proxy!And please do use CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) 1.30.310 i bet it will make a difference !
  10. Yes i want vmware to have its own IP ! First i've change one of my PC ADAPTER MAC (MAC that my ISP it's using to give me acces to internet)to a random one then i replace vmare adapter's mac with the one used by my ISP.Then i bridged vmawre adapter to that pc adapter
  11. Hi! Try this first Use CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) 1.30.310 to Fix /clean your comp then use Hide IP Platinum 2.7 and try to connect via a proxy With Hide IP try different (Change) proxy until you find one which can acces https!!! (To verify this try to connect into a hotmail account) PS Do you use any firewall, antivirus, anti-spyware? if yes which ?
  12. Ok! The VMWARE problem it's solved! Today i've tested MY SOLUTION describe above and IT'S WORKING!!! but thanks only to the fact that my ISP it's using both MACs to let me connect to the internet! Any ideea for double my speed using both connections on the same time?
  13. Now You can use 7zip (version440 can even extract the script ) to extract files from any NSIS instaler.
  14. My ISP it's using modem's MAC AND MY ADAPTER's MAC to alocate me (Dynamic! ) an IP They ask me both macs when i setup my internet connection (That's all i know)
  15. That it CAN be done! Look in "Host virtual network mapping" and change vmnet0 or vmnet1...to be bridged to an adapter you choose But this it's only make my modem to see VMware Workstation as a second comp and i CAN'T acces the internet because my ISP it's using MAC ADDRESS of both modem and adapter to allocate me an IP address! What if i'll change the mac of the adapter (from the PC) and replace the mac of VMware Workstation with the original mac of the PC adapter! CAN it be done?
  16. Can you explain /elaborate please ! As for VMware i think it has to do with Bridged Networking but ...no luck yet (A T M i'm using NAT for VMware)
  17. Hi! I have 2 internet connections thru 2 cable modems 2 network adapters on my pc one for each connection ,my ISP it's using MAC ADDRESS of both modem and adapter to allocate me an IP address and I need help with 2 problems: 1.Can i setup my pc to use both connections in the same time to double my speed? 2.Can i setup my PC to use only one connection and my VMware Workstation to use the other ?
  18. This is a typical message when you have ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)enable on one comp,(and/or upnp)
  19. You need 7zip 440 version (see my link above) it's the only version that can extract nsis script As for edit you can use notepad What i was asking for it's someone with nsis script experience to show me how to modify the divx's script to make it silent!
  20. Now than we can use 7zip v440 to extract [NSIS].nsi from divx installer can anyone tell me how to modify the [NSIS].nsi file to make a silent installer for divx PLEASE ? or i still have to use InstallRite25 for this one? Thanks
  21. Here it's your problem How did you "set" the autologon? PS If you're using "Administrator" account and another account just leaving the other account without password it will do the trick (autologon)
  22. Hi! Do you have any of this "setup" : Autologon,Netwareclient ?
  23. The location of the batch file it's the one you put in winnt.sif under [GuiRunOnce] Command0=%pathtoyourbatchfile% PS look here for the $OEM$ folder description EXAMPLE [GuiRunOnce] Command0=%systemdrive%\install.cmd You place install.cmd in $OEM$\$1\ folder

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