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  1. Sorry, my mistake. I wasn't very clear at all. I meant make like a "Clear Old Serial" button. And yeah, I'm pretty sure my serial's not blacklisted. It still works on the full, bloated version of Nero 9.
  2. During the reinstall of Lite, instead of the "enter your serial" dialogue it had the first time, it pops up with an "Unlicenced Usage" dialogue. I may have to go in and manually remove my old serial from the registry first. Is there any way to make that a switch in the installer? Would be easier. Is that AdveCntr4 file needed in any way? If not, why's it still in the install if all it does is phone home? I think I'm missing a lot, sorry.
  3. Nope. It's still stuck on unlicenced usage. I uninstall it, put it back on, then redo the key, remove the file and it's still on. No idea what the heck's going on, but it sure is a pain.
  4. Hrm. This is kinda odd. Uninstalled my full version of Nero 9 and tried this, but after 2 days I get the whole unlawful usage thing. I know my serial's legit, what the heck's going on? I remember we had this same problem with Nero 8 Lite and some home phoning piece had to be removed. Ah well. Until it's out, I gotta go back to the bloated full version.
  5. The latest version of Lite got rid of the illegal serial screen for me. No more false deactivations! Whoo!
  6. Sweet! Thanks again for all your hard work, man. it's very much appreciated. The OEM version should work just fine. The only feature I install is the base and the MauSau plugins, therefore it should be covered by an OEM install. Is it possible to disable the phone-home capabillity? Keep the serial check to keep it legal, but stop it from disabling itself?
  7. It keeps stopping working telling me it's an "illegal serial". It's not, I assure you. I got it with my new disc drive. Any ideas?
  8. Just curious, but are we going to get a 7.10 from ANYONE in Micro format anytime soon?
  9. Is anyone doing an English lite or micro install for the new version yet?
  10. I agree with the above about Micro, but it'd be nice to have the MauSaus in there too so we wouldn't need extra plugins to handle more media types. Just basic Nero and the MauSaus and it'd be perfect...
  11. Sorry, what I said was wrong. Mine was a DVD burning issue. When I try to blank the RW, I get a "Session Fixation Error", but it also happens with the previous version. Does it matter that I have a SATA burner? It could be that the media my buddy brought over just sucks. I just burned a CDRW to double check and it came out just fine. (I apologise, I must have misread the previous error post...)
  12. Same error as above here. One issue kind of related... would it be possible to not use RapidShare? May I suggest PirateShare or MegaUpload? Their speeds are faster and dowload system is less annoying.
  13. Sweet! New version! Thanks again for doing this stuff, Major!
  14. Nice! That package installs just fine!, thanks Tarlar! Would it be possible to get the MauSaus in there too?

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