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  1. hello i recently built a new pc and used a Connect3d Radeon X600 PRO as the graphics card. i have installed the latest drivers for this graphic cards but still have problems. these problems are that the graphics card will sometime switch the screen on and then of, the system will hand justa after booting up but will be fine after a couple of mins. when using say google news and i scroll down the page it takes ages to scroll down and does it like in 'slow motion' what could be the problem, i am running windows xp professional
  2. thanks for the input. the problem was that the motherboard also required the connection of the 4 pin 12 volt plug from the psu. i plugged this into the mobo and hey POST occured, problem solved. thanks for the help anyway!
  3. Hey all. i have put together a new pc system for a friend. the problem i have encountered is that when i have put all the parts in the tower the computer powers but none of the beeps which you get with POST are heard. also the screen does not display anything the light keeps flashing on the screen. i have tried diff screens which work with oher pc.s but they dont work with this new system. i dont think the POST has occured. the graphics card is an ati radeon x600 pro and the motherboard is a asus a8r32MVP deluxe. please may you help thank you.
  4. i have already got the drivers from manufactures site, i am wanting to install windows updates! btw the windows xp is genuine
  5. Hi. My laptop restarts whenever i connect to the windows update website. cpu rises alot and then the laptop restarts. i have update the drivers etc but still no cure, what may be wrong? laptop is acer aspire 500LM thanks
  6. lol no that isnt the case. this problem will only happen a few tims a week when pc has been left for longtime. if i reset pc then the account doesnt ask for password
  7. yes i have autologon for the account with no password
  8. hello. no i dont have any mapped drives to connect when i logon. i wonder what it could be?
  9. hello. i have two user accounts on my pc. one with a password which is my account and a main account which has no password. the problem is occasionaly the main account asks for a password even tho there is not one. what could be the problem? thanks in advance Title edited -- Please, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. --Sonic
  10. lol yes but would you connect a 2nd ide cable to the ist ide cable to share the ide channel?
  11. but how do you connect three ide drives (2x HDD and 1x dvd-rw) if there is only two ide connections on the motherboard?
  12. aha thanks. the motherboard has a fdd port, and 2 ide ports however i need to connect two hard-drives and the dvd-rw...im gonna forget hooking up the unreliable cd-rw? how would i connect the 3 appliances when there are only two ide ports?
  13. yes the hdd is old style ide. and yes i will be using the new dvd as the main writer and keep the os on the old hdd, so the way you have described above is the way to make the setup yes? thanks for you reply
  14. Hello msfn...i havent been here for a long time now so thought i would come here to get help for my little problem...since the experts live here i have purchased a hdd which is 80gb and also i have purchased a dvd-rw drive. i previously have a hard drive and cd-rw. i am wanting to install both new parts and keep the old ones. how do i set the jumpers..as slaves on both the new drives? thanks

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