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  1. Crap please get your facts straight, I am in the beta and each build is getting better. Since it beta it has things like debuggers running so you do take a hit on performance, but when the code is final that will be removed and you gain what was lost during the beta. Microsoft has not even started to optimise the code yet. The memory usage should be around the same as W3K or XP when finished. Here are some things I have notice Sound On my computer the sound from Vista is far better then the same computer running XP. Graphics Movies look beter when playing on Vista then XP on my computer. Games I only play 1 Sniper Elite, this play about the same on my computer with Vista or XP, but the game on Vista look more brighter and it looks more crisp. Yes but THE UI SUCKS!! to tangly, misty and confused i prefer the one from xp or 2000! not so eye candy but much easy to deal with
  2. The easy way and 100% sure that it will work it's to use Image for Windows Create a backup image of the boot (system) partition (disk) from the computer which it's set up and use the disk(s) you created to restore on all other comps It will take like 30min per comp to finish the job So if you'll use 1,2,3...copys(s) of the disk(s) created with Image for Windows you can set up 2,3..or more comps in the same time! Don't forget tu install PHYLock before using Image for Windows to make a image of the bootpartition(disk)! Or you can share the backup image and try to boot other comps with BootIt™ NG and then restore the image over the network(this i haven't done yet so you'll have to read the help file for BootIt™ NG )
  3. Try Image for Windows or BootIt™ NG i hope this help you out! (I also hope you are aware that all comps MUST have the same hardware! for you to use ghost or ghost like progs ! otherwise......you have to use unattended...)
  4. This it's a issue more often found when you or your ISP are using a proxy! I DON'T trust "Spyware Doctor " many... many..... many.... false positives better try a firewall like Outpost (Spayware included!) to see what's going on! B)
  5. You can also use "choice" @echo off COLOR 9E Title NERO FOR %%a IN (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO If EXIST %%a:\Nero- SET CDROM=%%a: Echo. Choice /C:YN /T:Y,5 Setup Nero- if errorlevel 2 goto nextNero if errorlevel 1 goto Nero :Nero start /wait %CDROM%\Nero- /qn SERIALNUM_USERVAL="xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx" NERO_SCOUT=FALSE CB035464E=0 C2FF8B816=0 C57D52359=0 CD773A6E2=0 C6035F00C=0 C53BEFA20=0 CCB9D5429=0 C7CE8D626=0 CED1EAF52=0 CFA3A3F7B=0 C716FE146=0 C72CC518F=0 :wait Choice /N /T:N,60 Please Wait... if errorlevel 2 goto nextNero if errorlevel 1 goto wait :nextNero You can add "/norestart" if it's asking for restart (no more in this version) PS for Windows xp you need to copy choice.exe to %windir% Availability (choice.exe) Choice.com was originally supplied on the Windows 95 install CD, however there are some issues with this version under NT - multiple concurrent invocations of CHOICE will clobber each other. CHOICE.com will also burn a lot of CPU's when in a wait state. The NT and 2000 Resource Kits contain CHOICE.EXE which behaves a lot better. In Windows 2003 CHOICE became a built-in command so it is no longer in the resource kit.
  6. You are wrong ! The component ID's are not language specific , as far as I can see in your post component ID's from conf.txt Norwegian are the same with the one from my conf.txt which is English I didn't say that the component ID's from conf.txt ARE THE UNIQUEID I'M USING IN MY BATCH FILE
  7. Yea, normally you would reboot after silent installing your aps though BTW, to remove autoupdate the following would be correct: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Unlocker] "OnlineVersion"=- And this is the correct cmd (batchfile) reg delete "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Unlocker" /v OnlineVersion /f reg delete "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" /v UnlockerAssistant /f
  8. Great BUT you need to log off!
  9. I found the solution for Autoupdate Just DELETE THIS REG "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\UnlockerOnlineVersion"1.8.1"
  10. It's working very nice with InstallRite...BUT " Please NO AUTOIT or InstallRite solutions!"
  11. HI! It's possible to install unlocker 1.8.1 SILENT WITHOUT ASSISTANT AND "CHECK FOR UPDATES" ? (and with "SendTo Shortcut") Please NO AUTOIT or InstallRite solutions!
  12. One more LAST version of DIVX it's!
  13. I'm glad that it's working for you too and just to clarify some things: 1. to register ax file go to run box browse for your .ax file and just write in front of the path regsvr32 or with a batch file regsvr32.exe "your path \file.ax" /S 2.YOU DON'T NEED TO MOVE OR COPY THE .ax FILE TO "SISTEM32" ! 3.To unregister .ax file use regsvr32.exe /u /s (/s it's for silent)
  14. KB912945 -› Internet Explorer ActiveX update Download -› 4.77MB (February 10, 2006) Switches: KB912945.exe /q /n /z (RyanVM warns that people don't integrate to your Windows XP installation. However, I have not tested it by using the [GuiRunOnce] of Winnt.sif.) There is no downloading link of KB892130. THANKS
  15. HI! Can somebody post a download link for KB912945 and one for KB892130 (Last Review:March 1,2006 Revision:3.0) Thanks !
  16. DivX Play Bundle It's FREE Thanks but i've solve the problem with InstallRite I've build a silent installer and it works perfect!
  17. So if i want to use this to open a file from "My Documents" folder it will be...... EX: Workbooks.Open Filename:="MyDoc.Path\Filename.xls" ???
  18. If anyone know how to use CSIDL_MYDOCUMENTS or CSIDL_PERSONAL please let me know! (examples please)

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