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  1. Hi! Today i installed ones! In the beginning i was very enthusiastic about it! Lots of features but no virtual cd/dvd .No big problem I'll use Alcohol.Then i've try to create an image of some data and .............big surprise!!!! It can only create *.di files which is useles because Alcohol and all other virtual cd/dvd software that i know (daemon,...) can't mounted Then i've tryed burnatonce .Nice!!!!But i'll have to try it in real mode (burning not only imagine)......Loooks like it has no features for creating video(DVD). So can anyone recommend any versin of nero to try it? wouldn't be nice if alchool could burn data audio video not only iamges?
  2. Hi! Thnks! Nero/ONES/Burnatonce can create/copy images on hardrive?
  3. Hi! Which Burning Software do you recommend? -Alcohol -Roxio EMC 7.5 -Nero -Sonic RNow 7.3 -Sonic MyDVD 6.1 -Cyberlink Power2go 4.2 -Intervideo Disc Master™ 2 Platinum -Other Also can it be silent install? Now I'm using Power2go 4.2 trial for normal data, audio, video(dvd) burning and creating image(iso) files & Alcohol trial for virtual CD/DVD, copy CD/DVD,copy CD/DVD image and burning image(ISO, bin/cue,.........) files! I've tryed all from above (except Nero) and i can say roxio has all the features in the combination i use now but it's virtual cd suks and no silent install.
  4. Hi! All you have to do is to copy the XXX.key to %Systemdrive%:\Program Files\Common Files\Kaspersky Lab before runing kasp1.7.130_anti-hackeren.exe /S
  5. Hi I'm using Window Washer! But no silent istall!!!! Somebody please help! It Is a very gooooooood cleaner but major problem with silent instalation!!!!
  6. Some links Please?And firewall? Also no answer for custom silent install ?nsw2005
  7. I need help to silent install Norton SystemWorks 2005 with optional components like Norton CleanSweep! ECHO. ECHO Installing NSW2005 ECHO Please wait... start /wait %CDROM%\NSW2005\NSWSETUP.EXE /qn /noreboot REBOOT=ReallySuppress Please help things like ADDLOCAL=ALL NortonCleanSweep=1 does't work
  8. Try ECHO. ECHO Installing Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 ECHO Please wait... start /wait msiexec -i "%systemdrive%\Install\Emc7\Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.msi " SERIALNUMBER="xx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx" ALLUSERS=1 REBOOT=Suppress REBOOTPROMPT=S /qr Where %systemdrive%\Install\Emc7 is the emc7 directory You can add ADDLOCAL=ALL for allcomponents!!!!including content CD!!!!If you don't want napster first do setup.exe /a to the emc7 directory! Help me suppress showing the readme file!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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