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  1. I just customized the installation using Nlite, that's it. I'm not using OOBE, SVCPACK or RunOnceEx.cmd, because I have no experience with any of them. Hence my question: do any of you (more experienced) guys now of a efficient way of doing this. Since you mention these three, I presume they can all be used to get where I want?
  2. The shortcut has to be copied to the SendTo-folder inside the User-folder. If you use the $OEM$ method a user folder is created (with the shortcut) during the text part. When creating the actual user folders during the GUI phase, the one created during the text phase is overlooked and a new one is created, with the extension ".WINDOWS". So you end up with a folder "username" with the shortcut, and with a folder "username.WINDOWS" with the regular contents, including the regular SendTo folder, but without the shortcut, and it is this folder windows uses (is this clear? For someone used to worki
  3. Hi guys, After doing a re-install of my system, I usually put a shortcut to notepad.exe in my SendTo-folder, so to be able to easily open text files without launching them (e.g. *.bat). Since Nlite exists, why not automate that, but I'm having trouble finding a efficient way of doing this... I already found out that in the install timeline, the $OEM$ folders are created during the text part, and the actual user folders during the GUI part, so using the $OEM$ folders directly is a "no go"... I'm pretty sure someone here has a solution Thanks for all the feedback!
  4. Not only components, but services (especially services) and tweaks. I use XPsmoker (among others), and keeping track of all the tweaks they do is a nightmare...
  5. Hi guys, First of all: awesome program! But (of course there's a "but"), way too user-unfriendly. To use it the way I would like to use it, I should know my whole system (and registry) practically by heart. And that got me thinking... Couldn't there be a program that "scanned" your existing system and settings (i.e. all the settings that can be configured in Nlite), and that scan could then be used to set up an unattended install (or perhaps imported in Nlite)? That way the user would be sure he got a working system at the end of the installation. Because now in Nlite that's not at all the cas
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