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  1. XP and Vista Ultimate. I got the ethernet driver from the vendor. Been working on the process to get both OS accessible from the dual boot. I found detailed steps to do so using EasyBCD 2.0 bootloader but I could not get it to work on XP. Found out why - I need to install .net 2.0 so when I next have several hours to spare and a high frustration tolerance, I will try that again. Thanks to you all, again. Bob
  2. That worked. thank you so very much - you guys are GREAT! Now my latest issue with the installed XP ethernet controller without a driver. But at least once I find the driver I can use USB drive to install it Can't seem to get my dual boot installed. I always use Easy BCD but it won't run on my win xp. I tried several versions. Tried GAG also. I can get Boot-US to install and I can set the vista and xp boot partitions, but it only loads xp. Grrrrrrrr. Thanks again Bob
  3. Thanks Downloaded the drivers from your direct link to nVidia. Added them to my slipstream ISO. But no success. I created a partition for my xp install and named it. But I can't see it. <frustrated> Bob P.S. Whty does the graphics maker, Nvidia, provide the disk drivers anyway???
  4. My motherboard is an ECS MCP61-p AM2. I could not find any drivers on the ECS web site. Gateway does not provide drivers for non-shipping OS. Suggestions? bob
  5. I found the sticky and detailed instructions. GREAT! I tried creating a slipstream ISO using the (a) set of drivers. I selected to install all. No joy Now I am trying all the drivers in the (B) set. If this fails, I will do as suggested and find the specifics on my motherboard. My PC is a 2-1/2 year old Gateway GT5432 desktop with the one 320 MB hard disk. It came with Vista. Thank you to all for your very good and FAST replies!! Bob
  6. OK. Assuming it is a SATA drive, where can I get the driver? bob
  7. Trying to use nLite to create a slipstream windows xp install disk with a scsi driver for my Seagate ST332082 SCSI disk drive. When using the native windows xp install CD, it cannot see my ST332082 drive. Tried using PC pit stop driver download, get an email with a download link but the link takes me to a Microsoft web page. suggestions? thanks Bob
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