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  1. Hello i just removed Movie maker from my unattended and was wondering if I may have troubles later on... In the 103 mb tinyxp iso I noticed almost everything is cut out but Mmaker,so I'm wondering what may be the reason, and yes, I searched and couldn't find any coverage about this issue.
  2. I have the same problem on my laptop. I can't turn on network discovery. Instead it says custom and when i change it, nothing happens.
  3. Here you are. You have a program which is supposedly make your Windows installation less the way Bill Gates want it and more the way YOU want it. Right? Well, when I first attempted to install this program, I was told that I needed .NET(created by Micro$oft itself) installed onto my computer. What's wrong with this picture?
  4. Is there a way to run PowerDVD from a folder or something? I hate how this problem takes over my computers. Adds annoying context menu items and it's filters completely ruin my filter setup in MPC.
  5. Nero Lite 7590 SDK http://www.pirateshare.net/?id=2873574 http://www.rogepost.com/n/0227541610 by (luciferete)
  6. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone im having a problem with my excel. On my spreadsheet i have a hyperlink to a pdf document thats on the harddrive. Well when i goto click the hyperlink, insted of loading up the pdf document it gives me this error message: "No Program is registered to open this file" I dont know why its doing this, I have my file assoications correct, when I double click on any pdf document file on my computer it opens up in adobe reader fine, I just dont know why it wont open from a hyperlink in excel. Thanks
  7. Is it possible to compile 5 CDs into DVD?? because i can only get hold of the CD version
  8. thanks Nepali Your solution worked great... I was able to make a bootable vista dvd. GREAT....
  9. Hi, I'm trying to integrate SP2 into a very old SP1 cd, but everytime I download the SP2 and try to integrate it, it gives me an error on a random file (when it's checking it's integrity, I guess). Also, when trying to simply use a SP2 cd and then using one of the addon packs to get my system up to date, it keeps freezing on Updating shell32.dll or updating mrt.exe, and it just stays there for hours, it wasn't like this before, I don't understand what's going on. Have tried downlodaing the SP2 and update packs multiple times, same results. Also tried installing and reinstalling nLite
  10. Hello. Do newer Catalyst versions still support Windows 2000? Can anyone with experience tell me, please? Thank you.

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