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  1. Will this addon maker work with FireFox 6..... if not can it be updated to work with the new version of FireFox..... i am looking forward to ease the pain of installing addons everytime and thus would like to have it as an addon integrated in the installation CD
  2. Hi, I would like to use the mentioned script file to work around for FireFox 6, but i need the file in English..... can u plz translate and post the script file in English..... Thanks
  3. Is there any possibility of having Nero Custom Applications Builder for 7.x and 8.x versions of Nero.... i mean the way silent installation method was made easy for previous older versions of Nero viz. 6.x cant v have the same type of custom builder for latest versions..... what do you all have to say about this.....?
  4. Yeah, I saw this and was going to ask if anyone installed it yet on a clean system to know which .NET patches this release makes redundant. sorry.... but i have no idea about the patches.... i installed it on my new PC n the only thing i know right now is that it is working flawlessly.
  5. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Brief Description Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 contains many new features building incrementally upon .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0, and includes .NET Framework 2.0 service pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.0 service pack 1. Overview .NET Framework 3.5 builds incrementally on the new features added in .NET Framework 3.0. For example, feature sets in Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows CardSpace. In addition, .NET Framework 3.5 contains a number of new features in several technology areas which have been added as new assemblies to avoid breaking changes. They include the following: * Deep integration of Language Integrated Query (LINQ) and data awareness. This new feature will let you write code written in LINQ-enabled languages to filter, enumerate, and create projections of several types of SQL data, collections, XML, and DataSets by using the same syntax. * ASP.NET AJAX lets you create more efficient, more interactive, and highly-personalized Web experiences that work across all the most popular browsers. * New Web protocol support for building WCF services including AJAX, JSON, REST, POX, RSS, ATOM, and several new WS-* standards. * Full tooling support in Visual Studio 2008 for WF, WCF, and WPF, including the new workflow-enabled services technology. * New classes in .NET Framework 3.5 base class library (BCL) that address many common customer requests. IMPORTANT: * If you have installed earlier pre-release versions of .NET Framework 3.5, then you must uninstall them prior to running this installation by using Add or Remove Programs. Download Link: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (197 mb) http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/0/f/60fc5854-3cb8-4892-b6db-bd4f42510f28/dotnetfx35.exe Before installing .NET Framework 3.5, you need to install Windows Inataller 3.1 Redistributable (v2), here's the download link: Windows Inataller 3.1 Redistributable (v2) http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/4/7/147ded26-931c-4daf-9095-ec7baf996f46/WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe MAKING SILENT INSTALLER: 1. Download dotnetfx35.exe and WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe (links above) 2. Make the batch file with following lines: Install.bat @echo off title Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 echo. echo Installing Windows Installer 3.1... start /wait WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe /passive /norestart echo. echo Installing Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5... start /wait dotnetfx35.exe /q:a /c:"setup.exe /q /norestart" /norestart 3. Repack using winRAR, make it to extract to the temp folder and to run install.bat after extraction. 4. Installation will take up some time, to verify n check the successful install... go to the Add / Remove Programs in Control Panel, it will list the following files... .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 (187 mb) .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 1 (246 mb) .NET Framework 3.5 (25.3 mb) Note: In case you need to install the .NET Framework 1.1, make it sure to install it first and then reboot before installing .NET Framework 3.5 Download Link: Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 (23.1 mb) http://download.microsoft.com/download/a/a/c/aac39226-8825-44ce-90e3-bf8203e74006/dotnetfx.exe MAKING SILENT INSTALLER: (for .net framework 1.1) 1. Download dotnetfx.exe 2. Make the batch file with following lines: Install.bat @echo off title Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 echo. echo Installing Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1... start /wait dotnetfx.exe /q:a /c:"install /l /q" echo. cmdow @ /HID shutdown.exe -r -f -t 30 -c "Windows XP will restart in 30 seconds..." EXIT 3. Repack using winRAR, make it to extract to the temp folder and to run install.bat after extraction. REGARDS, yahoo27
  6. dude can u please give the explanation in a more simple and clear language.... i mean just make more explanatory....! thanks
  7. ok i figured out that Math Magic v3.52 can be installed silently. Following r the steps: 1. Install Math Magic using command line switch -r: settings.ini (e.g. MMPE.exe -r: settings.ini) 2. This will prepare the settings.ini file with all the parameters specified during installation 3. Repacak the installation file and settings.ini 4. ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Setup=MMPE.exe -p: settings.ini TempMode Silent=2 Overwrite=1 5. This successfully installs the software silently but i dont have any idea of adding registration details silently. After the silent install running Math Magic for first time, it asks for registration details. I entered them and then uninstalled the software. But again reinstalling back, it automatically takes the registration details. I dont know from where nd how.......
  8. It uses VISE installer. I also prepared the settings.ini file by using -r: recsettings.ini switch by it did not work also i could not find any way of adding the registration details. i mean how to figure out whether the software is registered or not. this is because when i uninstalled it and then again re-installed it, it took the registration details automatically. i dont know from where n how....? plz help..... Regards, yahoo27
  9. Has anyone got any idea about installing Math Magic v3.52 silently and also adding the registration details. actually i wanna add this utility software to my unattended win xp dvd but through WPI so looking for a silent install method. i extracted the main installation exe using universal extractor but could not figure out what to do. also after adding the registration details i tired searching the registry but could not find any entry anywhere. there is one entry under the folder name equation editor in the registry but it shows empty. so what to do. can anyone guide me please.....? Regards, yahoo27
  10. Thanks for the useful tip.... i tried and it worked.... but there were some limitations which i sorted out through trial and error method. finally my Easy CDDA 10.5.0 gets installed completely silent, fully functioning.
  11. I have the full version of Easy CDDA Extractor v10.5.0 (build 1). The only problem i m facing is unable to make it silent install. I tried searching the net but found no satisfactory answer. Can anyone help me please...? Also i tried searching this forum but failed to get any solution... Waiting for your response..... Regards, yahoo27
  12. use this regedit /s "your .reg file" it has worked for me in almost every case.... try out for yourself
  13. SORRY for the previous post. i replied without checking page no 16. i apologize for my sheer ignorance. i have successfully downloaded NCAB from this link http://www.wpiw.net/downloads/NCAB-211.exe. All thanks to rado354
  14. the link to download NCAB file is not working. it takes to some site and nothing gets downloaded. plz help
  15. thanks for the link. even i was looking for the same since long
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