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  1. Can you please update for December patch tuesday updates? Are you making this list manually by going through each kb urls on Microsoft's website? The urls for office updates don't show up in WindowsUpdate.log file. If you install via Windows Update, URLsnooper shows that it is downloading .cab files not .exe which are in the list.
  2. I reran the above code, but it does not seem to list all the updates? For example MS Office updates? Also is it possible to also print out the title of the KB next to the KB number. This way I can exclude stuff like Windows Defender updates before comparing the 2 lists. Again thanks for helping.
  3. What I am trying to achieve is a listing of all the updates with the KB numbers, so I can compare 2 VMs. That is which updates are missing in the offline VM, so I can download and install those manually.
  4. When I saved it as .cmd file it works! It lists the .NET security updates KB numbers. Is it possible to filter out the lines which don't have any KB numbers associated with them? Because I am seeing stuff like: EMET 5.2 Microsoft Office Shared Setup Metadata MUI (English) 2013 ... Also is it possible to add all the installed updates into your script? Then I won't have to use the script mentioned in the original post. Thanks for your help.
  5. The VM where this script is run is offline. Maybe that's why I am getting the below error:
  6. Missing opening '(' after keyword 'for'.At line:1 char:5+ FOR <<<< %%A IN (\ \WOW6432NODE\) DO (FOR /F "TOKENS=1-2*" %%B IN ('REG QUERY HKLM\SOFTWARE%%AMICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\UNINSTALL^ /S /F "MICROSOFT CORPORATION" /D') DO IF %%D' EQU ' FOR /F "SKIP=1 TOKENS=2*" %%E IN ('REG QUERY%%B /V DISPLAYNAME') DO ECHO;%%F) + CategoryInfo : ParserError: (OpenParenToken:TokenId) [], ParentContainsErrorRecordException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : MissingOpenParenthesisAfterKeywordPS C:\Windows\system32>
  7. I have been using this script http://tomtalks.uk/2013/09/list-all-microsoftwindows-updates-with-powershell-sorted-by-kbhotfixid-get-microsoftupdate $wu = new-object -com "Microsoft.Update.Searcher" $totalupdates = $wu.GetTotalHistoryCount() $all = $wu.QueryHistory(0,$totalupdates) # Define a new array to gather output $OutputCollection= @() Foreach ($update in $all) { $string = $update.title $Regex = "KB\d*" $KB = $string | Select-String -Pattern $regex | Select-Object { $_.Matches } $output = New-Object -TypeName PSobject $output | add-member NoteProperty "HotFixID" -v
  8. What are you guys using to list all the updates which are installed? I have been using this script http://tomtalks.uk/2013/09/list-all-microsoftwindows-updates-with-powershell-sorted-by-kbhotfixid-get-microsoftupdate but it does not list the .NET updates which I installed offline.
  9. I think the following are missing: KB2532531 KB2533623 KB2534111 KB2574819 KB2592687 KB2718704 KB2731771 KB2803821 KB2830477 KB2841134 KB2847077 KB2849696 KB2849697 KB2857650 KB2862152 KB2862973 KB2882822 KB2894844 KB2923545 KB2965788 KB2970228 KB2973351 KB2976627 KB2984972 KB2984976 KB2984981 KB2985461 KB2994023 KB3003743 KB3020387 KB3020388 KB971033 KB976902
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