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  1. @daniel_k also, why are you getting angry at me and accuse me of faking my screenshot? when have I ever done that? I simply reported that an ACPI table mod that removed ACPI0010 resolved the issue.
  2. @daniel_k Throttlestop did not help for this, my CPU is unsupported apparently. I think this ACPI0010 device is interfering with it in this case too. I can get you a screenshot of what I'm seeing if you want. @canonkong@daniel_k Do either of you have any systems with this ACPI0010 Device?
  3. @Dietmar Please try this new version~ https://ufile.io/zfco8az0
  4. @Dietmar@Mov AX, 0xDEAD Yes!! Using grub2 I did a DSDT and SSDT ACPI table modification and I can now confirm with 100% certainty that this ACPI0010 "ACPI Processor Container" Device is the cause of the issue! https://imgbb.com/ZLJWbfH I know you're not motivated at all @Mov AX, 0xDEAD but a permanent fix implemented through acpi.sys would still be very much appreciated.
  5. @Dietmar Oooh! which 10Gbe card works in XP SP3?
  6. @R1600 I tried the Rightmark HALT utility, no change. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD Can you please patch XP acpi.sys to support ACPI Processor Container?
  7. @Dietmar how goes your attempts at getting NDIS6 to work?
  8. @Dibya Given that there is an IntelPPM service in registry on my threadripper system I'm assuming the driver is generic.
  9. I really would like like Mov Ax, 0xDEAD to logon more often, sometimes I feel like I'm being ignored.
  10. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD@Dietmar I noticed that the IntelPPM.sys driver is not installed on my 5950x PC - I tried creating an IntelPPM service in registry but this resulted in a 7E BSOD. Any idea how to install it correctly?
  11. this got ommitted from the main post by mistake I think patch.exe -Np1 -u -l -i sp1_to_sp3(ACP2).patch
  12. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD I want to try something - Have acpi.sys treat ACPI0010 device as a CPU Processor instead of just a generic device since it contains all the CPUs within it. Do you know how we could do this with acpi.sys source code?
  13. @DrunkenTanker Which sites are accessible for you?
  14. @Dietmar There is an Micro-ATX version of this board that is a bit cheaper, but even if more affordable there is a chance that it does not have this ACPI0010 device in it's CPU SSDT ACPI table that the full sized version does.
  15. @Dietmar Will you be able to get your own ASRock B550 steel Legend for testing?
  16. This might be the same issue being described here - https://patchwork.kernel.org/project/qemu-devel/patch/1495446630-365062-2-git-send-email-eyakovlev@virtuozzo.com/
  17. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD Could you write a command line test program to check if HLT or MWAIT CPU command is working correctly in XP?
  18. @DrunkenTanker The work around right now is to use XP compatible USB 1gb LAN adapters.
  19. @Dietmar IIRC It's netio.sys that is giving us the most trouble getting NDIS6 working right?
  20. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD Could you try making this ACPI0010 device in a QEMU VM and see if it affects CPU power state? (assuming QEMU can do something like that) here it is in my CPU SSDT ---
  21. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD Are you sure? I was thinking perhaps the ACPI driver can't control the CPU power state since the processors are now all inside this container device now instead of on their own outside the container like they are with my other machines, including my threadripper which does not have this issue. I really think this new ACPI0010 device is the cause as it's the only thing that's different from my other AMD systems. --- I tried an intelppm.sys that @Dietmar sent me earlier but it did not make any difference, still 140W idle. I noticed that windows 7 and later has an amdppm.sys driver - maybe this needs to be ported to XP? --- But if you're sure intelppm.sys will resolve the issue can you send me a patched version? --- P.S I also tried manually installing processor onto the "ACPI0007" devices in device manager, but I got code 10: cannot start, so I reverted
  22. @Dietmar I think my way could potentially work since you have some ability to use internal unexported ntoskrnl code which you can't do with the normal ntoskrnl extender. But it could be that this approach will not work as intended. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD still knows way more about this than I do. To build just the ntoskrnl extender you need only to use Windows 7 DDK in a Windows 10 VM After installing 7 DDK Open "Free Build Environment" from the start menu and navigate to C:\NTOSKRNL_Emu-master_21jul2022_ndis6 then type bcz to build extender. --- To make ntosxlibs: To make ntosxlibs you will need leaked XP/2K3 source code, an XP VM to built it in, and a mass find/replace tool like powergrep to append ntoskrnX onto the end of all exported ntoskrnl functions so you don't run into conflicts later on. But this is all very complicated to describe so 1st thing to do would be to get razzle setup and running and building everything in the base folder of the Vanilla Win2k3 source tree. Once that is working we can continue from there.
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