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  1. Hi Dencorso, yes, a modified vcache.vxd may be what it also fixes...but that had already been accessible to the forum (can't remember clearly, here too seldom). Why use a less comprehensive alternative? Umm, well, for those who like it :)
  2. Hello, since Rloew is gone (sadly) and I read somewhere his son gave his work to the forum for free (if I understood right), no one will be offended by this: There is an alternative permanent solution, so there's no more need for the rampatch on every install: You can patch the vmm32 (in cab50, but with name vmm if I remember correctly) with a hex-editor, and place it outside of the cab on the install media/folder, since the install give preference for those: Change they bytes like this (hopefully no typing errors): A8E: 08 -> 88 A93: 0B C0 0F 84 B3 00 66 0F B7 C8 8B D0 -> 66 09 C0 74 13 66 89 C1 66 89 C2 90 AA2: 09 -> 89 10524: 1C 58 -> 00 EA 4180C: 34 08 -> 90 0E 41813: 34 08 -> 90 0E 41939: 52 -> 91 41941: 52 -> 91 41968: 68 -> B8 4196D: E8 BE 0E -> E9 AA 1C 41970: 00 -> 01 41C0C: 06 -> 0A 41C4B: 60 -> A0 42084: 81 -> 01 4209E: 84 -> 04 5361C: 00 00 00 -> 05 80 59 53621: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 -> 50 E8 09 F2 FE FF E9 46 E3 FE FF
  3. You could of course do it manually by checking the PE file documentation to know where to alter pointers to make room for new code; but that may be tedious although free. This is to say: let's be happy there are guys like Rloew who contribute with solutions here. This is his income, like the rest of us have income from other jobs - so we are not free either, just charging elsewhere :)
  4. go98

    January tip

    Right, not always easy to make a good and clear presentation, I tried to make it clearer now...and thanks, Problemchyld, for the picture
  5. go98

    January tip

    If you create a shortcut on the desktop using this method: right-click a file in explorer or on the start menu -> Send to -> Desktop (create shortcut), there's another of those unnecessary dialogs that pops up every time. If you want to get rid of that, you can hexedit shell32.dll at: search for the bytes 6A 40 68 37 10 00 00 68 14, then change the first two bytes to EB 1B (I have 98 SE, but other versions may have the same dialog and fix). Note: the SendTo target is Send to (separate words) in my language version.
  6. Well, I don't have this problem, I tried to push it with screen savers and the program ACDSee (v2.1)...(btw, nice tiny program, Jumper!). Do you all use a heavily fixed explorer.exe for the english version? So, what are the other 49 flaws...? Or 48, you just posted another one.
  7. Drugwash, I always wondered if you were a former drug addict, but not so... Apart from that, I started with windows 95 at home, then 98, and later 98 SE...and kept it until around 2008 when I bought a new computer which ended up with windows 7 hmmm...until I saw this forum, and got back the hope...alone with little time, there's not much you can do, and I never even thought of fixing the OS myself before. That's all changed now Well, I always liked the BIOS too...sadly, it had to be replaced
  8. I had wished you would say: "Unless it's a *really new* PC, I prefer Win98SE..."
  9. Ha ha, Dencorso, you've been around for some time to have found out that...thanks for the tip, I will have a look, maybe it can complement my own tool...anything that can further simplify the task is good. However, it was partly because of IDA I decided to make my own disassembler, I wasn't satisfied with how it works (at least the free version). Jaclaz, thanks for the quicker-than-upstart-of-windows-7 response
  10. Anyone knows of any good downloadable vxd disassembler? I never saw one, had to make my own...vxd is not strictly LE format.
  11. Hmm, CamTron, I insist, this is an interesting problem, but hard to diagnose if it's not clear how...or...when it is hard to diagnose, suspect the hardware... Acctually, it's a better starting check-point to do according to my instructions than using the setting you mentioned, because then we are down in the vmm/vxd-line directly. For those who like it technical, it's controlled by the locked code section in reboot.vxd, but it's also calling services...where does the locking possibly occur? => interesting! In the end, if ppl in this forum together get it rock-stable in the future, you might even transform into an 9Xocalypse survivor
  12. That's great, rloew, at least one dedicated 9x-developer who can work full time (I assume) on solutions...
  13. Well, your just-for-the-record links are not just for the record, they are actually quite good
  14. Are you runnnig windows 98 on more than one core? Seems you are in for a 9x version of ReactOS...haha, no not that...better with the real thing, though modified...
  15. Hello, yes this is interesting. The problem is, that to find the cause, it has to be reproducable in an exact way. ...but if you experience this often enough, you can assist by doing this: The file kernel32.dll (c:\windows\system), which you cannot alter directly, but need to make a copy first. If you know about hex-editors, then search for the following bytes (there's only one occurance): 6830A0F7BF Now, go back 5 bytes in the file where the byte is 55 and from there enter the following: 6A006A01FF152CB3FCBF When finished, exit to dos and replace the original file with the one you changed (keep the original file too). Now, everytime you press ctrl-alt-delete, the computer will shut down immedeately. This way we will get an idea of where to start...because there are 2 possibilities, either it works or not when your computer locks/freezes and so we can rule out things. My time is limited, so I may not be here too often, but sooner or later things get fixed by someone... NOTE! It's always risky to edit important files, so you decide! I only see my own system.
  16. ...just to keep this forum more liveful... and show the NT-guys this is where the action is haha There's a small glitch in the tray volume that shows like this: In the tray area, click the speaker icon once to get the volume window appear, then click elsewhere and the window disappears. Now click again on the speaker icon...this time you can't get rid of the window until you have clicked in the window first... Here's how to fix it: In the file sndvol32.exe (in the windows folder), you need to hex edit the following: At address (offset) 1D48: 6A 00 change to 90 90 At address (offset) 1D4D: B8 change to 3C For other languages which may have different locations: Find the first occurance of this series of bytes: 56 6A 08 8B 74 24 0C 56 That would be found at address 1D2D in my localized version of the file. Now you can calculate the distance yourself to the above fixes. However, it's possible that the second change from B8 to 3C is not found, so technically what has to be done is changing a call address from ShowWindow to DestroyWindow (user32 functions) while blanking out one unnecessary parameter.
  17. Thanks for the clarification...and welcome back to this forum again after a long holiday, Problemchyld
  18. If I may add my three cents in, I´d go directly the cab-way...I have patched the relevant files in the cabinet and so have it set already on install...and never have to think about this anymore...I am sure if you talk to Rloew, he could assist you doing it this way, if you want it more convinient.
  19. go98

    SATA installation

    LoneCrusader, I will save my $11 and wait for rloew to finnish his HD audio driver.
  20. Many users get problem when trying to install win 9x on a modern computer with sata only for harddisks and optical media. It should be mentioned that for nostalgia and perhaps a bit more, it's easy to get around this problem: You can for example selectively bypass the harddisk driver installation by putting a cut/"blank" version of the file mshdc.inf (contained in precopy2.cab in my case) in the win98-folder of your cd or other install media. I chose to remove everything after the line [Manufacturer] in mshdc.inf + an extra blank line if you want to be sure. Maybe you can do it even simpler in some other way like using setup options (sure others here know better about this).
  21. Problemchyld, there are so few active ppl here = everyone is needed badly. If you are loosing interest in Windows 98, I guess you are not using it as your main system. I also guess you need drivers badly. Speaking for myself, 98 SE is my main system where I do everything, it outcompetes my Windows 7 system (which I use for some modern games and some surfing). I like 98 SE because it is so much better than 7, which just is an annoyance I have had to get used to. Where will you go? To Windows ME, XP, ... ? Sometimes a long msfn vacation is good for the soul...no need to be here everyday
  22. rloew, I've also considered porting a hd audio driver, but if you couldn't do it (yet), it sounds like we are doomed...
  23. How about: [Options] CheckWithJumperFirst=1 Very good, Jumper, I searched but couldn't find this setting myself, no trace in the file calling for this either. I may keep my own solution though to make it set already on install, unless there's a setting for that too? haha
  24. ok, in the english version contained in servicepack 3.28 by problemchild, it's at address 2853 (hex): 0F 85 56 6A 00 00 But I can't verify it...
  25. bphlpt: The fix removes the dialog that pops up everytime you boot into safe mode submix8c: This is for 98SE, but there must be differences between the language-versions if you can't find the bytes...OR...your version is updated with other fixes that have moved code & pointers...
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