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Found 6 results

  1. I been working on a retro Win9X gaming build for quite some time now and I finally got a reasonable build that can work with all the games I used to play back in the day, How ever I've run into a few problems with the setup, most of which I can deal with for now, but there's a major design flaw it seems. A lot of my games use the old midi format for music (as most did in the 90) so having a Soundblaster (or any sound card for that matter) is a must. Lot of my more recent Win 9x games also use Wav, Mp3, etc for sound as well and since I have a old stereo as my speakers I naturally want the best sound played through it so an old sound card doesn't cut it that well in my opinion. To make a long story short, I settled on a CT 4520 I freely got from an trashed Celeron system and a CT 4830 I bought for the build awhile back. Everything was fine until I installed Windows ME, then the problem arose. 1. The CT 4830 (SoundBlaster Live!) COMPLETELY freezes the entire system after playing sound or even doing nothing for awhile, though outside of that it works perfectly fine. I have tried the CT 4830 on many Win ME systems and the problem occurs there as well unfortunately, so I assume it's the card or the OS and not the PC it's self at least. 2. The CT 4520 (AWE 64 Value) has a precise repeating clicking/popping noise at all times when not using the midi synth. Also it can't play ANY digital sound (like Wav, Mp3, etc.) at all in Windows Me. Thankfully the midi synth is 100% ok which is my only real reason for keeping the card in the first place for that AWEsome (Sorry had to write that! XD) late 90's synth. I've already determined that having both sound cards in at the same time is perfectly fine, but the CT 4830 is the biggest problem as even when it's the only card installed it still freezes. I really wish that I could get the setup working with this configuration, but if not I do have 2 (maybe 3) other older model sound cards I could try instead. Thanks for your help. (NOTE: I'll be out of town from Aug. 4th till the 26th so I won't be able to test anything until I get back, but please keep sending suggestions to fix it during my trip. ^_^) Also here's the detailed specs for my build in case it helps. MOBO: Techram P6Pro-A+ (Btw, if you know what drivers this board needs that would help as I can't find much info for the board these days.) CPU: Pentium 3 @850mhz (Socket 370 with Slot 1 adapter) RAM: 512mb GPU: Geforce FX 5900 XT Sound Cards: AEW 64 CT4520 (ISA) & Soundblaster Live! CT4830
  2. Hey, I've got an big problem! I just did a clean install of Windows 10 on my computer and now I tried to set all up I need, but all MSI Installer are freezing after a while. Mostly while the Windows Installer are displaying, that it "Create new shortcuts". Of course, I reboot my computer and tried again, but I still have the same issue, but then Windows is telling me, there is another failed installation of any other program and this one will be abort and all the already copied files will delete. Any idea? Mirco
  3. This is not something that happens particularly often, but when it does, it can be extremely frustrating. Every once in a while, I may be browsing the web, playing Doom, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, or doing something else on my Windows 98 machine, and suddenly, the shell stops responding and everything becomes unusably slow. Most of the time, I can do the three-finger salute, kill every open application and Explorer, and the desktop respawns, and I can go back to what I was doing. However, sometimes the system becomes so unresponsive that it completely locks up. The screen becomes a still image, the mouse pointer doesn't move, and the keyboard doesn't respond either. Even pressing the power button on the front of the case does nothing. Ctrl+Alt+Del has no effect, either. It's as if Windows was just frozen in time. I once let the machine sit for two hours like that to see if it would finish whatever it was doing, only to come back with it still locked up as ever. As much as I absolutely hate doing this, I have no choice but to hard reset. I hold the power button down for 5 seconds to forcibly power off the machine, and then turn it back on and wait for ScanDisk to take its sweet time checking the disk for errors before Windows boots up. This happens maybe once or twice a week for me, but it's still infuriating. Has anyone else experienced things like this? Are there any ways to diagnose this when it happens and find the cause.
  4. This problem has been making me rip my hair out in large clumps... and I've reformatted this ****ing thing about 17 times in one night solid. Whenever I install Windows 98SE, install DirectX 9.0c, and then the Unofficial Service Pack 3 and reboot, things seem to be fine, however some USB Devices won't work until I install the USB 2.0 stack (from USBStack.exe that U98SESP3 puts into /windows/system/). But now, the problem is, once I install that, and reboot, my Windows 98 hangs on boot if there are any USB Devices plugged in. If I leave them unplugged, it boots fine. Once I plug everything back in, I get an NTKERN.VXD error, and the devices still do not work. I fixed the NTKERN.VXD error by copying NTKERN.VXD from /VMM32 into /System, however, the hang on boot is still there. I have no way of uninstalling the USB2.0 Stack from Add/Remove Programs, and I have no clue how to solve my current problems. I think I might have f***ed up too by not deleting the right files/infs before installing USBStack.exe. I want to get rid of the thing entirely and fix this problem, and perhaps install NUSB instead, but I don't know where I should begin. *sigh* I'm really getting p***ed off and stressed with this thing. I've already spent an entire week trying to figure this out... time wasted when I could be actually using a functional system and doing something productive. Is there anyone out there who can help me sort this problem out?
  5. Dear pro-users of 9x/Me! I need your help to install Windows Me. My motherboard AsRock 775i65G r3.0 officially supports Windows 98SE and Me; AGP 256 MB video by NVidia (6800GT) is also officially supported. Only IDE devices for Millennium are used (HDDs and CD/DVD-Drive). I've already tested Windows 2000 on this machine for a couple of months, and everything worked fine. Now I'm trying to install full retail version of Windows Me on ~25 GB primary partition in the beginning of my 320 GB HDD (other partitions except another following primary ~ 50 GB partition for programs are hidden), but still have no luck. First time I've tried it just to check if it's possible to install Millennium with 2 GB RAM. - No luck, just non-stop reboots. Second time I've removed one 1 GB of 2, so only 1 GB left. Everything was fine until second reboot, then "updated system files, continuing to load" message and... Nothing except blinking cursor right after the words "continuing to load". Now I've tried to install 256 Mb of RAM - everything was fine until second reboot again. Just right after the phrase "updated system files, continuing to load" everything stops. In the beginning white cursor blinks some seconds, then PC itself turns off. When I use 1 GB memory stick, PC just freezes with blinking cursor without shutting down. What problem could it be? What processes are made during this stage of installation (second reboot just before the final part)? Can multi-core CPU affect this? Or installed SATA-drives, which are planning to be used by XP? I want to make Millennium on my PC real! :-) Thank you!
  6. i am attempting to remove the components from a MSDN Windows Seven Professional SP1 x64 iso. i have run this successfully with the same version iso in x32 bit and it worked great shrinking the finished iso to under 1 GB. however, with the same exact settings and lastsession.inf file the x64 bit stalls at 0%; i even tried reinstalling the OS and not using the lastsession from the x32 bit iso and it still yielded the same result. i have also tried both versions 1.7 and 2.6, neither worked. i have seen other members have somewhat the same issue but stalling at 94%. that member supposedly reinstalled and it worked but that is not the case here. does someone have a solution to this? thanks in advance.
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