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  1. Some of the newer laptops sold these days have built-in wireless hardware, so an external adapter isn't needed.
  2. Not likely. Some people who buy wireless routers don't secure their routers, so anyone can access it. However, it's not a good idea to send sensitive data over a unsecured wireless router... (Interesting link) These are the broadcast names of the routers. The broadcast names exist so that people can tell them apart. No, it means that you can connect to the wireless router because the router isn't configured to be secure. That person's router is configured properly for him/her to access the internet, but just not in a secure manner. If your computer has built-in WiFi, then you can access any unsecured WiFi router in range of your computer. You can also access any secured router as long as you know the passcode. Yes and no. See above answer.
  3. LOL! Y'all are funny! I'm just gonna shake my head and walk away.....
  4. Try blocking that MAC address and see who complains. It's not hi-tech, but if it is one of your company's machines, blocking that machine will ID the person doing the downloading because they won't be able to work. If not, you've just blocked a security risk.
  5. Look at the MCE Remote Replacement Driver FAQ: http://www.byremote.com.au/Hip/mce_remote_faq.htm
  6. Siginet's OEM Act: http://www.siginetsoftware.com/forum/ MSFN Article on XP Activation: http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/29/
  7. I saw this and it reminded me of something that happened at work. I frankly couldn't believe it when I was told about it.... While unloading some vechicles at our work, one of the newest temps had to have a vechicle jumped off (dead unit). He drove the vechicle off, parked it and turned off the engine, all according to company policy (at the time). Once he turned off the vechicle, the power locks didn't unlock the doors for him. So he proceeded to kick out the window FROM THE INSIDE, bending the door frame and damaging the interior of the door (not to mention breaking the window itself!). It turns out that he didn't know how to unlock the door manually..... As Bill Ingvall would say: Here's your sign! EDIT: Oh, yeah. I guess it's needless to say that he didn't work at my company after that....
  8. Try this link: http://www.nero.com/enu/support-faq.html?s...&t=Nero%207
  9. My tuner card also said Media Center compatible. Installing Media Center w/o the updates results in same screen you got. Updating to the Update Rollup 2 seemed to solve the problem.... Hope this helps!
  10. Pull the burner and try in another computer. If same response as first computer, definitely a bad burner....
  11. Figured out that Bitcomet was creating the difficulty. Clean install of XP, then installed my copy of BitComet and MU/WU starts acting up.
  12. I'm working on a similar situation: Multiple Displays for MCE. During my testing, I found this: MCE Remote Driver Replacement FAQ. Hope this helps! (Edited because of messed-up links)
  13. Ultramon? What's that, bledd? Sure, jaclaz! I'm sure that the code could be improved upon, but here it is. Please note that when it is run from a folder other than "%WinDir%\Script", it copies itself to "%WinDir%\Script" and registers itself to run on startup. ; Default tray menu items (Script Paused/Exit) will not be shown. Opt("TrayMenuMode",1) ; If script is run from anywhere other than script folder in Windows install, copy there and exit: If @ScriptDir <> @WindowsDir & "\Script" then DirCreate( @WindowsDir & "\Script" ) FileCopy( @ScriptFullPath, @WindowsDir & "\Script", 1 ) RegWrite( "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run", "RunMCE", "REG_SZ", @WindowsDir & "\Script\" & @ScriptName ) Exit Endif ; Launch Media Center software: Run( @WindowsDir & "\ehome\ehShell.exe" ) WinWaitActive( "Media Center" ) WinMove( "Media Center", "", @DesktopWidth, 0, 800, 600 ) ; Create Tray Menu: TraySetIcon( @WindowsDir & "\ehome\ehShell.exe" ) $First = TrayCreateItem( "Move to Monitor" ) $Second = TrayCreateItem( "Move to TV" ) TrayCreateItem( "" ) $Exit = TrayCreateItem( "Exit MCE Helper" ) TraySetState() ; Answer tray messages as they come in: While 1 $msg = TrayGetMsg() Select Case $msg = 0 ContinueLoop Case $msg = $First WinMove( "Media Center", "", 0, 0, 800, 600 ) Case $msg = $Second WinMove( "Media Center", "", @DesktopWidth, 0, 800, 600 ) Case $msg = $Exit ExitLoop EndSelect WEnd Exit EDIT: Note that when script launches from "%WinDir%\Script", it runs MCE then moves it to beyond desktop (assumes TV is at @DeskTopWidth+1 and TV is set to 800x600). Right-clicking tray icon allows movement of MCE between Monitor and TV, assuming it isn't maximized.

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