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  1. G'day, I am about to download a free software called AVG Anti-Virus v6.0 on Windows XP Pro, you can get your free copy of the AVG 6.0 Anti-Virus System - AVG 6.0 Free Edition and you will be able to use it without any limitations for life of the product. At http://www.grisoft.com/html/us_index.htm Download, install and use AVG 6.0 Free Edition and get: AVG Resident Protection AVG Email Scanner AVG On-Demand Scanner Scheduled Tests Free Virus Database Updates Automatic Update feature Easy-To-Use Interface Automatic Healing of infected files AVG Virus Vault for safe handling of infected files If you are interested in our offer and you would like to get your free copy of AVG 6.0 Anti-Virus System, you will need to : Agree to the AVG Free Edition license agreement Fill in the simple questionaire form Download the program distribution package Check your email - you will get your private AVG serial number via email. Install the program The real question is how good is it. I have got Norton Anti-Virus 2000 I can only used this software for 1 whole year and I have to pay to re-register again for another year to used the live update to get the latest virus patch file. I am from Australia and it going to cost me double to pay the register for Norton in Amercia, has anybody used this software called AVG Anti-Virus. Thankyou for your time
  2. Okay I have download the Proximitron 4.1 and I have blocked a number of site which is not a problem, what I did pick up was when I block the web site I don't like it keep coming up showing a blank screen and I hate to keep on closing the blank screen which I have blocked. Can this software Proximitron do a autoweb close when the site is blocked, I hope you understand what I am trying to say MaLuBoB cause your the only person has been using it all the time. Speaking about the AVG Antivirus which is really good so far and free! do you have a web site for this information I would like to have a look if you don't mind sharing. As for Norton Anti Virus it does take up alot of memory from the windows system memory, which worries me sometime when I get a crash. I do like Norton Anti Virus which is very good and it keeping update all the time on the latest virus update patch, and wondering if AVG Anti Virus does the same thing and not taking up the windows system memory. Thanks for your time.
  3. Man you are a bloody LEGEND mate.....thank for your great Help. Have you test this on Windows XP cause I am going to upgrade my windows soon.
  4. Blackwar the Web Site I have try......I am sorry that site fail no luck.:wail: :wail: :wail: :wail: :wail: :wail: :wail: :wail: :wail:
  5. :mad: :mad: :mad: I am looking a free software for Web Filtering 1. Active content - Ability to block ActiveX, Java Applets, Java/Visual Basic Scripts and Pop-up windows in web pages 2. Privacy guard - Ability to block cookies and referrers in web pages 3. Advertisement blocking - Ability to block web page advertisement (banners). 4. Parental control - Possibility to block some web sites because of its content, based on a database of such sites, domain names (playboy.com) or keywords in web pages ("explosives", "violence", etc). Thankyou.

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