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  1. I have the X1600XT (NewEgg Link). I love it to death. This thing has great FPS, and I am just waiting to pop in a second one.
  2. Yup, everything kicks on and spins fine.
  3. I am actually having a similar problem. I have a pair of NEC DVD+/-RWs (I forget the model number at the moment). They are relativly old, but they still work perfectly. And by perfectly I mean just as well as the first day I got them. It took me a while to find any software that would let me use basic CD-R function, and that was Nero 7. However, Nero 7 will not let me burn any DVD's. I was able to make a DVD using Alchohol 120%, burned from an ISO of a PS2 game. I don't know if it worked or not, because I couldn't find a modded PS2 to try it on. But it went through all the way with no errors, for the first time ever. Any ideas?
  4. With regards to the age old nVidia vrs. ATI debate, I have an x1600XT, and I play FEAR wonderfuly on it. It's not quite the 1900, but it still kicks some a**. And when saying the nVidia card is faster than the ATI card on a few games, it's hardly noticable. For me, when I pick my hardware, I look at the company's history. nVidia likes to send out WHACKED out drivers. ATI does it less often. I'll take the ATI, thanks.
  5. PSU tested to be working in other systems. Working PSU tested to not work in mine.
  6. Worked great for a few months, now when I turn it on all I get is initializing. Power On: All lights light up All lights turn off, and then back on Rinse Repeat Till hell freezes over And I cry myself to sleep. My board was slightly underpowered, I am afraid I may of blown it. Is there something I can do to test this without buying a replacement board and end up running into the same issues and unable to RMA? How is ASUS on returns and RMAs? I doubt I have everything that came with the mobo. Would they take just the MoBo and give me a OEM?
  7. Another possible source of the problem (and from reading your description of how it occured is probably most logical) is that you deleted your boot.ini and ntldr. I had a friend who's comp I worked on. She found a bunch of files "I had left laying around on the C drive", and decided it would be a good idea to delete them. Basicaly, I turned on Show Hidden files, and turned off Hide Operating system files, and she delted them. Try a re-install, and you should be fine.
  8. .net 2.0 SmartLaunch, our client login system requires the framework, so it's a must have. We figured out a workaround for it though. We have to uninstall first, then re-install, and then update. It is a pain in the a**, but it gets the job done.
  9. So, in a shop of 50 comps, so far 1 has updated correctly. Issues started with Windows Audio service stopping randomly, and unable to brows the computers remotely. Did an update on 1, and it did 20-21 updates, restarted, and then did the last update (Security fix for .Net Framework 2.0). Now trying to update 4 more comps, it does 1-20, and then reboot, and now will not install update 21, the .net framework one. Any suggestions?
  10. Re: jaclaz Basicaly, we use a special login system for Counter-Strike @ my work (Internet Cafe). The way it works, is it connects to a server that holds 30 Steam Logins, and that server manages available logins (NetFragz1-30). When a client logs into the server to request an ID, it checks for "C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/NetFragz#". If that folder exists, it renames it to NetFragz# (where # = the number of the login it just recived). If that folder does not exist, it creates a new one in place of it, and then copys the dir to it on demand from the server. For some reason though, it won't catch the NetFragz# folder, and it simply makes a new one. The problem with this, is now the clients have to re-download everything from the back server on demand, and then all the custom items from the servers like sound files, maps, models, and crap like that. This wouldn't be too big of an issue, but to make an example. The correct folder size is ~4.7g. When I see incorrect folders in the client comps, they are ~50meg - ~300 meg. This puts a large load on our network, not to mention wasted harddrive space on the computers (all 50 + servers). On occasion, I find as many as 5 folders anywhere from 150megs-300megs. It also messes with out 3'rd party steam games. Those must be placed in a specific location within the dir, or else they will not launch correctly. I.E. for one of them, they must be in "C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/NetFragz#/halflife/vs" but instead it is placed into "C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/NetFragz#/vs". You can see the dillema. So the code would basicly need to do the following: Connect to remote computer (list of remote computers, or possibly added to the startup files on the local system), and scan "C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/" for -folders- less then ~4g, and then delete them. Then it needs to locate the 1 folder that is bigger then ~4g, and rename it to NetFragz1. I'd also need to put in some other lines, but those I can do myself. Just typical search and destroy within the folder once it is named NetFragz1. The biggest thing though, is within that dir there are some files ranging from 100megs-2g, they are not folders, so it needs to leave those in tact. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. So I need a batch file for some systems at work. Basicaly, we need it to look in a dir. and delete a couple directorys that are not at least a specific data size. Then after deleteing all the dirs, leaving the correct one, I need to locate and destroy a specific file within it. the problem is the dir. is never the same, but they all have the same format "Netfragz#". If anyone thinks they can help me with this project I'd appreciate it.
  12. www.WebShots.com Really cool company. Alot like photobucket, and it's still free. Hope you enjoy.
  13. No, thats not the problem. I was trying to capture an image before sending it out to the network. I solved the problem by just doing a local back-up HDD to HDD in the same machine, and then send it out to my comps. I can only do 10 at a time because it is just the trial version. But thats okay because if I do all 47, I have to close the shop for about 12 hours while I do everything to set up the comps to receive, and then the post ghost set-ups. By only doing 10 at a time, I can still use most of the store for the customers, and get everything done in 2-3 days. Sending the image was no problem. Took about 8.5 hours to send out the 130g image though. I don't think it should take that long though. I did the math, and thats about 5 megs a second, on a 100 Mgbs network.
  14. I have 47 computers here. I need to capture the image from one machine, so I can broadcast it to all of them using multicast. I know I can use a mapped network drive, but then I'll pulling the same image @ different speeds and progression 47 times, instead of sending out the image once while 47 computers are listening. It's more a matter of getting it done the way it needs to be done then finding work-arounds. This isn't a 1 time thing, it's a problem getting it set up right the first time. We will be ghosting all the computers once every month or so, so I need to get it set up right, so I can do it next time very quickly (and maybe teach someone else how to do it so it's not all on me.)
  15. Save them and pull old parts out to put in friends/clients computers, so you can mark up the cost of repair? Why buy a $50 part on thier tab when you have one laying around you can put in and charge them the $50 for? I win.
  16. I work at a Game Center, and we are starting to replace our CRTs that go bad with LCD moniters. We are going to be replacing with BenQ FP202W Black 20.1" DVI 8ms Widescreen LCD Monitor. Here is the link on NewEgg.com. I knew you don't want to order online, but you can use that as a refferance. I am actually sitting here right now watching someone play Counter-Strike: Source on one of those, and the ghosting is very minor. From this distance (about 5 feet away) I can't even see any ghosting. But when I was playing on it the other day to see for myself, I did notice a very small ammount. It also makes for a very nice generic use moniter as it is a wide screen. Not to mention that BenQ makes nice moniters. Great moniter for $294.99 US. If the US to CAN converter I found online is accurate, that should be about $321.08 CAN Retail before tax. And don't forget to add ~$50 mark-up/down for retail stores. Thats how they make thier money afterall.
  17. Maybe your computer has good taste?
  18. So, after hours of headbanging to get my floppys to work with my drivers, only to find that the problem was that I needed to open the bat file and add the interupt for my nic to the command where the driver is loaded........... I started doing a backup of my target machine to the server I am using to multicast the image from. After about 45 minutes, it had completed roughly 30 megs... And was giving me a time remaining of about ~3000 hours. The 2 servers are the same domain, and less then 20 feet from eachother.... What am I doing wrong?
  19. I need to know if there is a log somewhere that records commands entered, or results from commands entered. Had a problem with a hacker who got my VNC password. He opened command prompt and connected to an FTP server. After checking the logs, all the connections were proxyed, but he has to have the true FTP connection seeing as he entered the actual IP, and not a no-ip.com re-direct. I have already restarted the comp a few times blocking access and uninstalling/deleting keys and programs to clear it all up. But I want to report him and maybe extract some revenge. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  20. I just got the hardware in I was talking about in another post. One of my next upgrades is to move from my 160g IDE, to several high volume SATAs on a raid controler. I have this motherboard and I need to know if I'll need any extra parts to get 4x300g+ SATAs to run on a raid acting as 1 hard drive. Yes, my goal is to have 1TB hard drive space. Not because I nessesarily -need- it, but mostly just because I can. I pretty much just use my comp for basic internet stuff, but now that I have my new hardware in, I'll be getting into alot more gaming like I used to do. I don't do much now @ home becasue the comps @ the Internet Cafe I work at run smother for games then mine. Not to mention the dual T1's here, versus my cable connection running off a generic wireless care w/ linsys wireless g router. So in short, I need a recomendation on 4 HDDs that will work together on a raid to form 1 HDD to windows. I use my system for gaming abd basic use, as well as some video editing on the side. I should also mention that I am a pack-rat when it comes to files and crap. I am in the middle of doing a backup before I drop in my new hardware and re-format, and after deleting everything I can live without or don't need, I am atill @ 60GB in my 'My Documens' folder.... OUCH! That is a good chucnk of my 160GB I have now. Any suggestions?
  21. SLI doesn't much concern me either, as I have decided to back away from the Intel and NVidia hardware for now in favor of AMD and ATI. In the past I have been an Intel and NVidia fanboi, for no other reason then that I knew what I was doing, and it was tried and true. Intel IMO is extreamly stable, and can take a beating (like I said, 60 degrees, without meling through my case...). I also know there was some compatability issues back in the day with AMD, not to mention them basicly ripping off Intel, and getting away with it, then counter-sueing and using the money they won to develop some original hardware. However, I decided to make the change for a few reasons: -Cost --ATI can provide better preformance for the same price --AMD is cheaper, and easyer to tweak -Something new --I've only tried an AMD/ATI build once on a friend's machine, and was defeated... Turned out to be a bad mobo, but I never got another shot at it. --All I have really worked with is Intel and NV. I havn't had much of a chance to compare ATI to NV. Granted, I am using the NV 5500 FX right now, and upgrading to a x1600XT, so obviously the ATI will take the cake by far, but I can compare it to the NV 6800 GT's and 7800GT's we are using @ my work. -Kinda feel let down --NVidia has done nothing to improve the preformance on thier bargan cards. ---Just because some of us can't afford a better card, does not mean we should be forgoten or neglected. I bet a very large portion of thier sales come from lower end cards, and bargain cards, like my last 2. Yet many of thier bugs go unsolved, and seemingly unnoticed. For example, the 5500 FX I have is AGP 8x, 265Mgb ram, yet in World of Warcraft, the highest I can get my FPS up to with lowest resolution and lowest graphics settings is 30. With settings how I like, I get about 22; and when I am in graphic intensive situations (Player vs. Player combat, or very large groups in a raid setting), I can drop as low as 10 FPS. I call that unacceptable. I can't even play CS: Source on my machine due to the graphics lag. --Intel just can't pull thier crap together regarding their wasted energy. So much heat coming off the CPU... That means wasted energy, and less preformance. I know I am largly speaking out of ignorance here, but for example. My P4 3.0G Prescott runs around 42 degrees idle, and as high as 55-60 full load, with an after-market heatsink and fan. The CPUs at my work are running AMD Athlon 3000+, with the stock heat, and they run about 20 degrees idle, and about 26 degrees while playing some of the higher end games like BF2, FarCry, and Half-Life 2. The computers at my work are on almost 24/7 (I work @ an Internet Cafe, open 24/7), and are only off for a few hours when the store clears out in the early AM, untill it gets busy again early afternoon around 9 or 10 AM. Anyways, I agree moving to the AM2 MoBo and CPU would be a good idea, but I havn't heard much about them, and am not very familiar with them. I'd rather stick with what I think I can handle for now, instead of biting off more then I can chew and getting burned by it. Also, it has been my experiance that getting relativly new things like this tends to end poorly. Such as buggy drivers, poor support, defects that were not found in the begining. In the end everything would probably be just fine, but as I am not as hard core of a gamer as I used to be, and just need a system that can get me through WoW, Steam, and WarCraft III, then I'll be a happy camper. If things are looking good a few months down the road, maybe I'll make the switch to AM2. I'm sure my sister would love to get her hands on the gear I am getting monday. Poor girl is still using my old P4 1.7G on a generic board with a NVidia 5200 FX PCI.......
  22. I also recently got a new MoBo and CPU, should arrive monday. I have XP Pro 32 bit, but was eyeing the 64 bit XP on NewEgg as I was in check out. Pretty much, here is what I do with my machine, and my specs: World of Warcraft Steam Games City of Heros Basic internet crap with Opera, Trillian, IMVU, and X-Fire. Occasionaly some video editing with captures from my games using Adobe Premier. Graphics eiting using Adobe Photoshop CS. Some very light programing when I get an itch to try something. Currently I am using: Intel 865PERL Intel Pentium 4 3.0G Prescott 1G DDR400 Corsair Value Select 1x 160G IDE HDD 1x Floppy Drive 2x NEC ND-3500A S DVD Burners NVidia 5500 FX AGP 8x (I know, I know.... s***ty. But thats what free gets you...) 1x Wireless card (forget brand name, but it's not a name brand. It doesn't matter much because it is my sisters and I am getting my own as soon as I get around to fixing her comp.) 1x PS2 Keyboard (generic) 1x USB Mouse, Kingston Mouse•in•a•Box® Optical Elite I am upgrading the Video, MoBo, and CPU monday to: MB ASUS A8R32-MVPDeluxe XPES320 939 - Retail CPU AMD|A64 3200+ 2.0G 939 512K R - Retail VGA SPPHRE X1600XT 256M 100146L R - Retail So pretty much, I know the board and CPU are 64 bit, and I am assuming the video card is supported since it was recommended with the board (and a higher model with the CPU). But should a 64 bit OS support the rest of my hardware as well as the software needs I have?
  23. Q1: You can also use ^% the ^ omits the next character from being considered as a variable in a dos command. Q2: What he said ^^ Q3: What he said again. You'd need a program that will decode the jpg or bmp you are trying to view that runs in MS DOS.

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