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  1. Alrighty, so, I can't get anyone to help me out on the DIY-Street forums, so I figured I'd try here. Not as many hard core OC'ers, but at least I can get some input. So far I have it stable @ 2.7G, using 225x12=CPU@1.5, CPU/12=Ram. Screen Shot I can run Super Pi @ 1M and 32M with no errors and crashes, and my CUP idles @ 42c. I am really trying to see if I can get a stable setup @ 3000MHz with stock cooling, if only long enough to make sure it's stable and run the benchmarks. I don't intend on leaving it there with stock cooling. If anything I'll drop it back to this setting, or swap out for some water cooling. I can get my CUP up to 2940MHz (245x12) with my mem clock lowered all the way, but if I step it to 246, it gets unstable. I am afraid to put much more juice in it. I even tried 1.55v+104.8%, just to see if I could get it to be stable, but it wouldn't take. Windows will load fully (most of the time), and then show my login screen. But once I clicked my username and started typing in my PW, it would crash. I don't think it's shutting down from the temps, because the second it shuts down, I'll check my temps in the bios, and they are only ~48c. I have my shutdown temp raised all the way to 90c for this project. So as far as I can see, the best clocking I can get out of my 4000+ is 245x12=2940MHz@1.55v+104.8%, about 60MHz shy of my 3000MHz goal. Anyone have any ideas how I can get another 5MHz into my core so I can get a stable 3000MHz running so I can start working on bringing my ram up to speed?
  2. Newest link: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823
  3. I am decently handy, but we need 300+ of these.... And it's not my money.... So I'd rather just buy them, lol.
  4. I am a fan of Logitech mice. I've seen far too many complaints on Razor's over the past few years to even consider them a choice anymore. If I were getting anything Razor, it would be the Microsoft mouse that was put out recently with Razor. I work in a LAN center, and we go through mice pretty quick here. I have found however that logitechs tend to last longer with the punishment we give them here. In fact, we still have a couple of the old logitech MX300's laying around. I havn't personaly used the MX512 myself, but I have a G3, and a number of my friends and team mates have the G5. I personaly don't like the shape of the G5, or the texture. The G5 has a rough feel to it, I am assuming for grip with a sweaty hand. I don't like the texture though, feels kinda like a sheet of really fine sandpaper. I don't see the same type of thing on the 512 though, so maybe I should look into that. Personaly I don't like mice that form to the hand. I am absolutly in love with my G3 though, so consider that as well. Oh, and another reason I didn't go with the G5 is the weights. Personaly, I think a mouse should weigh what a mouse weighs. I don't really see a need to add 15 grams of weight to a mouse. I play a ton of games (as expected from a lan center employee), and my G3 gets me through all of them. One of the nice things about the G3 over the G5 as well is that the G5 has 3 sensitivty levels you can switch through, making it somewhat confusing to adjust on the fly if you need to, however the G3 only has 2 levels using 1 button to switch between them, so if I am going slow and I need a quick snap, I hit the button once, make my move, and then hit it again.
  5. Hey there again fellas. I am looking for a device with a cable length of ~ 5-10 feet, that has at least 2 USB plugs, 1 PS2 plug, and Headphone/mic plug. I work in a LAN center, and we currently have all our comps next to the moniters, on the desks. We are looking at raising them about 5' above the customer's heads, making then impossible to mess with. We lost 3 comps a few years ago, and on a few occasions now we've lost parts due to people opening the cases and removing memory and crap. The issue is that alot of people come in with thier own gear, such as mice and headsets, and on occasion, thier own keyboards. I can get basic splitters and extenders for each of these items, but we don't want alot of cables hanging down, and we want to have it all in 1 unit next to the moniter. Obviously the unit is going to require it's own power input, I am not worried about that. All I need is some sort of device that will alow me each of these devices to be plugged in next to the moniter. One solution I have seen is a keyboard with USB and Audio inputs on it, but that isn't going to work for when they bring in thier own keyboard. So if anyone knows of anything that would work for us, please let me know. Thanks!
  6. I am using the DFI LanParty UT RDX-200, and I would recommend any DFI board. I built my roomie's comp on a DFI RS482 INFINITY Socket 939, and his runs like a champ.
  7. Oh: Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.070227-2254)
  8. Okay, so..... I was running DxDiag to get a printout of my sys specs for a friend, when I noticed my pagefile was only ~3g max. I have 2g physical, so I realized I never went and changed my virtual memory after I formated last month. So I went into the settings, and punched in 4096, but then I couldn't remember if that was the max, or if it was something close to that, so I just punched in 5555 in the max, so I could get the error, and have it tell me.... except.... it didn't error. It accepted 5555 as a valid ammount. To test this, I punched in 9999 for the min, and 99999 as the max. It then accepted that, but did give me a warning that I did not have that much full space on the drive, and it would result in the pagefile eating memory untill the drive was out of free space. I was using Windows Remote Desktop Connection at the time, so I don't know if that is the cause of this or something. Any ideas?
  9. No onboard video, and no spare vid card I can use easily. Friend of mine suggested PSU, which makes sense, since that is pretty much the only nessesary part I am re-using from an old build where the mobo died, and it blanks out when it changes video modes.
  10. You wouldn't happen to have a link to any of these would you? I have been looking around for a while and I cannot seem to find any.
  11. That would be cool. I could figure out the password thing if I had too. The main thing I need help with is getting the wake on lan script set up.
  12. Yeah, I found that site already, but there is nothing about batch files on there. There is one that you can use with perl, but that requires installing perl first, and doesn't do what I need it to do.
  13. Here is your problem. You expect to get diskspace and bandwith for -free-. It's not going to happen. You can get it cheap, say around $5-$10/mo, but no one will give it to you for free. What you need is a webserver, with http access, and ftp access to the root level of the http folder. You will use your FTP connection to upload the files to your server, and place them where you want, then you'd use your HTTP connection to set up, and install the boards and or chat. When you log into the ftp, you will see multiple folders. One of them should say "httproot" or "webroot". That means, that folder is the index of the HTTP path. I.E., lets say we are working on a website named www.IHaveAWebsite.com, when I add the file named file.txt to the "httproot" folder, typing www.IHaveAWebsite.com/file.txt, the browser will pull up this file. And again, if I place a new folder called "images" within the httproot folder, and then place mypic.jpg inside of that folder, typing www.IHaveAWebsite.com/images/mypic.jpg will load this file. Things to remember: On windows hosting servers, capitolization does not matter. In otherwords, www.domain.com/LOL.JPG = www.domain.com/lol.jpg. However on *nix based webservers, while you cannot have a file with the same spelling and varied capitolization, if you don't type the file exactly as it is found on the server, it will not pull it up. To find a hosting company, google "web hosting" and find one that fits your price range, and has the features you look for. You need to have PHP, MSSQL or MYSQL, and probably java support (for the chat room) on whatever host you decide to use, so make sure those features are enabled.
  14. I was just wondering if there was a windows command line option for waking a PC via Wake on LAN without downloading any other apps? Or, if there is a small standalone exe that will let me do this? Or, if anyone could customize an app that would do this as well. Hardcoded with a password prompt is prefferable!
  15. So, I'd like to make a page on my site to wake my PC up via internet. I know it is possible, as I have found some site with example code. The problem is I can't seem to get them to work. The site I am using for now works, but not how I'd like it. http://www.remotewakeup.com/en/index.php Here are the links I am using as refferance: Link 1 (Has a tutorial in it) Link 2 In link 1, it is pretty straight forward. Edit 3 lines, good to go. Port, MAC, and IP. I did that, and I got an error complaining about something on line 44, where the IP goes. I fixed that, and now I run into an error. "Fatal error: Call to undefined function: socket_create() in /home/content/d/y/s/dysfunktinal/html/wol.php on line 13" I tried fixing it with the info from the site, to no avail... The second problem is this; while the script from link 1 works for me, I'd feel a little unsecure about having it open to public like that. I'd like to include some sort of password protection. I don't mind if it is hard coded into the script, encrypted or not, it doesn't matter. If anyone feels like helping me with it that would be awsome. The only thing I'd like for sure though is that the password box accepts input as astrisks '*'. Thanks for any tips!
  16. rofl, no. I found some resources for what I need, but it's not really what I'd like to use. I figured windows had some sort of command line I could just use and save it as a batch file on my site for remote start, but alas, I have found nothing yet. The alternative is using a PHP script with my MAC and IP inserted already, again, not ideal, but it would work. However, I can't seem to get it working. Also, I'd like to include some sort of password protection, so it would require my password to preform the boot. I'll pop into the scripting section later and see if someone can give me a hand with this later. The site I found that works for me so far is: http://www.remotewakeup.com/en/index.php Pretty niffty IMO
  17. I know that, lol. I want to know how to wake it up. What app would I use? Or what command line? And is it possible to do this VIA internet, not LAN.
  18. Hey, I have remote- desktop at home on my PC, and I connect while I am at work, but for whatever reason if my comp crashes or I need to shut-down/restart and need to get it back on, is it possible to enable Wake-up via nic over the internet?
  19. Everything is loading with correct settings. I'll double check though. I am used optimized bios settings, and fail safe settings. Tried 3 HDDs like I mentioned before. If I use another comp to load windows install files to the HDD, and then swapped comps for the install, do you think that would get me into windows set-up? And I am using a PCI-X 16x card on the PCI-X 16x slot, so it should be fine. It's an nVidia chipset with an nVidia card as well. ::mumbles:: and this is why I switched to ATI......
  20. Yeah. I post, I can get into the bios, I see the DVD-ROM in the bios with the HDD. I have tried a DVD-ROM and a regular CD-ROM, as well as 3 different hard drives......
  21. I am setting up a rig for a friend, Abit KN9 Ultra, nV Gforce 7600, 1x512 DDR2 533, 1 DVD-Rom, 1 IDE HDD, 1 FDD. I clear the post, have video, and it registers the keyboard. When it asks "Boot to CD, press any key..." it flashes the "Detecting hardware" message, then blacks out and nothing loads. My moniter does not go into standby, and it just sits there forever... Any ideas?
  22. If you were willing to make the jump to PCI-x I would recomend a DFI LanParty. They have one on NewEgg for $60 right now with the ATI chipset. I have my 3700+ OC'ed just a little bit to 2.36G, and it stays under 36c with stock cooling. All I did was replace the ceramic thermal paste it came with for some of my antec stuff. My chipset stays @ around 44c now instead of 52 like it was before.
  23. No prob. I was debating weather or not to take the link down, but untill Travis sends me a copy of his copyright form for this document, he can go use a large stick on himself.

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