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  1. Best crack avaiable for Disk Keeper 10 Pro... https://purchase.diskeeper.com/Checkout/Add...Item=1158&qty=1
  2. I took a look at that board, along with several other NVidia SLI boards, and every single one reported many Dead On Arivals, and many many problems with the SLI fans dieing every couple of months. I went with the MVP Deluxe because a good friend of mine's father purchased one, and I have heard nothing but good reviews about it. Granted I am sure his testing of it isn't nearly as comprehensive as HEXUS', but he plays all the games I do, and has said that it runs awsome. As for the HEXUS reviews, from what I can see, the most recent retail versions of that board should be fine, and any older versions simply need a BIOS update to correct the problems reported. So from what I can tell, and if I am understanding thier review properly, "..., BIOS issues seemingly addressed, the ASUS A8R32-MVP Deluxe now stands as the mainboard against which all 939 mainboards based on the RADEON XPRESS 3200 will be judged." Also, I don't have the money to sink into something like that. I am mostly looking for a good cost Vs. preformance system to upgrade from my slowly diminishing Intel 865PERL and Pen. 4 3.0 Prescott. I'd like to be able to convert to liquid cooling sometime this year, rather then waiting a few months to even be able to afford a processor with the speed I want, heh. Maybe sometime down the road when the prices drop. Next month I should have my new PSU and a few gigs of OCZ to drop into my case, to replace my current parts, and not long after that the SATA's I am looking into getting. Just need a new case and some new DVD Drives, and I'll be able to turn my old system into a decent LAN rig to take out. On a side note, reffering to my Intel rig I have now, is there anyone who can tell me why I went from a moderatly cool and quite system, to rather loud, and very hot? For some reason my room has been getting very hot latly, and I was just signing it off to the fact that I sleep durring the day, and it gets pretty hot out. No AC in my room, and I have to keep my windows shut due to the freeway 10 feet away from them. However the other day I was watching a movie on my computer laying in bed, and let my arm drift off the edge of my bed behind my desk, and I nearly burned my arm off the exhaust from the PSU. I popped it up immediatly, and my case temp was spiking out at over 60 degrees. Everything was -extreamly- hot inside the case. I have a pretty fat CPU fan and heatsink (AeroCool HT-101 70mm linked here.) and 3 case fans with pretty good ventalation, and it was MUCH hotter then it has been in recent months.
  3. Thanks. So I can get away with the 480w for now, but I should bump it to 550+ before I get my SATA HDDs right?
  4. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813131004 A friend told me that I'd need a 550w PSU for this board. I have a 480 currently, and I was wondering if I'd be okay using that for a month or so till I could upgrade to this sexy beast: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817101208 I am running: 1xIDE HDD 2xDVD Burner 1xCold Cathode Tube 3xCase fans on a Fan controller 1xFloppy Drive In the near future I plan to upgrade my Drive to 5xSATA 250g. I should have my new PSU by then though. But will 550w be enough for that though? That brings me to the next question. When I upgrade to my SATA Drives, should I go with 8meg or 16meg chach? My rig is used primarily for gaming. The price differance is only about $20 so I am more then willing to drop an extra bill to get better drives if that is the case. On a side note, I do some video editing on the side. Will the cache affect that at all too? And lastly, I havn't been keeping up on the newest hardware like DDR2. What is the differace, and will a DDR board (like the one I linked at the top of the page) support DDR2 if I upgraded? I currently have 1G DDR400, but as soon as I get my hardware installed and the new PSU, I am going to spring for 4g OCZ. (5x250g SATA and 4g OCZ, I know... Overkill much?). Mainly my question here is will that board support DDR2 if I got it, or am I SoL? Thanks for the help!
  5. Thanks for the help guys. I am still working on it. 150g takes a while when I am trying all these different programs do to this. So far I am at this point: Using Image for Windows to create the disk image. Almost done with the most recent try. We hade an image done earlyer, but steam put out a huge update, and we wanted to have the most up to date copys on the image to avoid a 30 minute update the first time anyone trys to run steam after the dist. The question I have now, is how to distribute the image onto the comps. Windows Image runs inside of windows, but if you try to restore the image while windows is loading, since it isn't an image of the original computer, won't windows blue screen at a certain point? We would also need to format the drives wouldn't we? So wouldn't that mean formating and re-installing windows on each system, and then copying the image? And if that was the case, it would probably be faster to just copy the Program files folder from the original computer, and then export the HKEY_USERS, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG, and then enter the registry settings on the computers? I mean, it seems faster then waiting 3 hours to restore an image. It would only take an hour or so to copy the folders over, and like 3 seconds to import the regisrty. Hell, it would proabably be a good idea to put the regisrty files in the startup so that every time the computers re-boot all the settings get set back to the image default.
  6. Okay, so I managed to get a working bootable CD using a few programs, including Roxio Easy CD Creator 6 and a tool to make an image of a floppy. However, now I am trying to make my disk image. I set up a shared folder on a local machine, gave full access to everyone, and mapped it as a network drive. Then went to create the image, and I go through the wizard, and when I click the last button that should reboot the system and crate the image, I get an error message stating: "norton ghost error: general exception" and a txt is created in the mapped network drive. The following is the contents of the txt file: Jesus this is really p***ing me off.
  7. Yeah, I know. All of our computers, save for 2 of them have the exact same hardware set-ups, down to the case. The 2 that are not the same are the newest comps we have. The plan for those 2 is to Ghost them, and before rebooting putting in the windows disk and re-installing windows, then restoring the HKEY_USERS registry directory from the original computer. Think that will work? Any thoughts?
  8. I looked for an option, but couldn't see one. What version of Nero are you using? And could you give me a step-by step please? Also, will let let me a .raw file?
  9. Hey there guys. I am hoping you can help me out with a problem I am having right now. I work at an internet cafe, and I we are deploying a new login system for the whole shop. We already have a computer set up with everything on it, and I am trying to ghost another computer to test everything out. We are hoping to have the whole shop up and running tommorow with the new system. The dilema is this... None of the computers on the floor have floppy drives in them. I am having one hell of a time getting a bootable CD to run the ghost program. Does anyone have an idea that will help me out here? So far I have the following done, and in progress: Found a program that will let me make an image of a floppy, that can be burned onto a CD using Roxio easy CD creator. However, Roxio doesn't have a demo version available to make the CD. I am having to resort to downloading a copy off bittorrent. As far as I can tell, Roxio is the only program that will let me burn the CD the way it needs to be burned to make everything work. Any ideas on an alternative meathod? The next problem is this. I am using Norton Ghost 2003. I can get everything set up for a peer to peer clone, and that is fine for the test I need to run, however if everything is working fine, I need to ghost the other 44 machines we have. I used to work as a tech at my old high school doing this exact thing, but I can't remember what version of Ghost we used. The way it worked for me in the past, is I would log into a computer using the network admin, and run Ghost. Then go by each station and pop in the boot disk, then the computers would connect to ghost and wait for the file transfer to begin. I could get as many computers hooked into it as I needed, and then distribute the image over the entire network at once to every computer. Does anyone know what version of Ghost this is, or what tool I need to get to make this happen. And the last question I have is this. We are trying to be able to ghost without making an image, so basicly we would be doing a Clone over the network, instead of ghosting from an image on a network server. Any help here would be IMMENSLY appreciated. Thanks alot. Matt DysfunktinaL(at)gmail(dot)com
  10. Thats what I thought. WiFi is basicly the Wireless Internet you get via your Cell phone, correct?
  11. This isn't that hard too do. I did the inside of my case about a year ago with a nice blue color, almost neon blue. My case is black and my highlights are blue, so it maches well. Back Panel Side shot. No Cover, no Light. Side shot. Cover, internal lights. Side shot. Cover on, room lights.
  12. Hi, I am building a computer for a truck driver, and he is asking me about WiFi internet, specificly by Verison. He wants to be able to use basic internet features like IE, AIM, MSN, E-mail, etc.. However, he also wants to be able to play World of Warcraft, and that is his main goal. How fast and reliable is WiFi connections, and would it be strong enough to support a game connection? If anyone knows this information, I'd appreciate your input. What would be even better is if anyone uses this type of connection, and could run a speed test for me (http://www.dslreports.com/stest) Right now I told him his only real option is to get a wireless card, and try to find an unsecured wireless access point near wherever he will be parking when he is on the road. The downside to this is A) That is basicly stealing, B) WAPs are not readily available when on the road, especialy in rural areas, and C) I think locating a strong signal, accessing WAPs, and being able to determine secured vs. unsecured access is a bit above his abilitys when it comes to computers. Thanks alot!
  13. I am having a little trouble with a ASUS P4P800-VN MoBo. When I plug everything in the back, the LEDs on the Onboard LAN light up, but as soon as I turn the computer on, they shut off. In Windows, it does not even recognize a Network Controller hooked up to it. I have tried the Intel Drivers that come with it, as well as the RealTek drives on the CDR for the MoBo. I have also tried drivers off another MoBo CDR with a similar chipset (Intel 865-Perl) and none of these work. Any ideas?
  14. Hmm.... anyone? Could I possibly just need to get a DVI to VGA adapter?
  15. I have an Intel Pentium 4, 3.0G Prescott on my Intel 865PERL MoBo, with 1 gig DDR400, with a ghetto a** NVidia 5200 FX PCI. My friend have me his old video card, an ATI Radeon 9600 SE. I am trying to go from the PCI card to the AGP, and I can't seem to get it work. Before the swap, I removed the drivers for the FX, then powered down, powered up, set the BIOS to register AGP, then saved and shut down. I swapped out the cards, and put in the SE, then turned it back on, and I get no video... So I swapped them back out, and it now reads the PCI card again, however the BIOS was still set to AGP. Any ideas?
  16. I don't think the chip is bad, since it acts normally otherwise. If I remember right, I set it to shut down after 75C. The problem with me esetting to factory settings, is my video card is PCI, and the default in BIOS is AGP. Any way around this? X.x Thanks for the help.
  17. So I put it all back together, and left the side off my case, and held my fan up and in where it should be. I was able to get to my bios with no errors, and it told me my comp had been "shut down due to thermal events (overheating)". Seems to work fine, but when I boot now, it gives me the error mentioned above, and says "Unit should be serviced immediatly. Press F4 to Resume" After I hit resume, it just sits there for a while and says "Network selected as first boot device" I can't enter setup or anything to change that. X.x How should I go about fixing that part on the board? I don't want to run it till I get it fixed in case I fry my chip. And even if I wanted to run it, I can't get past the bios.
  18. Hi. I have a Pentium 4 3.0 Prescott, on my Intel 865PERL board. 1 gig of Corsair DDR400 ram, duel channel. I am running Windows XP Pro SP2. I was doing what I do everynight, music, games, e-mail and such, when my computer just shut off. No saveing settings, no warning, just boom. I turned it back on, and now I am unable to boot. After I turn on the computer, before I see a video card load screen, I get 4 beeps from my case speaker, High-Low-High-Low, then a few seconds later it turns off again. I am not sure what exactly happened, as I did not download any programs recently. I did however have my computer in the DMZ on my router, but I do not think that this is the problem, since I have been on the DMZ for a few weeks now, and I havn't had any other problems. Please let me know what you think. Edit: After posting, I tore into my machine. I pulled out all memory, and cards, and got the same error. So I put them back. I tried booting again, and checked my temp with y fan controler and it reported normal/avg temp. I thought it may be an over heating problem, since each time I turned on my computer after the problem started, it would go longer without turning off. So I checked my CPU fan. turns out, the top left corner was loose, so I pulled off the fan, and found out that somehow the clasp had failed. Not sure how to describe this, but when you put the fan on, it snaps into place. The place that the fan snaps on to had broken off completly, into 2 parts. I am not sure how to go about repairing this, as the part that broke seems to be mounted to the mobo. I can't really return the mobo from where I got it, because I used to be a GM for World of Warcraft for Blizzard, and I got some friends of an owner of a local Lan shop into closed beta, and he hooked me up with this board. I guess if I had to, I could ask him about it, but I would like to avoid that. Should I just use super glue to fix this or what? Another note, I am not even sure if this is the problem, but I know it needs to be fixed either way. Halp! =(
  19. Hello there, I have Windows XP SP2 intigrated, on an Intel 865PERL Pentium 4 3.0 Gig prescott (onboard NIC). I am getting network disconnects, and I am the only one on my LAN who is getting them. I have another computer (room-mate's) and an X-BOX on the same router, and nothing like this is happening, so I know it is no a faulty router, or an ISP issue. Up untill today, I did not know that this issus had a sort of schedual to it, however a friend messaged me last night on AIM while I was away, and when this conneciton issue pops up, it acts as if everyone in your buddy list just connected. So his windows stayed open through the night, and every time this happend, it said 'Name has signed on at TIME' Well, this is what I got throughout the night: NAME signed on at 8:54:22 PM. NAME signed on at 9:24:14 PM. NAME signed on at 9:54:16 PM. NAME signed on at 10:24:19 PM. NAME signed on at 10:54:20 PM. NAME signed on at 11:24:23 PM. NAME signed on at 11:54:24 PM. NAME signed on at 12:24:26 AM. NAME signed on at 12:54:28 AM. NAME signed on at 1:24:30 AM. NAME signed on at 1:54:32 AM. NAME signed on at 2:24:34 AM. NAME signed on at 2:54:36 AM. NAME signed on at 3:24:38 AM. NAME signed on at 3:54:40 AM. NAME signed on at 4:24:42 AM. NAME signed on at 4:54:44 AM. NAME signed on at 5:24:46 AM. NAME signed on at 5:54:48 AM. NAME signed on at 6:24:51 AM. NAME signed on at 6:54:53 AM. NAME signed on at 7:24:56 AM. NAME signed on at 7:54:57 AM. NAME signed on at 8:24:59 AM. NAME signed on at 8:55:01 AM. NAME signed on at 9:25:04 AM. NAME signed on at 9:55:06 AM. NAME signed on at 10:25:08 AM. NAME signed on at 10:55:10 AM. NAME signed on at 11:25:12 AM. NAME signed on at 11:55:15 AM. As you can see, this issue pope up around 25 and 55 of each hour, more specificly, 24 and 54, since the timestamp only appears when I get reconnected. Any help on this matter would be most extreamly helpful, as you can immagine, not only is this a nuisance to me, but it severly limits the ammunt of gaming I can do. Matt
  20. I just got my pair of NEC 3500 16x DVD +/-R writers and I need to know the best DvD software for them. I bought them OEM for $88 a pop. I need to get a peice of software that works for ripping, copying, and viewing DvDs on them. Windows has thier drivers, so I belive. They seems to read and stuff correctly, and properties had toe correct name and crap on them. Any suggestions? Matt.
  21. I have played NexusTK for 4 years. I also dabbled a little in Ragnarok Online, as well as had my own private server. I am a Game Master for Blizzard's new Game, World of Warcrat. I also play it. You could say I am a RPG/MMORPG junkie.
  22. I just got my new PC all stacked into a case. I just need to do a few things, then I am going to start working on the mods. I'll try to get a diag of what I wanna do with my side panel (large and plexyglass). Plan on having my name across it etched in and highlighted, posibly also include dark limo tint like suggested in another thread.
  23. Wow.... you guys have totaly earned a dedicated poster. The bios thing was the problem. Thanks a million. If y'all ever need anything you just let me know! Matt

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