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  1. Oh, I am using ESET NOD32 Antivirus v4.0.437 with web access protection disabled, and I am using built-in firewall, no 3rd party firewall installed. :-)
  2. Hi? While I do enjoy using Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit, RTM version), there is a very bothersome problem I am experiencing. I have no idea when exactly it happens, but it does happen after some time I work on my computer. And here's what happens; After some use of my computer, I cannot download any exe or zip files on the internet using IE8. If I use any third party download manager, I can download it. (so it isn't the internet connection). And when it happens, I do not see any flash animation on the internet. I have no problem viewing other conents, but flash animation won't show. I cannot neither play paid mp3 music over the internet. Logging off won't help resolve the problem, only restart will fix it. But as I have said, the problem occurs again after some time. Does anyone else experience the same problem? Could anyone help me find what the cause would be? I am running Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit, RTM) on 2x Opteron 285 system with 4GB RAM. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. >>cluberti Thanks for your comment. I have requested warranty service and my mb + dimm's are scheduled to be replaced. I will follow up after I get them replaced.
  4. I did run some more tests. And here's what I've found out: Swapping CPU1 to CPU2: same error message Repositioning DIMMs with each other: same error message Removing DIMM's for CPU1 (with rest of 2GB installed for CPU2): no error log Removing DIMM's for CPU2 (with rest of 2GB installed for CPU1): same error message. So it seems that neither CPU's nor DIMM's is causing the error. Would it be due to faulty motherboard?
  5. >>cluberti Thanks for your input. Well, I did run the manufacturer provided diagnostic tool to check my CPU and RAM, but all tests passed without any problem. Event12, Kernel-WHEA error seems to appear only when WinVista boots up. And while Windows is running, no error shows in event log. However, Event12, Kernel-WHEA error does get logged even after the clean installation of WinVista, but as I have said only during the boot up process. It's very difficult to ask for the warranty service for my WinVista error log since my workstation manufacturer supports WinXP only. So can anyone tell me how I can pin down what part of my Hardware has gone wrong? Thanks in advance.
  6. Can anyone help me resolve my issue regarding Kernel-WHEA Event on my WinVista x64 system? I am having the same error even after the clean installation of WinVista x64 on my 2 x AMD Opteron 280 system. Can anyone help me resolve my problem? Or at least what have gone wrong? I desperately need your input. Thanks in advance. Followings are the error message I get: Here's what Event Viewer says: Event12, Kernel-WHEA Machine Check Event reported is a fatal Bus or Interconnect timeout error. Memory Hierarchy Level: 3 Participation: 0 Request Type: 3 Memory/IO: 0 Address: 30422400 And here's what AMD Mcat says: Event Source 0 Processor Number : 0 Bank Number : 0 Time Stamp (0x): 01C83B55 755106C4 Error Status (0x): D4384000 00000833 Error Address (0x): 00000000 01D03580 Error Misc. (0x): 00000000 00000000 Single bit errors: Correctable ECC error Error address valid in MCi_ADDR Error reporting enabled Second error Error valid Bus Error Code: Participation processor: Local node originated the request (SRC) Time-out: Request did not time out Memory transaction type: Data read (DRD) I/O: DRAM memory access (MEM) Cache level: Generic (LG) Data Cache Error MC0: System line fill error into data cache Syndrome: 0x70
  7. Due to the fact that I have disabled TabletPCOC (Tablet PC Optional Components) in Autounattend.xml file, I do not have Snipping Tool, when I install Windows Vista on my system. But since I find Snipping Tool being very useful, I wish if I can have it without all Tablet PC Optional Components being installed. Basic idea is to put all those neccessary files for Snipping Tool into some subfolder of $OEM$ folder. But the thing is that I have no idea what other files should be there other than snippingtool.exe from system32 folder. Does anyone know what those files are? Thank you. Sang
  8. 2clubert Hmm, I can confirm they are reproducable on Windows Vista Ulimate x64 (both English and Korean versions) for sure. (Yes, after clean install Windows). For explorer.exe crash bug, make sure that you are on C:\ directory when you press 'Ctrl+F' key to search as below screenshot. Then after checking 'Include non-indexed, hidden, and system files (might be slow)' checkbox and type in '*.' (asterisk + dot) in highlighted area. This bug is not be reproducable in 32-bit version of Windows Vista. And as for file size inclemental bug on status bar of Windows Explorer, verify that status bar IS shown on Windows Explorer. ( And make sure that you are on a folder with only files, not directory(s). While files are selected, press 'F5' key to refresh. (This will automatically disselect any previously selected files). Then, select the same files again and verify file size in status bar. Increased value should be seen. I am not confirm if this bug is reproducable on 32-bit Windows Vista, but I hear it does. I've submitted these bugs to Microsoft, and are confirmed. While they may fix the explorer.exe crash bug soon, I hear file size inclemental bug on status may or may not be a fix for Longhorn Server RTM/Vista SP1 Depending on the amt. of code change required. BTW, I am using Administrator account, not normal user account with administrator rights. Hope it helps. Sang
  9. Well, the explorer.exe crash bug only applies to x64 version of WinVista as far as I know. And as for the file size bug, here are some screenshots for better understanding.
  10. Well, while I do enjoy playing with WinVista Ultimate x64, there are two bugs I have found that are confirmed by Microsoft. So I think it may be good idea to share so people can avoid these issue. So here they are: Explorer.exe crash bug when using built-in search feature in certain circustance Steps to reproduce: Clean install Windows Vista Ultimate After installation, open 'Computer' in Start menu. When 'Computer' opens, select Local Disk (C:) and open. Local Disk (C:) folder opens, press 'Ctrl+f' to search Search window opens, select 'Advanced Search' right under 'Search' button. Check 'Include non-indexed, hidden, and system files (might be slow)' checkbox to enable. On 'Seach', type in '*.' (mainly used to find files with certain extensions, such as *.exe) Verify Windows Explorer crashes. File size shown on status bar of Windows Explorer bug in certain circumstance Steps to reproduce: Go to any folder where only files are located (not folder). Press ‘Alt’ key to display Windows Explorer menu. Select ‘View’ and enable ‘Status Bar’. After done so, verify status bar appear in Windows Explorer. In particular folder, press ‘Ctrl+A’ to select all files. Verify file size display in Windows Explorer. With files selected, press ‘F5’ to refresh. When folder is refreshed, press ‘Ctrl+A’ again to select all files. Verify files size display in Windows Explorer. It is now doubled. Follow step 5 to step 8 again Verify file size display in Windows Explorer, It is now tripled.
  11. cluberti, Thanks a lot for the info. I was wondering what could have gone wrong. Sang
  12. After series of reinstallation of Windows Vista Ultimate (English version) and Ultimate K (Korean version), I can confirm that mentioned issue is not something I can reproduce. Ever since, I am not seeing these problems. I must have messed up at some point. I am sorry for the confusion guys. Thanks. Sang
  13. While I am having much fun playing with Windows Vista Ultimate x64, there're some weird behaviors which I haven't been able to really figure out why or how it acts this way. Here're what they are: After clean install WinVista Ultimate x64, some unkown folders appear on desktop. I believe they are some GUID numbers, but I have no idea why they are there for. Total Commander 7.0 pb2 clearly shows these folders, but Windows Explorer won't show them even after enabling hidden and protected system files to be displayed. Also, at this time, I have some issues with softwares that I install: 1. When using WinRAR 3.62 (install, run WinRAR self-extracting file), WinVista prompts application compatibility warning. 2. I cannot copy and paste file(s) from Total Commander 7.0pb2 to Windows Explorer (such as desktop) or drag and drop and vice versa. However, after I play with WinVista quite a while (surfing, installing softwares, and so on), from some point, mentioned folders are gone. I have no idea how or why. And after they are gone, WinRAR compatiblity warning are gone, and now I can copy and paste or drag and drop file(s) from TC to explorer and vice versa. But, after I clean install WinVista again, I see mentioned GUID numbered folders again. Does aynone know what's going on? Thanks. Sang
  14. duplicated post, please delete this post. thank you.
  15. cdimage.exe -lLRMCXFRE_EN_DVD -t11/02/2006,20:00:00 -g -h -u2 -ur"C:\ISO\README.TXT" -b"C:\ISO\VISTA_BOOT.bin" -o -m "C:\ISO\VISTA" "C:\ISO\LRMCxFRE_EN_DVD.iso"
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