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  1. Helpers Needed for WUD

    updated swedish xp x86 list also made an Office 2003 sve list.. i have included all updates i could find, because i don't know if the spam list updates a incremental och complete replacements i added them all.. if anyone sees anything wrong with the file, just shout, or edit and submit it yourself windows_xp_x86_sve.ul.txt office_2003_x86_sve.ul.txt
  2. WUD 2.21 Final

    yes, please. seeing how most of it is in ENG...not sure why the Win2k Pro x86 is FRA because maxximum made the french update lists.. jcarle only supplied the english xp update list
  3. Wallpaper randomizer software?

    i've already thought of that.. but i want it so that on all the other days it cycles throught a list/folder of other wallpapers
  4. [Desktops] 2006

    Icons: Tango + Elastic Folders Wall: nadando1280x1024.jpg by www.organicfields.net VS: Clearlooks 0.6 black Miranda: Modern Clear 1.2 and Avedesk
  5. jcarle's Utilities

    here's the sve file, i've also added KB873333, i don't know how to check i've it's been replaced so i just added it as i saw it wasn't there before, if it has been replaced then you can just remove it. also, bugg report.. when i tried running wud with both the xp-x86-enu.ul and xp-x86-sve.ul in the same directory, wud crashed bugg report 2: when having a list selected by default in the "Update List" dropdown menu and then selecting it again, the list doubles, and if you do it again, it tripples, and so on... also the amount in either category follows.. i've attached a screenshot
  6. jcarle's Utilities

    [quote name='jcarle' post='545861' date='Aug 10 2006, 10:49 PM']Send me over your Swedish UL after you complete it. Thanks [/quote] sure.. have finished sections 2 - 5, will finish up tomorrow with section 1.. also, SP-1 for .NET 1.1 you don't have on the list either
  7. jcarle's Utilities

    making use of you're external download list and re-making it for swedish updates.. and i noticed you do not have KB911565 in there anywhere... it's an update for Windows Media Player 10, maybe it's been replaced and maybe not.. thought i'd mention it
  8. error WINNTBBU.DLL

    you have to use modifype before you make the cabfile, or else the install will see that the file is "corrupt"
  9. xpreview does not show this transparancy, but winntbbued should. i've noticed though that winntbbued does not place the text properly... i noticed you had looked at my winntbbu file in the other thread, if you download that file i've posted with that thread, you'll see what blue shade i use, and if you look at the top checkmark in my preview image you'll see that it is transparant. it could be that you're using something that's antialised (fuzzy edges), then that is why you get other blues in the preview, but since i haven't seen your design, it's hard to say.. that is something you'll see in either my preview or if you download the .rar and look at the images in there.. oh yeah. and the Visual Style i use is Clearlooks 0.6 (http://hsn.deviantart.com/)http://hsn.deviantart.com/' target="_blank">
  10. Wallpaper randomizer software?

    thanks.. but not what i was looking for
  11. QuickTime Alternative v1.72

    or if you use the $OEM$ folders, just find (through google) MSVCP71.DLL and msvcr71.dll and put them in $OEM$\$$\system32 that works for me
  12. you could try to use Red: 78, Green: 111, Blue: 214, that colour seems to be transparant in winntbbu.dll
  13. Wallpaper randomizer software?

    thanks... but that kind of software i have plenty of.. it's the calendar feature i'm really after.. i actually found a shareware, Wallpaper Assistant, which is 5 years old and the domain no longer exists so even if one wanted to buy it, one can... but i wouldn't, because it's a very ugly software... but, i actually found one from... Microsoft!.. their Wallpaper Changer PowerToy actually can do what i want it to.. but you have to copy wallpapers to special folders, and i'd rather set the options inside the program.. but it's the only one i've found to far.. when searching for lets say the words wallpaper changer calendar you find some software that displays a calendar on the desktop than you can shake a stick at... anyways.. here's the link for the MS Wallpaper Changer Powertoy XP Creativity Fun Pack PowerToys if anyone else wants it http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en sorry, it's for the whole Windows XP Creativity Fun Pack PowerToys.. i seem to be unable to find the link for just the wallpaper changer.. it's there somewhere though.. i just can't find it at the moment.. /me = id***.. it was a link to it just further down on the page.. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en
  14. Anti-Executable http://www.faronics.com/html/AntiExec.asp
  15. i'm looking for a wallpaper randomizer software, but with a calendar feature, and i don't mean one of those that put a calendar on the desktop, no, i mean a calendar so that i can set a special wallpaper for christmas or valentines day or whichever date i choose with the calendar and so that that overrides the random feature on that day i set in the calendar.. have been looking for one like this for quite a while now, and have not yet found one.. does anyone know of a software like this?