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  1. I'm at work right now, but as soon as I can get someone at home to power up the dock the drive is on I will start to make the image. I've got plenty of free space on my drives for the image, and as you suspected a stack of drives on my desk I can use. Just to be clear I don't give care about the drive itself, just the data for my girl, so repairing the disk is not a priority and in fact the disk will be destroyed and thrown away after I am done with it. As mentioned the setup before was a Dell system with XP pre-installed, first partition was the OEM Dell image, the remaining space was NTFS Windows XP32. I'll get you the exact sizes later on. I'll start going through your other threads to prep for what is to come.
  2. That topic is about another issue. I read through it and found no useful information. It's pretty much all the one guy re-posting the same problem over and over before getting banned...
  3. Hi all, I am working on my girlfriend's system which crashed. She called me up when she first started to have problems and then called Dell after I told her not too... She told me they determined it to be a bad HDD after running some of the dell diagnostics. I brought her a new drive and was in the middle of booting the XP disk with the old drive removed and known good drive installed when it blue screened on me, in the middle of loading the XP installer.... This has lead me to believe the problem resides elsewhere but has affected the drive. I took the drive back to my system and started to work on it and have since discovered the following: File system has been switched from NTFS to RAWle Multiple bad sectors (about 25 from what I saw) Corrupted MBR I tried using ZAR but as the MBR is shot it must discover the partitions, but after 30 minutes of running it had not even actually started the scan. Because the format got switched to RAW I can not run a chkdsk. The drive has 2 partitions; the (healthy) OEM partition that Dell uses to replace the CD's they used to normally send, and the system partition which is the one in question. When I try to access the drive from Windows (been working on it via Win7Ulti, XP Pro, and XP PE) it gives me the expected error of "Drive is not formated and must be formated before use". If I try to use cmd prompt to get into it I get an error "data error cyclic redundancy check". She of course has no back-up of her files on this disk and I know if I take a wrong turn the whole thing is shot with no chance of recovery. Here is the sad part... I work for Western Digital as a technician to the Firmware engineers, and am too embarrassed to bring in my girlfriend's Seagate drive (which she got before we got together) to see if any of my co-workers can give some insight. I'm looking for suggestions as to starting points as I am in a massive cache-22... I can't chkdsk because the drive is RAW, I can't convert from RAW back to NTFS because the MBR is bad, and I can't use the standard recovery software because it won't see the partition at all. Any insight would be great, and if I can fix this problem without the drag of bringing my competitor's drive into work I would appreciate it...
  4. I have not checked yet on that. I can't even get the darn thing to boot right now. I don't remember updating any drivers in the last couple weeks though. And if it was a driver issue I'd expect it to be a regular issue, not something that pops up at random uptimes. I was at ~11 hours when it went down last about 3 hours ago. Before that I had about 24 hours uptime, before that maybe like 5 or 6? When it's running fine I never turn the thing off. I've had my system at over 20 days uptime before on Vista, probably over 7 days at least since I installed Win7 a month or so ago. It comes and goes for the most part. I do make it a point to check every update I apply before installing them. I like to know what MS is installing as a new 'feature' or update. I think the only thing I've downloaded in the last week was a TV show, Adobe Reader, and Windows Defender update.
  5. So it just happened again... I had to fortune of actually being at my system when it started to act up. I took a couple minutes to catch up on msfn main page and saw the posts about the zeroday exploit. I figure it should be worth mentioning that I discovered that when my system starts acting up my CPU jumps from 0-1% to 66-90% spikes every 5-10 seconds. After reading a little bit and looking at the notice about the adobe exploit as well I remembered that I just last week installed reader to open a PDF spec sheet. Any chance this could all simply be a part of what's going around? If so, why does my system have to be shut down for an hour or two after crashing before it will even boot back into windows... Sigh... At least I have my iPhone to keep me entertained while I wait for my system to come back up.....
  6. Hi all, I have Win7 Ulti 64 installed on my desktop (Details in signature). It's been running great untill this last week or so. A few days ago I woke up and went to work, and tried to remote desktop back to my system at home but was unable to connect. I could connect to other devices on my network, but not my personal system. When I got home I went and checked on it and it had rebooted but not loaded windows. It would pass through BIOS and Raid BIOS, but right before it should start loading windows it would just stop and sit there on a black screen. This has happened a couple times over the last few days now. Occasionally my system will start locking up every 10-15 seconds for about 1 second, and then resume whatever it was doing, and then again non-stop. If I reboot while this is happening it will start doing what I described above. If I turn my system off and leave it powered down for about an hour or two it will boot up and run without any problems for ~24 hours. I am not sure where the problem could be exactly. My first thought was my Raid0x4 array, but I do some pretty large file moves and I haven't ran into any corrupt files. My system does it's normal Sunday afternoon backups (a la windows 7 backup feature) to my backup disk without any errors and all the files located there seem intact with 100% integrity. The only real reason I would begin to suspect the drives though is because I work for WD, and I got the drives from an engineer who didn't need them anymore, but I am not 100% sure that they are totally good. I ran WinVista Ulti 64 on them for several months though without any errors. I have tried using the windows 7 disk to run a repair on my OS as well. When I get to the screen, I load my raid drivers as normal, it takes a good 2-3 minutes to finish loading them, and then it goes into "Searching for Windows Installations". The first time it did this, I ended up giving up on waiting and let it run over night as I slept. When I woke up it was still scanning. I rebooted it right from there (so the system had been turned on and running for about 8 hours) and it booted right into windows and ran for another ~24 hours with no errors. Has anyone experienced anything like this before on Windows 7? I had something like this when I first built my system and was using WinVista, but I did a normal repair of the OS and never looked back from there. I bought a pair of OCZ 30G MLC SSD drives to put in Raid0 x2 and make it my primary boot drive, and I will be removing the 4x500g raid I have in there currently, and switch to using just the single 2TB WD Cav Black as my media/data drive. I hope this will resolve any issues I have. Any help would be much appreciated though.
  7. Hey, been a while since I have been around. I have about 750 CSV files that I need to combine into 1. I am willing to use anything to combine them, be it SQL, Access, Excel, whatever... The problem I am running into is this... They are not all the same. Some of them are identical, but others are not. They all do however contain a few key columns (4 specificly) that I need. The first row names the column, and then all other rows are the entries. Any idea on how I can handle this? Here is an example of what I am looking at: File1 Name ID Value1 Value2 Value3 Value4 Value5 Value6 Value7 File2 Name ID Value1 Value3 Value4 Value6 Value7 Flie3 Name ID Value1 Value2 Value3 Value5 Value6 Value7 File4 Name ID Value2 Value3 Value4 Value5 Value7 So like, some of the files will have value2/4/5/6, but they ALL have Name, ID, Val1/3/7.
  8. I had a dual monitor set-up a while back, and I found this cool little program that would let me "throw" applications around the screen. I just got a pair of LCD screens and set them up, and I'd like to find this software again, or something like it, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called. Basicaly what it would do is you could take an application by the title bar, and drag it like normal, but if you would drag it quick and then releace the mouse button, it would sling it across the screen, making it very simple to move windows around on a pair of monitors. Has anyone heard of an application like this, or maybe even have a link to one? I'd very much appreciate it!
  9. I should know this, and I probably do, but I've never been asked this and I typicaly go with GPU's from whatever company made the chipset, but an 8800 GTX will work on a board with a ATI SB600 chipset right?
  10. I agree with war, if it's P2P bring up stuff about Virus' and trojans, and make sure you mention the word keylogger, people freak about about that one. If't is websites with streaming, go with the counter-productive angle. If the report is going to Upper-Man. then make sure you mention that if people have time to be watching streaming video's, then perhapps there is not enough work, and they could benefit from cutting down on manpower. Upper managment loves to hear that. One option you could suggest as a compromise, is give them streaming audio, but no video. I can see people wanting to listen to music to work (I really focus alot better when I have something playing in the background, be it the TV, Radio, Winamp, something..), but there is absolutly no need for video in the typical workplace, unless of course it's an advertising or media agency, or something along those lines, but for a typical office, like mortgages, insurance, crap like that, I can't see a reason why they'd need video. IMO, the only people who deserve video in the workplace are the techies, since we have to put up with so much s*** (and it's kinda like the "do as I say, not as I do" parenting technique), or the people who are smart enough to get around the techie's roadblocks via proxy, tunnel, ect.
  11. I used to have one of those routers, using D-Link's newest Firmware. Since then I have replaced it with a Linksys Wireless-G router. Using the newest update, I had an issue playing Counter-Strike, or actually even connecting to Steam at all. When I would try and log in, it would tell me "Could not connect to Steam network." But, when I would type in a wrong password "Invalid Password." So..... it wouldn't connect, but it knew when I had a wrong password. This went on for a few weeks. Yes, I had all the ports forwarded, and even tried placing myself in the DMZ. No dice.
  12. I am trying to play a game based out of Europe, and as you'd expect, they only allow Euro connections. I was able to proxy to make my account and stuff, I bypassed the proxy to download and patch, as neither of these require a login, but they claim if you connect from a US IP, they will automaticaly block your account. What I am looking for, is a VPN to connect to a dedicated or high speed connection to Europe to play from. I havn't logged on via the proxy yet, so I am not sure of the connection speed, but I do know I ping about 160 to the proxy. The problem here is that obviously the proxy is going to have a speed limit on it, and, as with all proxys, could go down at any moment, requiring me to locate a new working proxy. Does anyone know of a company that offers secure/dedicated proxys with uncapped/high transfer rates? Or a program that would do it for me automaticaly. I am looking for anything Euro based, but Great Britan would be better.
  13. Aite, uninstalled the update, but the realtek device was not listed under the device manager, so I am assuming it was removed when I took the update out. Rebooting right now, so we'll see what happens. I am @ work right now, just working on it via remote desktop.
  14. I'll try that right now.I actually just did a reformat after deciding to dump vista, so I'll start fresh.
  15. Make sure you check the box that says "Allow other versions of RDC to connect." Here is a link to help. http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vis...-windows-vista/ Also, just to make sure we are all on the same page here, you'll need Vista Bussiness or Ultimate. Vista Home Basic and Vista Home Premium do not have remote desktop available.
  16. OCZ all the way. I only use OCZ in the systems I build. I'd say go with a 650-750, and you'll be fine.
  17. Yeah, DFI's are kinda picky on RAM. I had an issue with my LP RDX-200 UT, after I updated my bios. I called DFI for support, and he has me do a CMOS clear, and then move my ram from the yellow slots (1/3) to the orange slots (2/4), and it worked perfectly after that. I guess DFI's have an issue with using the 1/3 slots in dual channel, and/or using 4 sticks of ram. My suggestion - Keep it @ 2 sticks on 2/4.
  18. I can count the number of times my computer's data has been compromized on 0 hands. =P Just because my firewall is off and I am in the DMZ, doesn't mean I don't know when someone is snooping on me. The last guy that tried to hack me got his broadband turned into a Dial-up..... for a month..... untill he wised up and changed his IP. And I don't keep anything I'm not willing to give away on my computer anyways. All important files go on my external hard drive I routinly keep unplugged from my PC. I say routinly because it's my iPod, and my iPod goes where I go. Everything I keep on my iPod gets rar'ed and backed up to disk once a week or so. And to top it off I do keep anti-virus up to date, and scan daily. I just hate having to change stuff or add new filters whenever I need to host something on my PC. The list of ports I need to turn on and off on a nearly daily basis is a bit large, and I hate having to reconfigure when I re-install, or add new things when I put something new on my system.
  19. Got it working now. It was the power settings. I called my room mate and had him stand by my comp. Tried to connect, no go... Then i had him press some keys and tell me when he saw the login screen, and then I tried to connect again, and it worked. GOD..... So annoying...
  20. Found the artical about it. http://articles.techrepublic.com.com/5100-...11-6129085.html Display is on 20 min, sleep is on 1 hour. I guess it was just a coinsidence that I got off my comp exactly at 11 last night, lol.
  21. It's probably just the power settings then. I work @ an internet cafe, so we don't have any ports closed in the firewall because... well..... there is no firewall, lol. Too much of a pain to manage firewalls when each comp needs to be able to join and host games. Also, to top it off, I am the only tech, so if there was a closed port, I woulda been the one to close it, lol. I mean, the owner could of closed it, but I think that is a bit beyond his capabilitys, and he knows I'd just open it back up again. But the short answer is yes, I can RDC 2 other comps on my network @ home, my room mate's laptop, and his desktop. I am the IT guy @ home, lol, so I manage all of his stuff as well.
  22. I doubt it's Firefox. I am using Opera right now, and with only 4 tabs I am at 188 megs in Mem Usage already.

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