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  1. Hi, take a look here: http://nlite.marcin-lisson.de/addons Best regards cool400
  2. Could you please post an example of what you did exactly?
  3. Hi you all, sorry for y my late reply! I've implemented the blocking for the annoying popup Maybe I will find a better way by replacing the avnotify.exe automatically with with a dummy, but by now it works with a registry-hack. Best regards cool400
  4. Thanks a lot - this is really smooth I would like to include this in my WPI-DVD, but how could I manage this? Is it possible to make an SFX like this: EDIT: hmmm...doesn't seem to work Maybe something's wrong with the path ".\install.inf" at the "rundll32.exe"-command? Best regards cool400
  5. Direct-link doesn't work, use this instead: http://www.kifoth.de/jane/html/home.html Regards cool400
  6. I already had this in my WINNT.SIF: [Networking] InstallDefaultComponents="Yes" [Identification] JoinWorkgroup="ARBEITSGRUPPE" But I still get this screen: Any ideas? Best regards Mischa
  7. Thanks for your reply! My (german) workgroup is named "ARBEITSGRUPPE" - should I use this name instead of "MSHOME"? And does anyone know if there's a way to tell nLite to change the WINNT.SIF that way instead of doing this myself? Best regards cool400
  8. For me it's the same, but I want to be asked every time before Windows installs - this way I can choose the partition(-size). But wait: if I think about my last installs, I always partitioned my HDD before with Paragon Hard-Disk-Manager. And I never installed Windows on another drive as C: So, if there's a way to circumvent this step and let XP be always installed on an existing drive C: I would maybe use it too But I've got another "problem": while my nLited Windows XP installs, anytime at T-39 (or so, it's a the network-screen) I'm asked about the computer-name and the domain (so it has to
  9. Hi Stoner, I recommend that you simply replace your old WINNTBBU.DL_ in your nLite-Source-Folder (the file must be located under "I386") with the one you built yourself! To get the DL_-file from the DLL-file simply open the command-prompt in the folder, where your custom-made WINNTBBU.DLL is located and type "makecab WINNTBU.DLL" (edited, accidently I wrote a wrong command!). Right after the command finished you will find your compressed WINNTBBU.DL_ which you can use like described above. Best regards cool400
  10. @Jygoro,Acheron I don't know if %InnoSetupPath% is read from the registry - but I had the same problem that only the first part of a path containing spaces was read. This is the solution (replace registry-paths with the right ones for Inno): FOR /F "SKIP=2 USEBACKQ TOKENS=3" %%i IN (`REG QUERY "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings" /v ProxyEnable`) DO SET InnoSetupPath=%%i Best regards cool400
  11. Could anyone confirm that I've used the right syntax? ;!@Install@!UTF-8! GUIMode="2" RunProgram="\"%%T\\basic\\setup.exe\" /inf=\"%%T\\setup.inf\"" RunProgram="hidcon:cmd /c \"reg add \"HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Safer\CodeIdentifiers\0\Paths\{0e9e68b9-1b29-48f9-8b44-881f89903609}\" /v Description /t REG_SZ /d \"Start des Antivir-Notifiers unterbinden\" /f\"" RunProgram="hidcon:cmd /c \"reg add \"HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Safer\CodeIdentifiers\0\Paths\{0e9e68b9-1b29-48f9-8b44-881f89903609}\" /v SaferFlags /t REG_DWORD /d 00000000 /f\"" RunProgram="hidcon:cmd /c \"
  12. Hi folks, I've made another little tiny script (like used by my Antivir8-AOM) for the Bullzip PDFPrinter, which seems to be a good alternative for the also free available PDFCreator as some people said, it has better results in quality and size of the produced PDFs! What does the script do? First it asks if you would like to create only a 7Zip-SFX-archive (for the use with WPI, Xplode or simply silent-installation) or an nLite-/RyanVM-addon. Then it downloads two little TXT-files from my server including the always up-to-date URLs for downloading Bullzip PDFPrinter and Ghostscript (needed for
  13. Hi zLord, have you already seen this instruction? Take a look at the "$OEM$"-part, there you will find a download-link (the first one) - simply follw the instructions...and here you go! Best regards cool400
  14. @radix,benners Before I open a new thread I would like to ask you something. I really like the idea to modify Inno-setups to fit my needs, e.g. turning off assistants and deleting shortcuts etc. But now I found a really difficult setup, that seems to be impossible for me to be modified: Agnitum Outpost Security Suite PRO 2008! I've extracted the setup with innounp 0.23+ (see above) and got the setup-script and a lot of files in different folders. To make a long story short: even without changing anything in the ISS-file I get several errors when (re-)compiling the script about not existing fil
  15. @johndoe74 Thanks for your addon! As I already have asked in another thread: is it possible to have a look "over your shoulder" to see, how you are building your addons? I mean, which (AutoIt-)scripts you are using and which method and comments for SFXing the files into one EXE-file. Knowing this I may be able to modify your addons to fit my needs, e.g. changing the language to German or changing paths etc. Best regards cool400
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