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  1. Yes, I have seen it many time from one year ago due to my home lab. I have configured it for many times, every time it will cause a new problem. I have tried diffierent methods but any of them will return the same code. Anyway, I caputred my network traffic using wireshark hope it can be useful! Thank you in advance.Network Traffic.pcapng
  2. I have tested two versions of the Proxy, but none of them can success. I have used v1.5 on my client to test your website, and it can access howsmyssl. When I use v1.3a, it returns me SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED. Interesting.
  3. My copy of Windows XP is activited and the time is correct. Differnet proxies show me the same result. All the information shows that "The remote host forced an existing connection to close".
  4. Hello everyone and happy new year! Now I have transfer my Windows XP VM to Hyper-V, but MU and U don't work. I have intalled all the necessary updates and replaced waueng.dll. After I reinstalled all the programs on the client and server, it didin't work either. It returns me 0x80072F78. What should I do? (Firewall method have been tested)
  5. OK....I mean could you please send me the files again? I'm afraid there is some errors in my files...
  6. It seems that you can use v5 under higher Windows version with Golden Browser,it was tested and worked fine by WinFX. But you can also try IE with activex installed,somebody run it even on Windows 11!
  7. I have edited this,but it still don't work. I think there maybe some files error in the root of the website. Could you plelase send me the newest v4 site files?
  8. Now I have already solved the problem,but it still returns 500.
  9. Yes, it's very unusual. But in WinFX's video,he used Windows Server 2008,which is the last version Windows Server Editions support x86 systems.From Windows Server 2008 R2(in my case),they only support x64 systems. Although they "compatible" with x86 software,fastdo.dll maybe too old that it can't be used in a newer platform?
  10. I can't register fastdo.dll in Windows Server 2008 R2 same as Ryujin9168
  11. Hello WULover! I'm back! So what's the problem with the files?
  12. I'm sorry but it's too late in China. I have go to sleep.Maybe I will solve this problem tomorrow.
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