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  1. Visual Studio 2005 Express was just released, and now Microsoft is giving it away free. The download links will last 1 year, but the software can be used till the last of your days. There are no limitations. 100% Free & Legal MSDN Post Visual Studio 2005 Express homepage Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Visual Basic 2005 Express Visual C# 2005 Express Visual C++ 2005 Express Visual J# 2005 Express SQL 2005 Server DL CD Image Downloads
  2. hmm... intel inside... id*** outside... wonder who you are lol j/k first off... isnt that distrubution of warez... also... i dont think it has been released just yet
  3. no... thats not the problem... that was my question.. the problem is regarding the display property's advance window...
  4. hey guys... just ran over this problem... apparently the icons are compressed for the moniter, adapter, & troubleshoot tabs... everything else looks fine... by the way... does anybody know what the file name for the regular logon screen is (the one that requires Ctrl+Alt+Del to get in)?
  5. lol... i just bought one of the items that are listed... NEC 3540A
  6. thats freaking amazing... can you post a screenshot? and some proof that it is on win2k? plz?
  7. some_guy


    i don't know why, but my ie7 just broke after applying xpize... it reverted back to 6.0 and i had problems using windows explorer... i was fortunate enough that i could uninstall ie7 and i did... p.s. you should start trying to use the ie7 icons from now on... just a suggestion.
  8. some_guy

    XPize 4.0 MCE RC

    ok, nice boot screen.. had to do a little detour...
  9. some_guy

    XPize 4.0 MCE RC

    ummm... i don't seem to have a boot.ini after boot.bmp... can somebody post how the data should work, or post their boot.ini here?
  10. some_guy

    XPize 4.0 MCE RC

    nice pack... one question... i installed w/ boot screen, but when i rebooted, i still have the standart sp2 bootscreen... is that right?
  11. Compaq and HP are the same company now...
  12. well xpero did give an answer to something like this... XPize makes a computer look XP. somebody before asked if xpize was going to have longhorn icons packaged up, but that was the answer so, long story short... NO
  13. one thing i want to know... are you supposed to get the Please Wait..... screen after the boot screen on first boot after installing XPize? the screen itself looks like the regular xp install screen/windows post install, just without all the words, just a please wait..... at the top...
  14. don't see any problems yet! great job xpero!
  15. 1024x768... yes make it multi resolution friendly... EDIT: Nice! not that many frames now... very professional looking!

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