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  1. already download it and install it. but still the same. its take around 3-4 minutes to load window. running process only 30 process. is it software problem or hardware problem?
  2. compare to nothing. it just taking too long to load any program. for example....i open winamp program...then open office word....then open web browser....its really taking too long to load each one of them. i dont know how to reinstall the SATA/PATA controllers? and how to recognize is it PATA and does it use it's own channel? could u help me on that ?
  3. hi everyone. hope someone could help with my slow pc. this is my specs: - Window XP Professional SP2. - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13GHz. - Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-945P-S3. LGA775. - RAM Corsair 667 (DDR II 512MBx2) Dual Layer. - Harddisk Maxtor 160GB. - power supply 400 Watt with 20 pin. the problems are: - slow loading on startup. - take more times when installing program. - shortly describe is its take too long to loading and installing any application. could anyone help me on this? its really give me hard time when doing some work n programming something. one more thing...my startup show me only 30-35 process when i check on task manager>processes.. i already makes some standard tweaks to increase the performance. still doesn't work. is my hardware problem or my window installation problem? thanks in advance
  4. hi guys...is there any url or site that provide Flash MX tutorial. like to learn Flash.... thanks in advance..
  5. hi guys... need help on this. i've set my modem to a router. there is more than pc...1 is mine..other r my brothers. i need help on setting its ip so that i n my brothers can access internet. its like LAN. bit just in my room. with a couple of pc's. hope u all understand what i'm trying to tell. sorry for my poor english. thanks in advance........
  6. i would like to make a search bar in my page. when user key in some input for searching something...its connect to my database then its shows what they want to search. i'm using dreamweaver mx 2004. this page will display samo data that related to user search. help on this... thanks in advance...
  7. here's the problem. i've create an upload page(upload.htm) to upload files into Uploads folder. then i also create page that automatically list all the files that i've upload into Uploads folder(list.asp). its works fine. the probelem is...when i click on the file name its return HTTP 404 - File not found. i'm trying to make user that surf my web can download the files. need help on this... thanks in advance...
  8. need help on how to show files in folder of my web. i wish to show list of files in Upload folder. its directory-->www.myweb.com/my_folder/Upload/ i've store some files in Upload folder. user who come to my site can see list of file in that folder and can download it. help on this..... thanks in advance
  9. i've problem in create download page in asp. i use vbscript. the problem is...how can i upload files such as movie to my site by using upload page(upload.asp/upload.htm)? and more....user can download files that i'd upload? what do i need to make it works. need help on this. if it doesn't bother u....send me example for upload in asp n vbscript. thanks in advance.....
  10. can file in aps(some_file.asp) running in apache? i've try to run that in apache...however...its doesn't run as i want it. its pop up new window asking for open..save..cancel. thanks in advance.
  11. beside phpexpert...is there any else? how do get this phpexpert?
  12. i've install apache 1.3.31....php 5.0.0....mysql 4.0.20d in my pc. i also install dreamweaver mx 2004. can i use dreamweaver for creating php file? i've already download n install php extension for dreamweaver. is there any program...word processor or text editor that specifically for create php? one more thing...about mysql. when i try to set the root password..it return false. however when i use this command --> c:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin -u root password (my password) <-- it working. but when i use this one --> c:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin -u root -h (my_host_name) password (my_password) <-- its doesnt works. something error with host name. how do i find this "my_host_name" ? for information...i use book n also surf internet. the book i use is "PHP and MySQL Web Development" 3'rd edition by Luke Welling n Laura Thomson. its also include those software that i've mention above (apache,mysql,php). hope for advise here.
  13. thanks guy. but i don't have any cd windows 2000. with erd commander..as far as i know...it needs cd windows 2000. have any idea??? @un4given1...i've try url that u gave...its doesn't help much. its cannot find FAT if i'm not mistaken. how ever...thanks klasika,scankurban n un4given1 for ur help.
  14. can't log in to windows 2000. need help on how to reset/recover password login. i really forgot the password. thanks in advance....

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