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  1. And you can visit http://www.internetsoftreview.com/blockers...whole_table.php And check results by youself. AdMuncher - isn't better.
  2. Couse it has multiple unique features and not just cut ads and pop up but can simplify and ease web serfing. Advertising? May be. But when to example you like movie "matrix" you will try to tell about this movie to other people. May be this movie will be their favorite to. :)
  3. AdsCleaner – it is the best ad blocker and pop up blocker Effective ad stopping, vary of unique features and chip price – this is the main reason for using AdsCleaner. Try it and you will not be disappointed! Internet without advertising. Fast and convenient. Today AdsCleaner is one of the best ads blockers in the Internet. Without any additional settings whatsoever it blocks the loading of banners, unnecessary pop-up windows and graphics from other domains. In addition to blocking banners by a URL black-list, AdsCleaner also blocks banners of specified dimensions, including not only standard size banners, but any other size specified by the user. While saving the user from advertising, the application either cuts the banner and displays the page in a more compact way and in a more convenient format for viewing, or replaces the banner with a text block, displaying the page ‘as is’, but without the advertising. In addition, AdsCleaner blocks pop-up windows as well. It should be noted, that AdsCleaner can visualize links, which makes it possible to avoid re-visiting the same resources. Besides, the application creates a visiting card of the page with its description, rating and even a ‘picture’ that will appear when you hover the mouse cursor over the URL. As a bonus, AdsCleaner supports loading of multiple pages with a single click, managing open Internet Explorer windows, translating Web pages into various languages and voicing them.
  4. I think the best browser is [url="http://www.offliner.com"]iNetAdviser[/url]. Do you know about this one? Unique fetures and IE based engine - all you want. Multitabs, quick groups, link highlighs, commets, detecting domail links, ads and pop-up blocking, stable work and even reminder - all in one. Try it and you'll never ever think about Fox and Opera. It's really professional tool for web serfing. look here: www.offliner.com

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