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  1. i have gigabyte and iintel 3.0 GHz when i shut down the computer, and after the power goes of from the computer there is still a light on optical mouse and sometime on keyboard too and the network cable is still working the computer is off and there is no Hdd rotation
  2. Yea i made a complete Change i ll write the Changes on AhmadBondk News
  3. the site looks ok But need some more work some nice colors and graphic and try decrise the height of iframe of the top page GOOD WORK
  4. Final the website is online again After this Month is gone Thanks a lot for the support
  5. OK THAT IT I HAVE MOVED TO NEW PLACE BETTER AMLEGYPT made for hardware prices in egypt is one of my website
  6. i would like to have one name: amlegypt thanx alot
  7. I m LAN running a network contain 2 Computer and I need to get a Good, Free, and nice interference LAN Messenger (more likely to be like MSN) I have did some search and found the following applications and I have try some of them (Well some dose have a great looking with problem) Now we want to chat??? Well First I have tried 1. LAN Spirit http://www.lanspirit.com/ 2. LAN Message Pro http://www.dimaware.com/ 3. WIN Messenger http://www.winmessenger.com/ 4. POP Messenger 5. Softros LAN Messenger 6. LAN Talk XP 7. G-Messenger
  8. Even Doing that is no Fun anyway Coz u going to see a black Screen
  9. Try Check the customization at my forums if you like AMLEgypt Forums: http://forums.amlegypt.com
  10. Nice Site and nice skin in the front page
  11. Is there a way we can FIX the forum Got error when updating it to the last version People HELP
  12. HAPPY NEWS - No more pop up - short name amlegypt.com - fast access and the domain is now mine go there and registe on the forum and more is coming
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