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  1. Nice idea my friend. Like IE7 low rights. Any proff that it does give you low rights?
  2. Yeah I relise but it's not like every single poll is in this forum. Plus this should be pinned in the software forum, because it like best AV, or best firewall, this is best ripping software. You get me?
  3. It has been proven online, theres I guide somewhere that shows this. Also a topic on this forum that also shows this. Do a search you should be able to find it. I even noticed the speed decrease. Since my PC old.
  4. Good program but not what I was looking for. But I managed to do it my self, using search in regedit. Weird because I typed the same thing as last time, but I didn't find it. Well here is the key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/Applications/ Delete anything in that key and it will remove from open with.
  5. If only it improved performance, instead of decreasing it!
  6. Noo. This open-with box is the same with any file. Right-Click any file, Choose Program. It will be under Other Programs.
  7. Firefox. I'd hate to burst your bubble but we already have a poll for this: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=37347.
  8. Dont think it will, but if it does you never know I just might.
  9. Never heard of um mate. Well I have, but dont use dem.
  10. Mine is WMP10. Should this not be in the software forum?
  11. If it doesn't work with Firefox not many people are intrested. So that is why there are not many posts in this topic. I don' even know why it is pinned.
  12. I used the latest version KAV but it messed my computer up; it kept on restarting automatically. So I removed it and that olved the problem. The one thing I hate about it is that it cannot update it version, like NAV. Which is a shame.
  13. I hate software Firewalls but have to use them since I have no NAT. If I had one I woud have much more resources and CPU.
  14. I heard that Limewire is really good, but I can't test t since it relies on Java. And I hate Java so I removed it.
  15. I just used my knowledge, TopStyle Pro, Notepad, and WordPress. The site should load fast seeing that it is XHTML with CSS optimized. Thanks for your comments!
  16. I delted the entry from the registry but it came back. Any Ideas? This is the open-with list. Where it lists the programmes that be used to open the file.
  17. This is my new site and it will be running for 6 months on a trial you see. My Site sonusingh.co.uk My Blog sonusingh.co.uk/blog/ My site has a few bhangra tracks. Hope you like it. Blog powered by WordPress! You can also visit my old site: http://sonusingh27.tripod.com/. This will not be gone in 6 months. Check it out and tell me what you think. Thanks.
  18. Is there a way of clearing the open with list in winxp home? I need to know. Thanks!
  19. Like I said I can't download it; slow internet speed. Need the free cds and I have only found one Ubuntu and have got them now. But it is not that good. Great Live CD. Any other free CD senders to the uk?
  20. I tried out Ubuntu Linux on the Live CD. Has no dvd, mp3/wma player. No competetion for Windows XP. But still good. Has anyone tried out Fedora Core 4?
  21. Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta1. Also OneCare coming out, that should be good, should have AntiSpyware in it.
  22. I swear that looks like a fake.

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