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  1. @Destro and @TechnoRelic - I like both of your suggestions. (But don't forget we need a name for MailNews too, even though it isn't a browser.) But Moonchild might think of "Wolf Moon" the same way @roytam1 thought of "Royfox;" it would be best if he's OK with whatever names we choose. I can't see Moonchild or @Matt A. Tobin having objections to "celestial" names in general; after all, the latter suggested Neptune as a name. And I think it's OK to acknowledge the Pale Moon heritage of whatever we end up calling New Moon, as long as it's not so similar that folks might think MCP created these. @TechnoRelic's names seem to me to be in the "sweet spot" where the names are different enough (especially with the RFox prefix) to avoid confusion but still subtly give credit to the original works.
  2. Glad you hear you got it working again. It was a rough few weeks, I'm sure - and right around the holidays too.
  3. The latter pref is the one you need for general browsing, and it is supported in current browser versions. (AIUI the "chrome" pref is for the JS in add-ons and such.) Sadly, setting this false results in a significantly slower browsing experience here at MSFN. Even this results in a painful performance penalty on my home PC (not the best, but it is a 64-bit dual-core AMD, so it shouldn't be that horrible). So I think using @roytam1's latest versions (if you can use them), and leaving these prefs at their default, is the best choice.
  4. So, taking off those "deny" permissions fixed it. I guess from now until Office 2010 EoS, I'll need to delete the Excel.Sheet.12\shell key and re-import my custom changes after each month's updates. The only thing I can't figure is why a "security update" even bothers resetting those registry entries. Maybe it just runs "Repair Office Installation" under the covers after it replaces the files included in the update.
  5. Found it! I actually have two Excel versions on my VM: Excel 2000 and Excel 2010. Because I want .xls files to open in 2000 and .xlsx files to open in 2010, I altered the shell registry entries for both. Otherwise double-clicking a spreadsheet file tries to use DDE, which tries to open the sheet in whichever version is open. Obviously, if 2000 is open and I double-click an .xlsx file, that fails miserably. But I've been having a problem: something keeps going in and resetting all my shell registry entries, forcing me to fix them over and over. So I went into regedit and revoked permission to change these entries. And guess what? It's these monthly "security" updates that have been resetting my shell registry entries! And now that it's not allowed to do that any more, the update fails to install.
  6. Presumably not, but I do have Excel 2010 installed I'll try downloading it and installing it manually, I guess
  7. My copy of Office 2010 has graph.exe, although I confess I have no clue what it does! KB4484236 installed the fixed graph.exe just fine, but for some reason KB4484243 didn't install on my system.
  8. @msfntor: Session Tickets exist for performance, not for security. If enabled, they avoid renegotiating TLS for every HTML download from a given server. But it was recently discovered that they can be abused for tracking you. Thus Pale Moon (and thence New Moon) have them disabled by default. If you want to enable them, you'll have to toggle pref security.ssl.disable_session_identifiers to false in about:config. But you'll make it a little easier for the Goog to track you online.
  9. I wouldn't hold my breath for FF 57 for XP (it's Quantum), but FF 56 might be possible. He has to figure out how to deal with the Rust framework on XP, which ain't easy, but he has made some progress....
  10. I don't remember seeing that but I like it too, particularly for @roytam1's SSE version of FF 45 ESR. It concisely says exactly what it is. But for the present let's try to stay focused on MCP's forks, New Moon and Serpent, and MAT's forks, Borealis and Interlink. Those are the ones that keep causing us grief. Edit: Attaching @siria's logo. Looks like it might be a natural for Draconis, or whatever we end up calling Serpent (if we stick with the serpent theme, that is).
  11. This is what @Matt A. Tobin said when he suggested the code names he used: So yes; those "in the know" might get that Freestyle, e.g., is the media-focused browser of the bunch. But we don't have to use those particular names; they just comprise a theme for those "in the know." True, I didn't know those code names either until @Matt A. Tobin suggested them. But no one needs to understand the theme to use the names! If you open it up to all M$ code names (not just XP versions), you have some better choices IMO. For New Moon, Triton is an obvious choice (it's a moon, after all); Aurora is the obvious choice for Borealis. The artwork to use for both is obvious too. We could reuse Whistler (and the artwork @Matt A. Tobin et al. came up with for that name) for Interlink, and stick with Freestyle and Moebius for Serpent 52 and 55, respectively. First, folks were complaining about the lack of choices. But now, a poll would probably look something like this:
  12. I doubt the OS version has much to do with it as long as it'll run ffmpeg, handbrake, or whatever. What you really need (especially if you're transcoding and not just remuxing) is a fast CPU with lots of RAM. Which work machines are more likely to have than home ones....
  13. I feel your pain. Way back on page 3 of this thread, there's a batch file that I wrote, which will download either of those browsers for you, ask you if you want to download & install LAV filters for h.264 video support, and if you press Y, will download & install the correct file for you! You can rerun it every time there's a new FF 45 and/or Arctic Fox version to download. The browsers will be unpacked into directories firefox-45 and arcticfox-27, so point your shortcuts there. (If they exist, your previous directories will be renamed to firefox-45-old and arcticfox-27-old first, so you can go back to them if the new versions don't work right.)
  14. Apologies for not hanging around as much lately. (I've been busy playing with my new holiday toys!) I was afraid that would happen when I posted the suggestions gathered from the old thread. But if it makes you feel better, the suggestions do seem both fewer and more focused this time around. Probably because we're now branding an entire line of browsers, not just New Moon (or even New Moon & Serpent, since Navigator and MailNews are now included as well). We also seem to have settled on a "variations on a theme" model: an overall theme to bind the entire line together: RFox, Salto, Surf(er), *is, Windows code names, whatever; with a suffix or second name, Latinized root (i.e., @LoneCrusader's original Lunaris/Draconis suggestion), etc. to distinguish them. So I think we've made some progress, despite the low signal/noise ratio. The only clear guidance I remember getting from @roytam1 is that he considers these multiplatform browsers, not specifically Windows XP (or even Windows overall) browsers. They're intended to run on anything from XP thro(ugh) 10, and are buildable for Linux too. That said, Windows code names (Whistler, Lonestar, etc.) are probably fine; I'd just avoid obvious references to Windows in names or logos.
  15. Works fine with Win 7 IE 11 for me. SSLLabs.com says the site requires TLS 1.2, so make sure that's enabled in Internet Options. Edit: Comparing my SSLLabs results with @VistaLover's, it appears the web site has added an SHA-1 cipher since last month, which lets IE 11 on Win 7 work once more. If that hadn't worked, I would have noted that ProxHTTPSProxyMII works on Win 7 as it does on XP.
  16. Update: WMC's EPG didn't even make it to midnight. It cut off at 6 PM Central today, so I made the jump to EPG123 and Schedules Direct. So far so good. I'm now on my 7-day free trial of SD; if everything's still going OK by this weekend, I'll sign up for an SD subscription. The only annoying thing was that when I set it up, it had WMC do its channel scan before setting up the guide. And since WMC won't auto-scan VHF channels, I had to add those all manually. Luckily, there aren't many VHF channels in Dallas at the moment (really only one important one: WFAA/8 with four subchannels; the other three are all shopping/infomercials/religious), so that wasn't too bad.
  17. I suppose I could try yet again from another PC, but registering for that site is just a ridiculous amount of trouble for a hack that does little but save me from going to the M$ Update Catalog once a month. They even seemed to not like my passwords because they were too random! Besides, I'm sure this forum will soon have its own @Bersaglio who posts links to the new updates every Patch Tuesday.
  18. That's interesting, but.... GHacks didn't publish the hack; you have to get it from the My Digital Life forum. OK.... You have to register at mydigitallife.net to get to the hack. That's still not so bad, but Mydigitallife.net bans all popular "masked" email domains. Sounds to me like they want to spam you (or sell your email address to someone who will), and they don't want to make it too easy for you to block their emails. They also require your birth date (including year) to sign up. I suppose I could lie about that one.... Just to make things that much more annoying, they use a Google reCAPTCHA too.... Geez. I suppose I could create a new gmail account, use it to sign up, retrieve the hack, then delete the account, but what a hassle. Instead, I'm gonna use my wife's gmail account; she gets plenty of spam already. Aaand, after all that, apparently they didn't like the handle I was gonna use. ("Mathwiz" was taken.) Even after successfully completing the reCAPTCHA, twice, their #$%^@ system still thought I was a spambot and blocked my IP address! Ironic they're so paranoid about spam they don't even trust a reCAPTCHA to weed out the bots, but they won't let you use a masked email. Kind of a double standard, I'd say! So, it's up to the rest of you.
  19. (Yes, @LoneCrusader suggested names, and even @Matt A. Tobin liked them!) A few more suggestions were made starting here:
  20. Not sure. But, it's likely that pretending to be FF 68 causes YouTube to use CSS, JavaScript, or something else that was written for post-Quantum versions of Firefox, but that Serpent doesn't understand. Instagram has a similar problem. Maybe, but it could also be due to a change in Serpent, which used to report version 60.9; now it reports version 68.9. Github often sends code that Serpent can't handle, unless you use one of a few specific user agent strings. FF 60.9 works (or at least, it used to); so does the "native" Basilisk/Serpent user agent. But FF 68.9 apparently does not. BTW, a better approach than turning off FF compatibility mode completely is to create a SSUAO just for GitHub. That will fix GitHub without breaking other sites.
  21. Arctic Fox is very similar to New Moon 27. But at present @roytam1 only has an SSE2 build available. New Moon 27 has an SSE-only build. MyPal is very similar to New Moon 28. Both require SSE2. So if you're looking for a browser for an SSE-only PC, I'd look at either New Moon 27, @roytam1's Firefox 45 build, or perhaps his SSErpent 52 build (that last one is still experimental though).
  22. @msfntor I would expect Arctic Fox to require the same LAV video .dll's as NM 27 for video playback to work. (IIRC there's a FAQ in post 1 of this thread with the links to these .dll's.) But I haven't confirmed if they work with Arctic Fox myself. It wasn't clear whether that was addressed to the OP or to me. So just to clarify, I don't have uBO or uBO Updater installed in FF 45 at all. I only use FF 45 for testing, so I've kept the installation as "clean" as I can. I do have both extensions installed in Serpent 55, probably from GitHub (I know I got uBO itself from there), and both auto-updated fine. But it's certainly possible the OP installed uBO Updater from APO (I of course don't know). If the version on APO differs from the one on GitHub (I'm too lazy to download them and check), that could indeed explain its failure to auto-update on his system. That aside, what I think you're saying is that uBO Updater redirects update requests to GitHub not only for uBO, but also for itself. Which makes sense now that you mention it. Interestingly, uBO Updater not only auto-updated my uBO installation on Dec. 16, but also auto-updated itself on Dec. 18, presumably after GitHub made the changes that required the fix to uBO Updater in the first place. So now that I know the backstory, I'm rather surprised it auto-updated for me or anyone. (But I'm not complaining!)
  23. I suppose I should ask how you feel about RoyFox (perhaps with variations as @Mcinwwl suggested). I know you'd rather we not rebrand at all, but if it happens, we still want your opinion on what the new branding should be. I'll give mine: I like "Moebius" for Serpent 55. I've been labeling my Serpent 55 icons "Moebius" long before @Matt A. Tobin suggested using the name. The others, I don't have particularly strong feelings about. We could use all, some, or none of his suggested names. (Although if we go with Whistler, his suggested replacement for New Moon, we do already have a rather nice logo for it.) AIUI the name New Moon is a placeholder name built into the Pale Moon source repo and is automatically given to any unofficial builds of Pale Moon; it's not something @roytam1 came up with on his own (if it were we wouldn't be having this discussion in the first place). I think there's some confusion here. All of the browsers under discussion target Windows XP and up. There aren't different browsers for different Windows versions. AFAIK none of these run on unmodified Win 2000. (With KernelEx, some may work; I don't know.) That said, I do like your idea of using a "base" name like RoyFox with a "modifier," which could be @Matt A. Tobin's suggested names. So RoyFox Whistler would be @roytam1's Pale Moon fork, RoyFox Neptune would be his Borealis fork, etc.
  24. If you delve back into the original 200-page thread, you'll find plenty of suggestions for new names. None caught on, probably because we soon had far too many to choose from! I tried to avoid that this time, figuring @Matt A. Tobin's suggested names were good enough and I didn't want to start another avalanche of name suggestions So far the leading alternative suggestion seems to be RoyFox and variations thereon. Which would also be fine by me. ================ Well yes, but I think the immediate concern is rebranding New Moon, Serpent, Navigator, and Interlink (mail/news). The others (FF 45 SSE, Arctic Fox, K-Meleon) can remain as they are for now. So maybe four polls (five if you consider Serpent 52 and 55 separate).

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