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  1. The web is anything but innovative. Once one site comes up with an idea, the rest follow like sheep and copy it. How is it innovative when all sites look and feel the same?

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    2. Tommy


      One thing that's just a bit of an annoyance to me and it has to do with Invision Power Board. Just because YouTube/Google went to a letter based avatar system in absence of your own custom avatar, it will just use the first letter of your username. Please tell me WHY IPB had to copy that idea??

    3. Tommy


      @jaclaz, I couldn't view that website at work but I took a look at it just now and that's exactly what I'm talking about! Sure, it's not "pretty" and "fancy", but it definitely gets the point across, right?? And I bet even a 28.8kbps connection could load that up pretty fast.

    4. askey


      With big companies quickly adapting and making changes.. how bad of a situation are we looking at when a new startup with a new idea for a socializing platform or anything else really for the web is to have their original idea be copied with the less effort and more heavily funded larger companies? Are we in a state of "there's no point to this anymore"? I haven't been watching this scene of developments on the web but from what I hear from people it's a kind of reality we now live in- to an extent perhaps...