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  1. Also, depending on the specific revision of the WRT54G, you may want to look into replacing the firmware with something like Tomato which offers better performance.
  2. I do not have any invalid or disabled adapters that are showing in the dialog. My Local Area Connection is first.
  3. I have the following warning in my Active Directory server that I can't seem to shake. Seems the internet is completely dry on this one. Anyone have any ideas? DNS: Valid network interfaces should precede invalid interfaces in the binding order
  4. I also use that exact enclosure with a WD6401AALS and have no issues with it. I've also used both the eSATA and USB interface without issue as well.
  5. I'm not a large fan of EVGA, but ASUS did release the P6T7. Definately a tough call between the two though.
  6. I have just released version 2.50 of WUD. It is the continuation of the version 2.30 code base. Please let me know if you experience any issues with this build and let me know if anything that existed in 2.40 is missing from 2.50. Thank you.
  7. That's great, except that's not what he wants to do at all and sending down that road when it doesn't involve anything he's doing will simply add to confusion. That's pretty much it. If you're using DSL on the first network, for the purpose of this explanation, I'll assume you're using a router and that it's address is For each network card in the first network, assign a static IP address in the 192.168.1.x range, with a subnet mask of and use as the gateway. You can also use either as your DNS or something like and (OpenDNS). Now for each network card in the second network, assign a static IP address in the 192.168.2.x range, with a subnet mask of Leave the default gateway and DNS entries empty. Now, in the network connections folder on each computer, go to Advanced Settings in the menu (under Advanced). For the first network card, ensure that "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" and "Client for Microsoft Networks" are unchecked, then for the second network card, ensure that both of those options are checked. Also, use the up/down arrows next to the "Connections" list and move the first network card so it's above the second. This allows applications such as your webbrowser to check the internet before trying to search the 2nd network.
  8. That is true, but we can't always assume that people will always buy "new". I find it's quite frequent that people will ask friends before buying new and, often, friends tend to have "old" stuff laying around.
  9. @g-force : Umm, subnetting has nothing to do with what he wants. Please take the time to "read" the question properly before answering. @sober_pollock : The question is... to DHCP or not to DHCP? In other words, is there going to be a router on each network? Also, what is the goal that you wish to accomplish by having a second network for file sharing?
  10. Quite so... signatures are a question of taste. For someone who finds signatures distracting, I'd say yours is awfully distracting and reminds me of advertising every time I see it.
  11. If memtest doesn't reveal any problems, try running Prime95 on one stick at a time.
  12. Why? ... Why would you take a modern operating system and want to revert back to an archaic navigation mode?
  13. To be clear, both a hub and a switch will work. A switch is prefered (and is not more expensive) as its performance is far superior to that of a hub. Both act as "network splitters" if you wish, however the difference between a switch could be compared as the difference between a highway interchange with no lights (fast and non-blocking) [switch] and say, a train roundhouse (slow and blocking) [Hub].
  14. I can, however, confirm that Windows 7 will allow exFat for ReadyBoost with no issues.
  15. Are you high? First of all, you may want to refresh yourself on what an operating system is supposed to be. The popularity of nLite and vLite demonstrates how sadly alone you are to complain that Windows 7 does not come with Windows Movie Maker. People would rather have the choice to install what they want then to have a bunch of bundled crap that they don't want and have to try to hack out. Anyway, what the hell are you complaining about? It's available as a FREE download! If you're too lazy to do a couple of mouse clicks to download and install it, maybe you should go use a one button Mac and forget about Windows. And on top of that, people complain that Microsoft's a monopoly and consistently sue them both in the USA and in in Europe and then complain when Microsoft gets their hands tied and can no longer include anything! You might want to take a shower and rinse the brown out of your eyes.
  16. @Maleko: Boot the computer with all devices plugged in and turned on. So that it lists : 1st - USB FreeAgent 500GB 2nd - USB FreeAgent 1000GB 3rd - SATA 500GB 4th - SATA 250GB 5th - ATAPI CDROM Enter the BIOS, make sure in Main => Storage Configuration that configure SATA as is set to RAID. If it is not, hit F10 to save the settings, reboot, re-enter the BIOS and confirm that it is saved correctly. Now, go into your boot devices and change it to : 1st - ATAPI CDROM 2nd - INTEL RAID 3rd - USB FreeAgent 500GB 4th - USB FreeAgent 1000GB 5th - SATA 500GB 6th - SATA 250GB Save it with F10, reboot and confirm that it's been saved as such. If after rebooting you have confirmed that the settings were correctly saved, NOW you can set your settings to: 1st - ATAPI CDROM 2nd - INTEL RAID 3rd - Disabled And that should work.
  17. That just takes the cake. That clearly demonstrates your level of ignorance.
  18. So they finally decided not to sue him. Go figure.
  19. Umm, not the same at all?
  20. Windows 7 is much faster. The memory footprint has been reduced, the prefetcher was completely rewritten, Windows 7 does an amazing job at caching and can be both nimble on a netbook as well as a performance beast on a good machine. Windows 7 and Vista use similar drivers but they are not the same. Vista was based on WDDM 1.0 and Windows 7 uses WDDM 1.1. Not to mention the fact that Windows 7 drivers can now be unloaded, updated and reloaded without rebooting. Other then sharing a common kernel and API set, they're completely different. Windows 7 was written as a modular componentized operating system which emphasis on performance every step of the way. You could read Engineering Windows 7 before posting such insipid replies.
  21. Try his drivers : http://digiex.net/drivers/164-creative-aud...s-daniel_k.html
  22. jcarle


    I got a bluescreen this morning when I did nothing! I took a picture to show you!
  23. Also do check this : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/818326/en-us
  24. Yes, it's nothing to do with me.I did some further inspection with Fiddler and discovered that this is SEO related. It's a bizarre combination of rewriting that's causing issues for IE it would seem. Using this thread as an example... The last post link points to /board/last-post-t137158-l.html which returns HTTP/1.1 302 Found Location: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=137158&pid=878858&st=0entry878858 In turn, /board/index.php?showtopic=137158&pid=878858&st=0entry878858 returns HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently Location: http://www.msfn.org/board/archive-windows-98-forums-permanently-t137158-pid-878858.html Now, following /board/archive-windows-98-forums-permanently-t137158-pid-878858.html finally yields HTTP/1.1 200 OK Ironically, if I paste /board/index.php?showtopic=137158&pid=878858&st=0entry878858 directly into the address bar, it'll work as expected. So something with the initial 302 is causing the failure. I'm also sort of confused as to why there's a double redirection going on.

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