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  1. Here you go try following this http://techbungalow.com/2011/setting-up-a-simple-server-2008-virtual-private-network-vpn/
  2. The VM's will be on a separate ssd not on the array
  3. Thanks for your response it has been very useful In terms of what we are using it for, we are converting Oracle Databases to SQL Server which is done via a process of copying out the data from the Oracle Server into raw data files and then import them into SQL Server with the same tool.We will have 2 VM's running on this machine to host the 2 databases via VMWare Workstation. The VM's will be hosted on a single 128GB SSD which we already have.
  4. This is quite an interesting little project for me as I need to build a very high I/O machine on the cheap.. Therefore a nice HP DL380 with 16 x 15k disks is out of the question. My proposal is attached and its based on 8 x 120GB SSD's but my problem is which RAID card to get to handle 8 SSD's in RAID10 without being the bottleneck. Any suggestions for a better RAID Card would be appreciated
  5. I am assuming that Server 2008 R2 doesn't support that model with CnQ.. you could see if there is a driver but I very much doubt it.
  6. Since you asked this question I decided to setup a VPN server for myself as my work have recently locked down Internet Access so I use this as a workaround at lunch.. I have posted a video on my blog regarding the setup and its very easy as I found out.. Setting up a VPN Server 2008 Hope it helps
  7. Just a thought as you think it network related There have been lots of issues with Windows 7 regarding network performance when TCP AutoTuning is enabled which I experienced at work. You can check your settings by running this command netsh interface tcp show global Also if you just want to test by disabling it run this netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled to set it back run this netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=normal Worth a try but you should reboot the server after making the change..
  8. I am not sure about Hyper-V but in ESX multiple VM Hosts can attach to a single iSCSI target which enables the ability to use HA and DRS. I believe iSCSI should be your aim as the packet size is optimised for large data transfer even before you include Jumbo Frames.
  9. Why don't you use RDP? All you have to do is port forward 3389 which any router will do nowadays.. Or you could just use something like Team Viewer or LetMeIn..
  10. Hello Everyone I haven't been on here for ages so have lost touch with unattended builds since creating my 2003 x64 ones. I am now looking to build a 2008 R2 unattended install disc but there now seem to be a few tools to do this.. Can anyone recommend which one to use.. I am happy to just hear personal preference.. Looking forward to your views
  11. This looks like a decent article that should get you going Printer Sharing
  12. Powerline Networking is fine when used with up to date electrics.. I found it very slow but very reliable in my house which is a Victorian Terrace with out of date electrics.. I now have a wired house and only use wireless for mobile phones and a little laptop my wife uses for browsing, I would not go back to powerline now.
  13. Hello People Can anyone recommend a sub £60 Graphics Card that does 1080p well with HDMI out for a Media PC? Cheers
  14. Its reflecting off the desk, use a non reflective mouse mat or for a much cheaper alternative a sheet of A4 paper
  15. I was wondering why Windows 2003 x64 was not supported? If there is anything we can do to help get this developed then let me know

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