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  1. Normally when clicking on the jump to last post links, the page scrolls to the newest post. [Likely due to the upgrade, ] it no longer works for me. I have already tried clearing my cache and cookies. I'm using Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7.
  2. The problem with vote banning is that it can quickly turn into a popularity contest.
  3. One thing I can't live without in my toolkit is this :
  4. If you want safe, secure and reliable, don't rely on the hardware. Even the best hardware can catastrophically fail. For true reliability, you need multiple copies of your data in different physical locations. I'd consider setting up an inexpensive home NAS and duplicating your data off-site either by means of media or an online backup service.
  5. I'd simply find somewhere else to go. No one says they can't. All that's being said is that this may no longer be the place for them to whine about it. That is my suggestion as there is a lot of valuable information that could still be used by the internet community at large.
  6. Sure, except that this isn't a public street. This is a privately owned and operated forum. So freedom of speech has nothing to do with it. This an enthusiast forum that was setup for enjoyment shared by a community of enthusiasts. The fact of the matter is that the situation has degraded and become unpleaseant for a lot of regular members. Not to mention forcing the forum moderators to become full time firefighters against the endless martyristic spam.
  7. As time progresses, its usefulness of the Windows 98 forums decreases being that the operating system is now over 10 years old. Those forums are no longer used for anything constructive and have simply been an battle field for never ending, repetitive flame wars. Sadly, as a generality, the source of many uncalled spamming and whining posts has also been from Windows 98 forum users. I believe that it is an appropriate time to consider permanently archiving and closing the Windows 98 forums.
  8. You still haven't explained your network configuration in proper detail. Do not expect any help until you do.
  9. They all have connections. Local Area Connection 2 and 3 are simply part of an unidentified network. Why are you using 4 adapters at the same time anyway?
  10. Depending on the parts he has, his video card or the amount of system memory could equally be responsible.
  11. Videotron already offers DOCSIS 3.0, which I'm currently on at 50Mbps.Regardless, I support the move to dissolve the CRTC.
  12. An easy way to remember... 0 = off, 1 = on. RAID 0 = mirroring off, RAID 1 = mirroring on.
  13. That is incorrect. RAID 0 is stripping. RAID 1 is mirroring. They are two totally different things.
  14. There is, however, a catastrophic bug with a certain release of Intel southbridge drivers that can, under the righ circumstances, cause chkdsk to behave as if it was leaking memory. But again, this is a driver issue, not a chkdsk issue.
  15. I'm not sure how you can deduce that. A quick search for HD Tach comparisons easily shows that's not the case.
  16. If you partition the rest of the drives, then the drive heads will leave the outer region of the platter and the overall effect will no longer be short stroked, hence giving up its advantage. Yes, very much so. But that's not why I short stroked, I just wanted the performance edge while SSD pricing drops. I do. Once I get a new router, I'll post pictures of my network setup including my Server 2008 R2 setup. Oh yea. "Good enough" is not part of my vocabulary.
  17. I agreed with CoffeeFiend. If you want secure "anything", forget about being online.
  18. Never disabled the page file, ever. It will "break" certain Windows internals, including performance counters that get used by other applications. For best performance, set your pagefile to a fixed size on a different physical drive then your system one.
  19. You need to run chkdsk with the /f switch, reboot and try again. If the file has a long filename and is nested in folders with long filenames where the total combined path exceeds 255 characters, you may also run into this issue. If this is your situation, simply rename parent folders to a short, one letter, name (which will reduce the path length) and try again.
  20. Por favor use el traductor de Inglés a Español encontrarse aquí : http://translate.google.com/translate_t#es|en
  21. I couldn't let myself be bested by a Texan now, could I?
  22. I recommend you simply replace your fan with an OEM equivalent that's offers slightly better cooling. This model is at a good price, offers better cooling then stock and uses the same push-pin clamping that the OEM cooler uses so you won't need to remove your motherboard to install it. If you want a four-pin fan, there's always this model. The fourth pin is for the PWM function which controls the fan speed automatically depending on the motherboard.

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