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  1. I had installed dotnet 3., 3.5, 3.5 sp1, 4 etc. in some update, it has already updated them all to 4.5 WUD is still showing update to dotnet 3.5.1 what is the purpose? wud should show the update only for 4.5 to me. (the problem is windows update also shows some 5 updates of donet 3.5.1). Thanks. -- Rawat
  2. vsrawat

    showing beta also

    In the lower options dropdown, I have selected "check for updates" (not "including beta") still, it is showing update as well beta update for two Adobe flash player, activex and plugin. It should not show "beta" there in pre release software. Thanks. - - Rawat
  3. I really couldn't understand how WUD is working. I installed it yesterday on w7-x64 desktop, and first I downloaded all crucial updates and installed them all using a batch script. my thoughts, step by step, are as follows - -- Maybe it can give an easier method to customize ULs. - it doesn't start when UL is not there. a message appears, we have to click on + that opens a site in browser in background and we don't even come to know. then we somehow locate a new page opened in browser and figure out what it is for, then we read various menu items and figure out to go to UL page and download U
  4. I downloaded entire some 260 MB of office 2010 SP1, but windows 7 doesn't let me update that. just aborts saying that this sp is not for your version of office. Anyway. so I am without SP1 on Office 2010 on windows 7 (both installations x86 and x64 dual boot pc). so, could you or anyone please give a UL for office 2010 that is "pre" SP1. Thanks. -- Rawat
  5. This extra item has been removed in the 12/13/2011 UL's. where I can find the updated list from which the said item has been removed? Thanks. -- Rawat
  6. does 1.3 GB download of WAIK needs to be installed for vlite? otherwise vlite will not run? what a foolishness really. Sad to download such senseless offering. developers must be having 3g-4g free connections. good bye. -- Rawat India
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