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  1. Hi Submix, You're right, I didn't noticed the date!!! I've used another apps in the mean time and it worked. I also have manually downloaded all the patches (through the IT mgr section) and I've also made a liste in Word format so I can use it to edit the new UL list. I'll try to make it this week-end and will post an update. Laurent
  2. I too tried nLite. It worked when I loade Win XP SP2 and added SP3 to it. Then I tried to integrate SP3 and the 115 fixes but I have a problem with the result. WIndows starts, but doesn't give me the option to creat a user right from the begining, it goes directly with the Administrator mode. I tried to remove some fixes and made several coasters so far That's why I'm trying WUD now but the UL list doesn't work (see my topic in the bug section).
  3. I just downloaded and installed the latest version of WUD and the latest UL list for Windows XP SP3 The main window shows 82 Critical Updates and 13 Important updates if I choose the English version. And the French version shows 64 Critical Updates, no Important updates and it shows the option for the service pack3 !!!! There's something wrong because I did a clean install on a computer with Windows XP sp3 French and Microsoft's updates shows 115 Critical Updates. That's almost the double as WUD. Also, why is it showing the option for the SP3?? If we've selected the UL list for Windows XP SP3 it means that we already have the SP3...

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