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  1. Would like to see XP(or God willing 2k) running on an XPS13 ... those skylake drivers may just do it... Looking forward to these updates
  2. Any new news here? This was/is a pretty hillarious thread...
  3. As always .. THANK YOU BWC! Chrome 31 is working fine.. I only hope the extensions stay supported for a while.. I also had to mess around with it to stop it from updating but I think I've got it now...
  4. Uber, This helped me today. I'm glad I'm not the only person with this problem!
  5. Is anyone else having the problem of chrome freezing after 1 minute on win2k? I used BWC's chrome2k 7.0 and no matter how I start chrome it freezes after 1 minute every time
  6. Thanks Nostalgic. Will check out RMClock
  7. Should I assume speedstep is being handled by win2k on a Dell D630? Should I disable it or is there a mysterious hidden Dell speedstep driver out there which I'm not aware of? Thanks as always for any help
  8. @blackwingcat Possibly from next year I will live in Japan. At that time I might try to find such a PC.. until then I might refit a d630 and underclock it..
  9. Thanks all for the replies. I was thinking of something that was released in the last year or 2. I have D630s which can run win2k flawlessly but they get hot/screens tend to die/can run loud. Basically any fanless laptop thats been released over the last few years will do .. I'll keep shopping around
  10. Curious if anyone has any recommendations on purchasing a cheap laptop around 8-11 inch or so which can run win2k. Looking for something under 200. Plenty of x86 Windows tablets out there but those are primarily Win8 only for obvious reasons
  11. I manually downloaded the upload agent myself... and could finally get "0x80245001" error message on the update page Oh well!
  12. This guide: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/158916-guide-to-installing-and-updating-windows-2000-professional/
  13. I used WUAv256.cmd to rebuild it recently. That's when I started having issues.
  14. ya blue, my binaries are garfed "not a valid win32 application" wtf
  15. Running through this guide again I'm getting the "WUA.exe is not a valid win32 application" message.
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