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  1. just got this today. it 's better than expected, the album rocks. hell of a comeback on their part.
  2. hmm, this sounds familar . i think i saw a article maybe a year ago that had something like this already in production they were trying it out in u.k. pubs. it still cool though
  3. ouch.. nailed boy is he lucky
  4. ****...actually i did something similar to a case like that before, i got p***ed of at it and threw it...i have abit of a temper... but the case had it coming actually did you see if it would boot?
  5. heres the trial download site Swish 3d hope it helps
  6. that's what you call the govt.
  7. hmmm, well can we say how old we feel
  8. yeah i'd like to see that too
  9. hey majetta chill will ya, ****
  10. cat lovers beware ford and cats
  11. PEBKAC = Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair
  12. i have a sony dscp30 and i think it's great, but i also like canon.
  13. well i like WD, Maxtor, but my recent favorite is Samsung Hard drives
  14. amazing, but somebody's got alot of free time
  15. well no never but i haved crashed a lindows machine...twice
  16. here's an oldie but a goody crash

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