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  1. I have a parallel port adapter connected to my PCMCIA (Cardbus) socket, and I have a device plugged in there which can light up in different colors, controlled by values sent to its I/O port (0xFEE8). Now, the reason I posted this in the software section as opposed to the hardware section is I'm looking for a program which can make the light blink when I get a new email. If anyone knows of software which can make it work as a general-purpose status indicator, such as indicating when the computer is locked, when the battery is low, etc. Please post if you know of anything like this!
  2. Hi! Does anyone know about a (preferably freeware) memory editor for Windows XP? I don't just mean one that edits the memory in a single program's context, but one that can edit the entire system's memory by installing a driver or something. Thanks in advance!
  3. I just realized it's only in the version that comes with Frontpage. Any ideas?
  4. Okay, so I installed Office XP, and I noticed that when I don't have the cursor on them my toolbar buttons look a bit lighter. Is there any way I can make it keep the normal shade? Thanks! By the way, if anyone knows any way to make the menus look like those in other applications (such as Paint or Wordpad) where the selection bar doesn't look transparent and raised above the menu, feel free to tell me that too!
  5. Okay, so I'm running Office 2000 Premium under Windows XP, and when I scroll through the menus or type in the name for a new object in Access, it just seems sluggish. Any ideas? By the way, this only happens in Access; other Office applications are fine.
  6. A while ago, I used Replacer.cmd to replace shell32.dll with a version with icons from Windows 95, since I just prefer the way that looks. However, just recently, Windows Update started putting it back to the Windows XP version. How do I stop Windows Update from modifying this file? It's really annoying needing to replace it again every time it changes. Please help me!
  7. The numbers do change, unless you happen to have picked solid black or solid white, in which case the brightness/luminosity will make the RGB values 0,0,0 or 255,255,255 regardless of hue and saturation. That's how color pickers work. As for alt-o, it's the hotkey for the Color|Solid box (swatch). Nothing hidden anywhere. No, it's the hotkey for that hidden button mentioned in the original post. The o may be underlined in there, but if you hack the window larger, clicking that button will have the same effect as pressing Alt+O.
  8. Is there any way to make it so the screen saver will only start when the system is locked? I know there's a feature to lock the system when the screen saver exits, but is there any way to only make the screen saver start if the computer is already locked?
  9. Enter the color picker dialog (open Paint, double-click color at bottom) Click "Define Custom Colors" Select a color in the right half of the dialog Watch the little black cross/cursor/whatever Press Alt+O After following these steps, you should see the cursor move a little, and the numbers in Hue/Saturation/Lightness may change. The RGB values, however, won't change. Wonder what this is for? BTW, if you use a program like WinExp to force the dialog size bigger, you will see a button with an "o" as its caption, with that as its hotkey.
  10. First thing I thought of when I saw this: ID10T error!
  11. Never mind, I got other DLL's to work. But for some reason changing the resources in user32.dll won't seem to do anything. Why is this?
  12. If I understand you correctly, you can use a combo box. It lets you type in values but if you click on a button next to it you can select from preset values. If you open the Run dialog, there is one in there where you type what you want to run, and you can click the button on the right to select from recently-used entries.
  13. I tried that, as well as the ExcludeFromKnownDLLs, and neither of them worked. BTW, I am testing it by putting a copy of mspaint.exe and user32.dll on the desktop, using Resource Hacker to replace the exclamation icon in user32.dll with another icon (money, pifmgr.dll) and creating an empty file called mspaint.exe.local. Then, I load that copy of Paint, scribble a bit and quit, and the icon in the "save changes?" dialog box is still an exclamation point. :-(
  14. According to this article, you can't redirect "known DLL's," which include almost every commonly-used DLL on the system. But I want to experiment with modified DLL's such as user32 and gdi32. Is there any way I can do this on XP? Would it be safe to delete the known DLL entries?

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