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  1. I've tested this on two if my Windows 7 computers. Reinstalling ZoneAlarm or installing the newest version of ZoneAlarm does not solve the problem. For now you have to either remove the January 2022 Windows Update or remove ZoneAlarm.
  2. Hi there, I sent a small donation of USD 10.00 via PayPal for the forum but in my account it still reads I already sent a message about it using the contact option but I got no reply. Is there any staff around to check if it was received? Regards, Hyper.nl
  3. Some users may only occasionally use the forums, for example after a major release of Windows or when buying a new PC or reinstalling Windows.
  4. I'm paying EUR 45,00 for 75/10 Mbit/sec cable internet. This includes cable TV.
  5. I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 11 and am thankful that I can keep the Windows 7 start menu and taskbar with StartAllBack. I instantly bought it because it is such a gem of a program. But I got a small annoyance. I'm using StartAllBack Windows 7 style taskbar. Small icons. When I run a game in a window I cannot resize the game window to touch the task bar. A small area of empty space is forced between the task bar and the game. This happens with multiple games but not with non-game programs like the Firefox browser. https://youtu.be/IkD69Z7fcRc Display scaling text size is 100%
  6. You generally don't need the newest drivers to run games. You just need support for the right APIs.
  7. Oh, I get your points. They're all true. The fact that the first thing I had to do after installing Windows 11 is removing bloatware and spyware telemetry is sad. But I was on the last legs of Windows 7 extended security updates and I did not want to become the grandpa that is still running Windows 7 in 2040. I don't need ads in my OS. I don't need my OS to be a client for cloud services. I don't need my OS to run phone apps. But I play games. I buy new hardware. I want security patches and want the compatibility that Windows brings. So, I had to make the switch. And I'm glad I found a way to make it work for me. If I could buy a Windows 7 Second Edition with a modern kernel I would have bought that. But this is the closest thing to me. By the way: My image is a youtube video showing the animated video wallpaper and Windows 7 taskbar. Maybe your browser does not trust Youtube scripting or something.
  8. Dear me from the past, the long wait is over. Windows 10 finally got a successor with a well-designed interface and the good people of StartIsBack and Lively allowed my to keep my beloved Windows 7 start menu, task bar and DreamScene. This is my Windows 11 desktop. I had to clean things op with Windows 10 decrapifier and disable the spyware with O&O ShutUp but here we are in a bit more modern times. Finally DirectX 12 for my games and hardware support for years to come. To me, this was a huge leap.
  9. Thank you so much for making this software. I finally made, kicking and screaming, the move from my beloved Windows 7 to Windows 11. I did not like Windows 8 and 10 because their GUIs are a mess but Windows 11 finally comes with a polished, functional and nice looking interface. With StartIsBack I can keep the task bar and start menu style that I love and makes the move a lot less painful.
  10. Worst general UI design since Windows 3.11 (I rather use Windows 95 than Windows 10 UI-wise) The built-in spyware telemetrics The fact that games and programs are being installed without explicit permission of the user: (Like candy crush on a Windows 10 Professional OS) The apps in general. Who needs X-box on a business PC? I will most likely be using Windows Seven long after the extended support ended. It's going to be a sad time fighting security issues in the long run.
  11. Time for a new DreamScene. This time my journey brought me to Diessa Plateau (Guild Wars 2). Something special this time is that it is recorded during dawn time, which only lasts 5 minutes. (Day lasts 70 minutes in-game and night 40 minutes.) Youtube HD video System Tray icons: Microsoft EMET | Security Essentials | nVidia Geforce Experience | Malwarebytes | Winamp | ZoneAlarm | TrayIcon Menu | TrueCrypt
  12. New monitor, new DreamScene in 3440x1440 goodness. To see the animated desktop, click the YouTube video link. :-) Screen capture of my beloved Elementalist (Guild Wars 2) as Windows 7 DreamScene desktop background. Youtube HD video System Tray: GeForce Experience | Malwarebytes Anti Malware | Winamp | Intel Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise | ZoneAlarm | Windows Security Essentials | TrayIconMenu | TrueCrypt | UPS Battery status System specs
  13. Read the forum this question you ask is been answered over and over Or you could donate an amount to the developer and get rid of the watermak your choice How do I know this is true when there is no mention of it at their website? I don't mind paying a few € for a nice program but the website is not mentioning a paid version.
  14. Hi there, I would like to remove the watermark off the desktop. The readme thread tells me: If you want to remove desktop watermark, read this page: http://glass8.eu/support.php But the URL mentions nothing about removing the watermark. I can't find any mention of the watermark or removing it at glass8.eu whatsoever.
  15. Is there any chance to get Wingroove working under Windows x64? I know it is a partial 16 bit and partial 32 bit program. The WGPlayer.exe is 16 bit so it won't start under Vista64. However, the WGDRVR32.DLL seems to be 32 bit. Can it be used without the player?

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