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  1. When will the sound pack come out? and what exactly is "mass storage"? hdds? usbsticks? or what?
  2. erm, does i have to put that /D command in it? and, when i don't use /D, does it install in the default directory?
  3. hi.... i'm looking for an unattended switch for bsplayer pro/free 1.02...BSPlayer can anybody help me? i'd prefer the free version, either i've foud nothing new on the pro. thx.
  4. hi, i have 2 questions: 1. I found a Thread in this Forum, which had to do with Codecs....it was like, sb made a very simple install for codecs by putting everything in the /system32 folder and registers it per .cmd. now i can't find this thread anymore ( can anybody help me? i want to say to him, you should sticky this codecthread, and i have a personal question to this, too 2. is there a registry command for "unhide extensions of known files"?
  5. i think "undying" is as scary as doom3....just give it a try!
  6. where's the problem? Oo and why don't u slipstream sp2?
  7. I think the new design is older than that from 6.0 Oo, but i think, it's loading very much faster than 6.0, u r right, gabriel buc
  8. i think it works with /qn, i only tried it with command order yet. i'll put it in my next windows installation...
  9. yes, i know, sry, i could do it on my ftp, but its only 30kbps speed, too
  10. i tried it now even with default path, but it didn't work. it does not install any of my components i want (( plz help!!!
  11. Since yesterday or sth there's a beta file out, called "AdbeRdr70_enu_full.exe". i tried the -p"-s /v\"/qn\"" command, like for 6.01, But it didn't work. Can anybody tell me the right? You should finde the file on www.9down.com
  12. ....i want it in the default (/program files) folder...do u think the %system folder% command will work in the dir= line?
  13. erm, i had a look, and there's much more changed in 3.92: of course it is optional, but i cant get it off my unattended installation (
  14. hey, i have this in my silent.inf: [setup] Lang=en Dir= Group=Codecs NoIcons=0 Components=bsplayer, divxdec,divxmpeg4, 3ivxdec, dvd, i263, msmpeg4, mpeg2ll, qtcodec, qtplugins, qtbrowser, xviddec, ac3audio,gspot , but the installation is just a second, and it doesnt install anything of the things i want. it even doesnt do the components i dont want....any suggestions?
  15. ok, thank you :> yeah, it's not good that the IrfanView Developer now only commercial s*** is.
  16. it won't work, because this install switches let google toolbar install with it....
  17. Hi, how can i silently install irfanview 3.92 without that ebay toolbar? search forum --> didn't help ( command irfanview.exe /? --> didn't help, too ( any ideas?
  18. hi, i have a question...i want to make window, which is multilanguage, means, i can choose if i want it german or english. i mean the whole menus, errors and sth in german/english, not only the keyboard layout! possible?
  19. yes. but you see, there's nothing, cuz i have an nlited winver.
  20. hi, i want to change the little picture in "my computer" (you can see it when you right click "my computer" select properties and look under the screen with the ms-sign on it) can anybody say me which dll or exe it contains? it's not in ntoskrnl.exe and not in msgina.dll ( thx
  21. on 256mb ddr? and 1.64ghz? unbelievable!

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