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  1. That's a cool idea, man. But this Program is not for free. Or do u only wanted to use this as an example?
  2. Hi folks, im sorry, but i dont think that i can get my webspace working again. im very very sorry (
  3. Hi@all, I have problems with my provider, because some of my friends did share "illegal" mp3s on it. ATM i try to get good again with my provider. pls stay tuned
  4. they think: "we can't get a good place on the market with only a burning program" oo
  5. Hi Bashrat, i think it would be good to add some mirrors (i.e. i could host some packs), to let the main-server relax...?
  6. juhu, when this is working, then it's time to bring 1.03 out, right hp38guser?
  7. Hi, Cardreader drivers for Toshiba notebooks still missing: http://support.toshiba-tro.de/tools/Satell...-5126001011.zip
  8. lol, whats with the unknown burnphase error man? different languages wont fix the problem though!
  9. Yes, i dont think dr. web is good to integrate. for those who wanna scan the files for virus', they have an an external antivir program.
  10. that's a bad argument. what happens when i dunno the filesize/md5 of the old file?
  11. hey hpg38user, y dont u rename the files to nero. or sth? so the users think, the files on the webspace are not up to date!
  12. lol... the poll speaks a clear language EDIT: Topic closed.
  13. Hi Bashrat, I was obligated to switch to the Catalyst Control Center instead of the Contol Panel for all ATI graphics drivers! As a consequence, you will need to have the .net framework installed BEFORE the installation of the control panel starts (which is at GUIRunOnce or RunOnceEx, depending on your choice) or you will run into problems! does this mean i HAVE to slipstream .net framework in my installation? i don't think that's a good idea for the masses, because many ppl will not see this message and wonder why the ccc doesn't work. i think a good alternative would be integrating .net already in the graphics driverpack?!
  14. hmhm, is the address in my 1st post right? I won't get any updates untill 6.02.5
  15. Hi xpero, Have the Xpize-Icons or the logo any license? I wanna write a Wikipedia-Article about it and need copyright information.
  16. Hi Bashrat, your RSS feed is not working properly. I put this address: http://www.driverpacks.net/DriverPacks.xml in my Thunderbird-RSS-function. The RSS synchronized properly. But i get not message for 6.03 driverpacks. why?
  17. did u xpize ur windows? if yes, those errors can occure because of that new command line colour design...
  18. Hi, When i run update tracker @ BASE 6.01.1, it says i need to update Graphics A to 6.01. I have already Graphics A 6.01.1 what does i have to do?
  19. Hi, thx for the answer. I don't know that there are private and public patches available. The Patches i mean are the *.exe's from autopatcherXP. I dunno if theyre like... private or public. Does "private" mean, that u have to validate ur windows before u can get 'em?
  20. Hi, Just a short Question: Is it legal to share Windows XP SP2 Updates on a public server? thx in advance
  21. Hey, I made a UACD w/ BTS Drivers from Jan 08, all Updates and Xpize 4.2B2, slipstreamed it with nLite. I didnt changed anything else, just turned off SFC. After formatting and installing it on my PC, i wanted to open OE. But it crashes while it shows the Splashscreen. It said like "error in msinm.exe". Reinstalling OE didn't solve the Problem. I was like... crazy about this. i couldn't use OE.... AAARGH Then, i installed Xpize 4.2B2 full. And after that, OE worked fine. Sorry that i couldn't give you expliciter information about the error, but he's no longer available, and i wasn't able to reconstruct it.
  22. Also, the 3915 Drivers for centrino duo wlan-cards are available now!

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