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  1. thx, i think it'll work before i forget it: can i make a do you want to install this program yes/no dialog in my batch.cmd ? when this is possible, how is the code for this?
  2. i already tried /s for winamp, but it asks either which components i want to install and if i want to register or not. same problem with nero, /s doesn't work. (but /s stands in this forum here?!!!)
  3. hi, thx for the fast answer 1. i create sfx files simply with winrar. I have very bad experiences with the forum searches (for example, you can give it a try and search for "winamp lite 5.03a". you'll get hundred of threads, and nothing has anything to do with winamp) 2. i think you misunderstood me... my applications and drivers which will be automatically installed at startup were being copied during the setup of windows xp on the hdd. so once the progams and drivers are installed, the folders are useless. so can i delete them with a simply command (probably with RD /S /Q %systemdrive%\Drivers in my start.cmd?) 3. searching application thread is very useless, look at 1....
  4. Hi, i have a few questions.... 1. how can i extract my simply packed programs in the /program files directory by first windows start? I think i'll have to pack it in a executable archive (.exe) and simply use the command /s. is this right? 2. Can i delete the DRIVER and the PROGRAMS folder automatically from my hdd when installed all programs? 3. Has anyone the application switches for Winamp Lite 5.03a? (I want the minimal program, without the winamp agent and this other crap....) And i don't want to register.... thx for answers....
  5. I think sum moviez won't play because klite doesn't install a softwaredvdplayer automatically...
  6. hi! you're very kind. I'll download the tool and try to use it. I don't want to disturb u wit too much newb-questions, so i'll try it at my own... ps: Xplode 2.0 should come out on june30th, but what date is today? :-? EDIT: shiat, don't even know how to run this program. i think i'll try the instruction first (i did a try a few month ago)
  7. hi, I'm a little bit new in making my own XP CD. I already got this: -Deleting all the s***ty Microsoft Crap (with nLite) -Integrating my own Drivers in the CD Now i want to integrat my own programs and let them installing automatically after formatting XP. Kann you give me a link or sth else for a good instruction how to do this? I'm german, so i prefer a german instruction thx...

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