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  1. Do Method 1 does these "F6-Drivers" also? Or does no method integrate em?
  2. with "secure" i mean like.... which is more compatible to computers and not like... dangerous? ps: thx for the link
  3. Hi Bashrat, Is there a site where i can read what exactly method1, 2 and 3 does? And which is the moste SECURE method? Time + Space r no problem for me!
  4. Hi, long time ago i posted a mistake (do you remember bashrat?) about i can't create anything with that codec pack. You said, it's a bug in the base version. But it wasn't I had an xpized system, with xpized command line colors. And that was the fault. after uninstalling that feature, driverpack modeling went great! and the cool integrated drivers are some of the best things i've ever seen on the net. THANKS BTS!
  5. Hi, Just starte a UACD with xpize 4.2. It rocks, but i muss some things, like: Normal: - You can't delete all the other mousepointers. They are useless for most ppl, because the xpize mousepointers rock like hell! - Delete all the other useless screensaver is not possible. - Custom "My computer", "Document" etc. Icons. I know xpize is not made for THIS type of modification, but i think it's cool when you make sth. like this optional. - New, cool sounds are missing! i know it's hard to make them neutral, but it would be nice to hear 'em. Make it optional, too, with an option to remove the old. i386 ua function: - I dont know what's been integrated... but i installed this xp version with slipstreamed xpize 4.2, and nothing much happened. new oe logo, the standard things from xpize2... but no new cursor, no new logon screen, no new bootscreen.... - i wish that @ slipstream menu the optional things like in normal mode come. - and that all the things can be integrated like in normal version - i wish also that you can delete all the wallpapers etc. by the slipstreaming program. So, Xpize is great! but much work has still to be done! thx for development!
  6. the problem still exists ( i think, my problem is that i have no extract.cmd ??? can sb send it or sth?
  7. wow, you are very nice ) im just very short from donating for these packs )
  8. hi, i have a problem w/ the base: i did: - download all driverpacks and the base - extracted the base to c:/drivers - put the driverpacks into c:/drivers/driverpacks i started the bts_dp_slipstreamer, chose method 1. after that, an error occurs, you see it in the attachment. how to solve this? is this my mistake?
  9. who cares if it's free or not? http://emule-project.net :>
  10. lol...hey, i can't understand german i mean from a unattended installation CD i had the idea to put it in the $Docs folder, located in my $OEM$ folder in my XPCD. is that possible, too? EDIT: Okay, done that with WinRAR SFX :> thx guys!
  11. hi.... I'm looking for a way to import sume favorites in my documents and settings/administrator/favorites folder....is there an easy way to get that?
  12. edited it Oo...btw...i didn't discuss anything illegal Oo but i understand u Oo
  13. yes...all old illegal keys don't work anymore....
  14. ah okay, i have it now :> thx, and is there a command to download a file automatically from http:// ?? when yes, plz tell me :>
  15. hi, is there a cmd-command for ending a task? for example, i want to kill mirc.exe.... and "kill mirc.exe" doesn't work.... ( pls, help!
  16. hi, i want to know if there's a winnt.sif entry that skips the dialogue attached. i want to choose on what partition it installs, but not what type of format i want to use (default should be ntfs - quick) any help?
  17. Hi, just wanted to give a link to the ppl that want to make their winxp multilingual http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...ang=en#filelist i think it's for sp1 only atm, i'll test it right now...
  18. hi, my daemontools asks me after a driver when i install my windows unattended. now i want to integrate them in my cd. can anybody give me a link, or sth, where i can get the inf and sys file?
  19. hi, The installer is very cool, thx, but....during an install, an error occurs that says, it can't install windowsmedia, or sth. i think (no....im sure!) that is because i uninstalled windows media player with nlite (i didnt uninstall the codecs!) after the error, Nero is working perfectly either. but it's annoying. any chance to get him away?

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