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  1. hi, i got vista and each time i restart the icons on my start menu in the USER's directory "C:\Users\EVILKWAN\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" keeps disapearing.. it leaves an icon of a windows explorer with no name.. even wen i delete or rename that icon after restart itll be there.. same... icon wit no name.. does anyone know wats rong with it? someone? help me fix it ... *i think i installed something.. or did something before this happened..but dont no wat i did
  2. Hi, ive got windows vista ultimate,theres a problem with the device driver search and install. it wont find any driver for the new stuff i plugg in eg. usb stick.. it always say cannot find driver for this device, i know there is the drivers but its just not installing or finding it.. when i press locate file/folder and browse it to "C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository" and let it do a search there it finds and install all the things i plugged in.. does anyone know how i can make it so that it auto search in that folder, cos in windows XP it does it itself.. vista i alwais have to browse there for install.. it doesnt install by itself.. someone plz tell me how i can make it so that it alwaiz go into that directory automatically to search for the driver plz.. thankz...
  3. can someone tell me how i can uninstall windows media player 10 completely then install windows media player 9 again? im using windows xp pro sp1 thnx in advance..
  4. mind giving me the alternative program names?
  5. I get this error all the time, the file nl_lsp.dll is from netlimter. This only happens when i use Internet Explorer if i use an explorer different from that eg. FIREFOX den the error neva occurs.. info: AMD 2700+ 512 DDR Windows XP Pro (SP2) Net Limiter 1.30
  6. People hu wants gmail invites leave there EMAIL here so i can send them.. DONT PM ME! First 20 who post there email here will get it..
  7. i had it in a CMD file. yahoo.cmd cmdow @ /HID IF EXIST D:\win51ip.SP2 set CDROM=D: IF EXIST E:\win51ip.SP2 set CDROM=E: IF EXIST F:\win51ip.SP2 set CDROM=F: IF EXIST G:\win51ip.SP2 set CDROM=G: IF EXIST H:\win51ip.SP2 set CDROM=H: IF EXIST I:\win51ip.SP2 set CDROM=I: IF EXIST J:\win51ip.SP2 CDROM=J: @Echo Off start /wait %CDROM%\evil\yahoo\yahoo_6.exe /S taskkill /f /t /im ypager.exe EXIT it works for me..
  8. Yahoo Messenger v. lastest up to date wen this is posted.. http://download.yahoo.com/dl/installs/ymsgr/ymsgr_1750.exe
  9. does anyone know how to patch UXTHEME.DLL & SFC_OS.DLL for XP SP2 #2180? i need it...
  10. what difference does it make? i used /s and it worked??
  11. hmm... thnx for the info... ****... i want to silently register it.. grr...

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