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  1. hello. i have installed bsplayer with the /s, and it doesn't work... Oo
  2. You can like...grab it anywhere from the net (though it's not officially out yet), and tell me what the unattended switch is :/
  3. download 6.1 from nokia.com ... Oo ...or 6.4: http://www.nokia.com/include/support/pcsui...Suite_64_en.exe
  4. okay, i'll try. but i saw that my old txtsetup.sid has the same checksum than my new. but i'll try. thx.
  5. i added following: Bashrat the sneakies massstorage and mainboard driverpack, sum programs, customtheme, and so on. i never did sth on txtsetup.sif, only edited winnt.sif. more not. i already burned my winxp, and this version is only with updated programs and device drivers. and the old version is going. can an iso-creation-error be the solution?
  6. oh...okay ( line 32768 doesn't exist. my txtsetup has only 14151 lines ( MAN! what can i do?
  7. Hi, when i burn my customized xp, and want to boot with it, then the following error occurs: txtsetup.sif is corrupt, line 32768 or sth like that. what can i do against it? neither "txtsetup.sif 32768" nor "32768" gave me good targets in the search function.
  8. MUI's are .msi, i think. i also think you can slipstream it with /qb. i'll test it when the german / english mui's for SP2 r out.
  9. already integrated it and it works perfectly with the way explained in unattended.msfn.org.
  10. wou, cool i have a question that you can't get answered :>
  11. msiexec /qb /i %systemdrive%\Install\Applications\Macromedia\mm_fl_sw_installer.msi ??? why not start /wait command like always?
  12. Hi guys, i have the following problem: i'm on a laptop with a radeon9000mob. graphic chip. normally, i integrate the drivers .inf, .cat, .sys and so on, which i got shipped with my laptop. now, i tried omega drivers, and they worked better. what i want to do now, is integrate the .sys and so on in my xpcd. i don't want the omega installer. how can i find out what files i need to integrate?
  13. winntbba = winntbbu....i think, because, i updated my winntbba, and it had the same effect as updating my winntbbu.
  14. hi, when i try to make my .jpg to an _ with the "makecab bliss.jpg c:" (without the "", and c: really does exist) command, then this error occurs: ERROR: <FCIFlushCabinet>Failure creating or writing cabinet file: permission denied what can i do?
  15. erm, and when i want to integrate my own desktop-background in it?
  16. erm, when i start it now, it says, illegal copy, blablabla. then i click ok, and nothing happens at all, so i ignore this warning... erm, and i don't know anything bout ur problem, sorry
  17. wtf, they have the microsoft java engine repacked? can i use that? or does it get angry with sp2, or whatever? ps: i think ur .net thingy is english.
  18. erm, so, why do u integrate raid drivers? i think, if u want to install windows on a raid hdd, u'll have to do it either with f6, because all the raid driver copy themselves only after windows has formatted...
  19. hi. i have a problem with applying my theme after installing my unattended windows. i mean...i can apply it, by simply clicking properties --> theme, but i don't want to do this. btw, it's the official microsoft royale skind, so i don't have to modify the uxtheme.dll. i've done this to apply automatically: - put the .msstyles and .theme in $OEM$\$$\RESOURCES\THEMES - wrote in my winnt.sif: [shell] CustomDefaultThemeFile = "%SYSTEMROOT%\Resources\Themes\MyTheme.THEME" DefaultThemesOff = Yes but it doesn't work! even my background doesn't apply any suggestions?

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