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  1. Ok I tried saving out as a .RES file in reshacker and when I load that it says out of memory. This file seems to be the whole dll with just a .res extention. How can you load all the icons from the last shell32.dll at once? Can someone walk me through this? Thanks
  2. ohh wow.. So there is a way.. Ok can anyone post the script they use. I think I can figure out the .rc file and import it. If that does not work though I'll try to script. Thanks EVERYONE Alrighty hold up.. I have saved out the .rc files before but could never figure out how to load them up with the new shell32.dll. I have resource editor open right now and after saving the .rc file & all the icons out I cant load up anything. There is reference to a .res file but thats not what i saved. How do I do this? ohh i'm so close now.. Can someone walk me through this? Thanks
  3. Everyone... I am tring to find out if what I want to do is possible. It seems to make sense to me. I updated my shell32.dll with all the icons I could ever want with res hack and I got the file recabed and check summed and all the good stuff.. Now I'm updating my unattended disc and I find that MS has updated the shell32.dll file with one of there newest patches. I am preparing a new unattended cd for a reinstall that I do about every 6 months. Now do i have to edit the shell32.dll all over again to put the icons i had in the last one back or is there a way to inject my icons from the last shell32.dll into the new updated shell32 version? There has to be a way to do this. It seems retarded to me to keep spending hours editing your shell32.dll with reshack only to have MS change the version on you 10 mins later. Thanks
  4. Hey this is what I want to. I have resourse hacked my shell32.dll and it took hours. Now with Ryans update pack its all worthless since I have to do it all over again with a new dll update. Isnt there an app out there that can take an ICL file and apply that to my shell32.dll and I can go to town and add it to my unattended install or take a image of the icons I have in my shell32.dll and add that to a new shell32.dll. I thought xpize did that but I cant seem to figure that part out.The new resource hacker has a option to save out your current icon setting which is wonderful but no way to apply it to a new shell32.dll. PLEASE HELP.. ANYONE!!!
  5. Wow no answer to this.. i figured someone might be able to at least hint at a solution.
  6. Hello ALL, How on earth do you get windows media player enbeded content to actually play on a unattended windows box? For example this page: http://mp.danwho.net/index.php?id=snl_danecook_monologue# I have a nlited install on my laptop with every codec for Windows media installed and I use media player classic. Is there a way to get this sort of content to play on my system with my setup. Or am i forced to use the dreded new media player 10 that I hate. keep in mind these files once downloaded and in the windows media format actually do play fine with media player classic. However some pages like the above dont allow you to download what you watch there. Anyone who figures this out is a true genious. Thank you
  7. If you can add open command window here I'm certain you can add show desktop. If it had to be specific right clicking in folders would be where it should be added. ....Come forth great reg hackers and show us your skills....
  8. This would be useful if it can be done. What he means is the show desktop usually in the quick launch added to the right click menu. If anyone finds a way to do this I would certainly want it!
  9. I had a simular problem. I could never figure out where the shell32.dll was comming from. I was able to fix this issue buy handling the whole process differently. Here is what i did its a dirty solution but does work. I let the windows install have its dump shell32.dll and I have a batch file call up the unreg command and atrib command. I unprotect the file and replace it. You have to have WFP off for this to work. I have it turned off earlyer in the install. Sometimes it remains protected so I rename it crap.dll and have a batch del it later. Then I rereg my version and this is all done before first reboot. Now whenever I make a change or a new version of shell32.dll comes out I edit mine and throw it in the cab I have. That should work for ya. If you find out where the other shell32 is comming from I would like to know also.
  10. In the answer file do you have the key in there or is it a corp version? The problem is in your answer file. I have had wierd things happen when I change something or leave something out in the answer file..
  11. I have had this problem so many times. Glad you got it fixed. It has to do with the resolution as stated. The out of the box experence has to have a particular res or it will not even start. Thus you cant create your logins. I'm curious is there a way to create logins without the out of the box thing? I do not want to create the same logins every time. I like to pick them per install. I know you can add logins manually, but I like to change them per install. I have always had to keep that 5mb out of the box MS crap and I'd love to get rip of it from my install if possible.
  12. I have done a lot of overburning with my plextor drives. The best site for info on cdr's that over burn is www.cdmediaworld.com or cdrinfo.com MY plextor 8x4x32 can overburn 900 megs to those 99min discs. My 24x10x40 can do like 870mb. plextor is almost the best in overburning but others like the L.G.s have been getting better. Sometimes you run into a corupt burn and the files are messed up. Just do a data verification on the disc to make sure. Also some cd-roms can not read the overburned discs. This is mostly a problem when you make audio discs however. Where did you get your 99min media? I have been unable to find those discs anywhere for a while.
  13. un4given1 TRY THIS: Get an xbox. Get a mod chip for it install the linux xbox OS (not sure the name), Get a HD 120Gb is about right. Xbox has a network card, with the linux xbox OS you can network the thing and all the moviez on it can go between your PC and other networked computers. Plus the xbox can play all the mpeg4 stuff (xvid, divx, mp3's, ogg's etc) and dvd's without the dvd remote (normally required for non-modded xbox). Plus its a gaming machine. That hits all your marks and more. Microsoft has actually considered adding some of these features in there next xbox. I have been waiting to do this myself because it can DO ANYTHING! There is info all over internet about it.
  14. Hey nOBeLium, LOVE This TOPIC! VERY HELPFUL! In reference to Rename Start button prog/thread. I have a program from a friend that I use in my unattended install that is really easy and allows for renaming the start button and change the picture. It is really small and I have added it right in during my runonce and it starts up and is already setup and ready to go after first boot with a small reg tweak. Its called tclock and I have included it in this post. Problem is I can only upload 150k and its 330k with the source code and lang files included. I had to cut them out. It should work for you (english is included). Check it out it should be on your list of programs! TCLOCKLIGHTXP.rar
  15. I have a solution to a problem that has been driving me crazy. The newest nlite 99.4 b2 combines both media player 6.4 and the new wmplayer 9 for removal. This causes a problem if your like me and like the summary info for video files. Avi, mpegs etc And don't use any of the win media players. I usa media player classic. I always thought that wmp 9 had to be installed in order to see the summary. Then when nlite seperated 9 and 6.4 I found out it was 6.4 that added the summary. Now the nlite put them back together I found out its neither of them. Its already there but its not turned on. The summary for video files does not relie on any of the win media crap. Its 1 file that can restore the summary if you remove both media players. That file is unregmp2.exe. This is of course removed with the media players in nlite but it is designed to allow you access to the summary without using any player. So nuhi needs to fix that and add it back to the install. Anyway I now add that to my install and when I reinstall I have the summary fix. That's it
  16. THANKS for the replie jrzycrim. Thats what I was begaining the think also. However before all my tweaks and custom settings with my xp cd all learned from msfn. I could have sworn if I set it to icons or detail it would stay, even in save boxes. Now it never stays and thats what i find odd. I'll keep messing with it and maybe I'll get it. Its so annoying to have to change it to detail every single time. I'm in save boxes alot with as much as I download. THX as for the java issue I believe I figured that out...
  17. Oh and for those who may have thought that the option under folder options to not cache thumbnails would fix this. It does not. I have tried that to no avail. Have I really found an unfixable issue here? NO ONE in all of MSFN has an answer for this? If ya got it, post it..
  18. Someone has to have an answer on this? Its the last tweak ill need for my cd. Can anyone kill thumnail view once and for all? Also has anyone experenced issues with java links in IE not working? I have java 5.0 installed and I have this problem. Links that are java and redirect the page. When you click on them nothing happens. The link does not go and your only choice is to take out the javacript and then go to the link manually. Any ideas on that one? Tried java virtual machine 2 and no luck. Thx all
  19. I have completely tweaked everything I can think of with my xp sp2 nlited custom cd. However there is one tweak that eludes me. I have my view set to icon everywhere in windows. There is only 1 place that thumbnail view persists. That is in a save dialog box. Every single time I open a save box I have to right click and change it to detail view which is what I like so I can see all the detail of the files. Is there a reg edit to get rid of thumbnail view once and for all in save menus or all together in windows? Anyone who has managed to change the save/save as menus to anything but thumbnail view and get it to stay I want to know how you did it. Please help!!! This will be the final tweak for a great CD. Thx thx
  20. If anyone was having issues with Choice.com . I discovered that you can not have it call another cmd file. Otherwise it will die. i got rid of that and everything is fine. It also seems that WFP is finally fixed, through the new sfc_os.dll. I have not seen it come up yet. With the help of watchdriversigning by Pyron. I have figured out the driver signing issue. Yet when I get into windows under properties, still warn on driver signing is checked. Is there nothing that can be done about this? The reg tweaks don't seem to change it unless you use a hash and thats different every single time. If someone can design a program that can execute from a bat file that will change this setting that would be great. THX.. Although few have posted. I did find all the answers else where
  21. I am having the exact same problem. I have tried everything I can think of. I use the same drivers you do. The omega drivers right. Its really frustrating because driversigningpolicy=ignore in the winnt.sif worked in sp1 but not in sp2. Something must have changed between sp1 and 2. Could there be another entry for the sif file? I have tried the hash thing you mentioned and that's not going to work because every computers hash is different. From one install to the next that number is always different. The driver signing policy= in the registry do nothing without the hash thing. What the hell on earth is nondriversigningpolicy mean in the sif? No one seems to know. I would like to really know all of the possible entries for the sif and what they do. Does anyone have a database of these. Also how many new entries are there for sp2. Thanks to anyone who can help!
  22. manually? What? Any idea what I can do? I liked sp1 no problems with driver signing and now it does not work at all. Any help would be great! THANKS This and win file protection is really annoying.
  23. I am having the exact same problem. It seems that driversigningpolicy=ignore does not work in the winnt.sif in sp2 like it did in sp1. I have also tried the reg edits and in order for it to take it requires a privateHash hex string. The problem with that is the privatehash changes depending on your machine. So no privatehash can work on another install or a different pc. Another interesting thing is that the driver signing has a space between driver and signing in the registry. I don't believe that this space was there in the previous version sp1. Could the space be the reason it does not take in sp2? Should you write driver signing policy=ignore in winnt.sif to get it to take as opposed to driversigningpolicy=ignore???????? Also what's with nondriversigningpolicy=ignore What is that for??? when you change the driver singing thing in properties it does not create this string. So what is it for?
  24. Does anyone have an idea? I have tried a few things and still the cmd file dies around the same time. Any suggestions would be GREAT!
  25. Ya I am using choice.com from the win 98 sec ed cd. I heard about the program on this forum. Someone else wanted to do what I wanted which was a choice between installing on PC1 or PC2 from the guirunonce part of setup. I'm still unsure why the cmd file decides to die. It seems like its an SP2 refresh that kills the cmd file. If anyone has an idea please let me know. I will take any suggestions. I have another program I may use called message box and I may give that a try and see if the same thing happens. However it does not have a timeout feature like choice.com does. Has any one used message box to pick between 2 PC installs?
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