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  1. Something wrong with this Service pack I am also getting a report of this Servive pack as being Trojans within Avira Antivir: Dotnetfx.exe TR/Rogue.37376.27 Ndpsp.exe TR/Rogue.378646.65 Setup.exe TR/Rogue.36864.71 Antivir stopped the process of slipstreaming quarantined the files then all sorts of errors proceeded unable to proceed
  2. Well Guys I am Blown away, You certainly know your stuff on this forum, not that is a great recommendation coming from Lamer like Me, but it is a response of appreciation from ME - non the less! The Variable within the Set CMD reports CDROM1=F: & CDROM2=G: along with other set variables. All I need to do now is instruct the user to insert the OS Install CD, allow it to spin up or use Horst Schaeffers dready as a check maybe, the variable with if exist will locate the inserted OS CD (With a files Check) then from a Wbat menu (front end) copy the files to a folder on my HDD to compile a boo
  3. Thanx IcemanND & Benners for your prompt replies, Firstly, IcemanND I did SEARCH SEARCH but regretably missed the third "SEARCH" on the list LOL! Are there any instructions on how to use your little gizmoes as I have run the .EXE files then opened CMD, typed set to list the variables & no variables listed indicate a CDROM drive as far as I can see. Can you let me know how it works & maybe a couple of practical examples to grasp how it works. I have grabbed DETECTCD2.EXE DETECTCD.EXE & DETECTDRIVE.EXE which one best suits the scenario listed in the 1st posting please? Secondly,
  4. Hello All, Go easy here, cus I am new to this forum site & well a bit of a lamer! Incidentally I am working off an XPPRO OS! I was wondering whether there is a resonably easy way in NT command prompt of being able to identify which drive letter is being used for your CDROM/WRITER (or DVD Drive for that matter) then designating that drive letter as a variable to instruct the batch file looking in that drive to extract say certain files from an XP/2K/2K3/NT OS install CD. Or if someone knows of a small CMD Util that will do this, all the better? Preferably it will need to be able to work of
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